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3 Baseball Betting Tips Bookies Doesn’t Want You to Know


Betting is not as easy as it seems. There are many risks that you are taking when you’re gambling. Baseball is characterized by being a money line sport, which basically means that the people betting only have to choose who wins the game, which sometimes can be tricky. Here are 3 baseball betting tips that are going to help your betting game improve:

Avoid Betting Favorites


To start, the first and most important tip we can share with you is to avoid them at all cost. The most favorite and popular teams will always get overpriced, so if you decide to bet for a team like this, if they happen to win, you’ll win a small amount of money, but in case that they lose, you’ll lose a tremendously amount of money, and trust us, you wouldn’t like it.

Pay Close Attention to the Underdogs


One of the mistakes of bettors is to opt to bet for the bettors and to not pay attention to the underdogs. What they don’t know is, when your underdog team loses, you’ll lose the amount of money that you gave in, but, if they end up winning, you’ll win plus-money payouts.

Bet against the Public


This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when betting. The truth of the matter is that the public is always more likely to lose. The public always wants to go for the favorite team, the star players or the team of a certain city where the game is going to take place, which tends to be a mistaken move to take.

In order to remain a successful bettor in a more long-term aspect, we recommend learning how to pick your bets. Give time and money for the most important games, where you’ll know there will be many profits. Don’t give too much attention to games that are most likely to be just a waste of your time.

4 Things to Know about the Tony Conigliaro Award and It’s Winners


It’s a recognition given by the Boston Red Sox team for over 25 years, in honor of Tony Conigliaro, and for the players who have made a great difference and attitude during the MLB season. Here we bring you some facts about this award and its winners:

Who Is Tony Conigliaro?

He was a player of the Boston Red Sox who played like the right fielder. He started playing in the team since he was 17 years old, breaking incredible records like 24 home runs and hitting more than 300 times in the lower league, which made him play in the superior league. He won the best player of the year in 1969 and achieved great records, retiring at age 30.

In Honor of His Memory

The Boston Red Sox decided to honor the memory of Conigliaro by dying in 1990, which is why the team decided to create a distinction in his honor to the best player of the year in the team.

Selection of the Winner

The selection is made annually and is chosen through a panel of voters made up of the media, the major leagues, and the lower league and the commissioner. It’s delivered at the Boston Dinner of the Baseball Writers Association of America.


The players who win this type of distinction are because they have had through any type of problem but that always excels their sporting and competitive spirit.

Some players have been Mike Lowell, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer; Jason Johnson from Baltimore, who suffered from diabetes; Rocco Baldelli from Tampa Bay who was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder and the last to receive this recognition was Chad Bettis of Colorado, who was also diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Tony and all the players who have received this distinction have undoubtedly proven to be fighters, but their love for baseball has prevailed over all things. Our team even found that some of them after any difficult time they lived, have returned to baseball to continue playing.

Know the Game – Rule 5 Draft


The Rule 5 draft is a player draft that takes place annually in the month of December during the winter meeting that executives of each team do, with the objective of rotating good young players who are playing in the minor leagues and pass to play in a major league.


Some people confuse this type of draft with the amateur draft or also known as the Rule 4 Draft, something totally different because they choose future good players from high school or college teams.


The process begins when evaluating the development of young players throughout the year, starting with teams with lower records to the highest. Knowing which players will be chosen to play in the major leagues, their name will immediately be on the top team.


If the player has already been chosen through this draft, he will be in the major league squad. That means during the season, he cannot be dropped to the minor league again. At the end of the season, they can return to the other league.

It will also happen in the possibility that Rule 5 do it with an exclusive player of a team and another team of the MLB.


The players who are in this type of draft, they can be exchanged with any other MLB team. But all of this must be based on the regulations that the team has on this Rule 5.


Players who can enter under this modality must need to comply with some requirements. The first is they cannot play in a major league team and, also, they must be over 18 years old.

Big Players

Some important players who started being draftees have become key pieces in each team that has helped, making a difference. Even some have won great honors in MLB, as it has been showed in the website.

Roberto Clemente and Hack Wilson are two legendary baseball players who are even included in the Hall of Fame. Johan Santana, Bobby Bonilla, Everth Cabrera, Darren O’Day, Josh Hamilton, and Willie Hernandez are some names of players who also started being draftees and ended up being stars.


Each draftee has a value of $100,000, but if the player didn’t remain within the list of players in the major leagues, then it must be returned with a value of $50,000.

It’s a very effective baseball method, and even you can see great players who have ended up succeeding thanks to it, because it gives the opportunity to young players who are very good, to play in the most important baseball league in the world.

5 Facts about Extended Spring Training in the MLB


Extended spring training is an “extension” of training for players previous to the beginning of the season every year. There will be all the routines, practices and exercises that players regularly do. Here we bring you some facts about extended spring training in the MLB:


The objective is that the players have better concentration and preparation. Being isolated from the noise of the fans, sellers, press, part of the internal workers of the team, and all players in the top and bottom league, none will be there.


The spring training has a 6 weeksduration, starting in February and ending in March, where all the players will be practicing strongly, with only the players and the coach. And the extended training has a duration of two months and a half.


They only remain practicing in the extended training, around 30 to 40 players that haven’t been assigned to any of the teams of the two leagues, and there they will be prepared physically. At the end of the training, the coach will choose whether or not to assign them to any team.

A Challenge

According to veteran players, this type of training can really become a challenge for the player, because not all hold it. They must have a lot of mental and physical strength to adapt, especially mentally, because they will be completely alone.


The players who are selected to enter in this training extension, are the one who according to the coaches, aren’t prepared to compete in important seasons. Normally they’re young players who begin to prepare themselves physically, mentally and technically to then compete in leagues.

It’s a form that important teams who compete in the MLB have to prepare their players. Players who end up being stars in the top league have left, but it’s an effort that they have to do to be able to adapt to it.


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