The 7 Highest Paid Cleveland Indians Players according to the Payroll Charts


Cleveland Indians has a great team that competes in the big league, MLB. This is due to excellent negotiations with quality players who are currently playing for the team. In case you want to know who are the highest paid, here we show you them:

Edwin Encarnacion

He’s a 35-year-old award-winning-baseball-player who was born in the Dominican Republic. Play at first base for the Cleveland Indians team. He is currently the best paid of the team, with a contract for 3 years for $60,000,000.

Corey Kluber

Corey is 32 years old, born in Alabama, and currently plays for the Cleveland as a pitcher, with a $42,000,000 contract for five years.

Jose Ramirez

He’s another player born in the Dominican Republic; he’s 26 years old and has signed a contract with the team for $26,000,000 for 5 years. He plays at third base, has almost 90 home runs and more than 280 batters.

Yan Gomes

Yan is the first Brazilian who plays for the Major League Baseball. He’s 31 years old, a batting average of almost 250 and more than 80 home runs. He signed a 6-year contract for $23,000,000.

Carlos Carrasco

He’s a Venezuelan player of 31 years old, plays as a pitcher and his contract with them is worth $31,000,000 for 5 years.

Bradley Hand

Brad is a 28-year-old pitcher who also plays for Cleveland, and has a 3-year contract for almost $20,000,000.

Jason Kipnis

This 32-year-old man plays second base for Cleveland and has a contract with the team for $52,000,000. His batting average is 260 and has more than 100 home runs with Indians.

These players have deservedly received an excellent amount of money for their time on the team. Because they have very good quality and regularly perform, that’s why the team tries to make them very well treated and be pleased to be on the team.

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