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2010 Rule 5 Draft: Live Blog

December 9, 2010
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UPDATE 12/09/2010 11:01 A.M. EST: That's it for what was really an anti-climatic Rule 5 Draft (as usual). I will have a detailed run down with thoughts and lots of info on the draft in an article Friday morning. Be sure to check back.

UPDATE 12/09/2010 10:05 A.M. EST: I am still confirming, but it appears the Indians did not lose a player in either of the minor league phases of the Rule 5 Draft. Nice job by the Indians on the reserve lists.

I know for certain that no player was taken in the Double-A phase, but not 100% yet on the Triple-A phase. It is tough to know for sure as the draft went so fast (all phases were completed in 38 minutes!) that unless you were there to hear the picks it will take a short bit of time before a full listing of all the picks is provided.

Update 12/09/2010 9:20 A.M. EST: Wow, that was fast. The Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft is over and 19 players in total were selected, including two players from the Indians. While right-hander Adam Miller was NOT drafted, the Indians lost shortstop Josh Rodriguez #1 overall to the Pirates and then lost right-hander Jose Flores #2 overall to the Mariners. As I posted an hour ago, I had word that the Pirates would be in on a Cleveland guy, just was not sure who, so no surprise there. The real surprise was Flores at #2 to the Mariners. I'll break it all down in much more detail later, but I think Rodriguez has a great chance to stick with the Pirates though Flores has little chance of sticking with the Mariners.

The Triple-A and Double-A phases of the draft are now up, two phases I think the Indians could be in danger of losing several players. They have a very deep system so will not be able to reserve everyone they want on the Triple-A and Double-A lists, so I would be surprised if no one is lost. The big difference between the Triple-A and Double-A phase versus the Major League phase is once a player is lost he is lost for good. There are no roster requirements like with the Major League phase

UPDATE 12/09/2010 8:30 A.M. EST: Keep an eye out for the Pittsburgh Pirates as GM Neil Huntington is very familiar with Adam Miller, Josh Rodriguez, and Matt McBride. I don't see any of the Indians' guys in play with the Pirates first pick, but if the Pirates take a player and do not pass they could scoop up an Indians player in the second round.

Also, just some perspective, while you would hate to lose any of Miller, Rodriguez, or McBride, neither is a top prospect. In fact, none are likely to be in the Indians Top 30 prospects listing for 2011.

UPDATE 12/09/2010 7:48 A.M. EST: We are a little over an hour until the draft. The Indians will not be a participant in the draft by making a selection of their own, so they will be watching to see who they lose, if anyone. As for who they lose the talk is squarely on Adam Miller as the likely candidate to go, but infielder Josh Rodriguez is also getting some consideration from teams.

I will still predict that no one is picked, but I will say that the interest in Miller does give me some concern that someone will select him. That being said, let it be known in advance that even if he is selected he is still a long shot to stick with his new team as a great majority of Rule 5 picks end up returning to their former club. Once teams get a look at his medical file and see him in the spring, it could be enough to show what his true upside is and he is returned. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 12/09/2010 1:01 A.M. EST: I will be updating this posting with news and notes from today

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