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Now while the team of writers behind Indians Prospect Insider are more than capable to redact any new and event that surrounds the major baseball leagues and can also talk about different topics that have to do with this sports. Sometimes we need an extra hand to be the best website available. Not to mention, to fulfill our compromise with our readers about delivering the best articles possible.

But since every single one of the writers behind Indians Prospect Insider is a fanatic of baseball, as well as the staff and the other workers that are in this website. Is important for us to find someone that can share our passion for this incredible sports, as well to understand the importance of our website and how crucial is for us to give the most professional material online.

That’s why if we want to keep Indians Prospect Insider as a great website and making it even better, we have to start adding more people to our team that can share our passion and is willing to write engaging articles that can interest any type of reader, not to mention that has to follow the latest news and events that surround baseball.

For that, if you are a common reader of our website and wish to become one of us, Please be kind enough to send us an article made by yourself. It can be about any topic but keep in mind that has to be related to baseball, if we like what we see, we’ll send you a message as soon as possible so you can learn more about how to become one of us.