The Run Line Strategy – Want to Make Money Betting on Baseball?


Are you interested in betting in baseball, but you don’t want to take the risk of losing money? Don’t worry, as this is a normal concern when it comes to betting. Nevertheless, there are many things that can give you even more probabilities of winning and earn money. Keep reading to learn about this amazing strategywe want to share with you.

Mix Them Up

Betting turns into an easier thing when you mix it with statistics and mathematics. Betting the baseball run line is a great, interesting option. When you investigate the records of each team and where they are currently at the league, you will see the percentage of the wins and losses and one run records.

It’s All about Math

You can mix the information above, and with basic math and division, you’ll be able to count down the exact amount of one-run each team has made. It is surprising to know that the current percentage of the one-run games range is between 18%- 38%.

Here’s a quick example: The Boston Red Sox have 68 wins and 51 loses, so it should be, 68-51=119 divided by 29 (16-13)=24%. So this lets us know, that each team plays around the one-run game between 27% and 32% of the time.  The teams with a percentage below 30% will play more run line games in order to get to the average percentage.

Go For the High Percentages

The idea of this strategy is to bet for the teams with a higher percentage of run line games. Even though it can seem like a lot to do, this strategy can help in the long run to make you earn more money than you expect.

When it comes to betting, it’s very important for you to try to invest your time and effort, in getting to know the teams as much as you can, to have more opportunity to win your bets, and be able to see the profits, and the results of your effort.

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