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2012 MLB Draft: Day 2 info

2012 MLB Draft: Day 2 info
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This is a quick note that I am posting to the site to remind everyone that the picks for the rest of the draft will not show on the front page or in the front page slider. They will all post to the "News" section of the site where I like to post some non-front page material and serves as a sort of secondary site. Because of the amount of picks, I decided against posting these to the front page as by the end of tomorrow it would really bog it down, and frankly, there are some people not very interested in the draft. The direct link to the "News" tab is here:

As each pick is made today we will have info up literally minutes after it is announced. Hopefully the issue that came up last night that resulted in a 30-40 minute site outage when the Indians made their first pick has been resolved.  You would not even believe the insane amount of traffic which poured in at the same time. I have taken steps to (hopefully) ensure this does not happen again. My apologies to those that were frustrated with not being able to get into the site and see the info on the pick when it first happened.

Anyway, today the draft kicks back up at noon and will only cover rounds 2-15. Up through the 10th round there will be one minute between picks, which in our case will help us get info up quickly, but after the 10th round they will come fast and furious.

I will post picks as they happen, but note that the posts will be incomplete and we will be updating them as they go along today with video, player capsules, stats, info, and so on, so please check back as within 20-40 minutes of the pick all the info should be up for the player.

Like today, I will also wrap up the events from Day 2 with a recap tomorrow morning that should include lots of quotes from Brad Grant and quotes from non-Indians personnel, as well as lots of analysis, opinion and scouting info on most if not all of the players selected today. Like today's piece, it will be for premium subscribers only.

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User Comments

June 6, 2012 - 6:12 PM EDT
I have no problem taking more catchers even with Lavisky, Monsealve and Lowery in the system. It is not like any of those three are playing well, and Lawisky and Monsalve may never even reach Double-A or Triple-A at their rate. If they continue to perform and develop as they have the only reason they would stay and move up is because of the money invested in them. All three of these guys have taken a hit from a prospect perspective this season, and the Indians could definitely use more catching. I agree it would be nice to get some power...though Nelson Rodriguez and a few guys taken today have serious power potential. There just was not much elite power bats in the upper rounds from what I could tell this year.
June 6, 2012 - 2:18 AM EDT
Wow, I have thoroughly read and reread the bios provided by IPI on each of the Tribe's sixteen selections and I must admit that I am only happy about six picks. Whether it's picking another catcher when we have Lavisky, Monsalve and Lowery already in the system or multiple outfielders that lack power and another RHP who barely registers 90 with a slight build, I am befuddled.
I really like Schubert and Rodriguez and think its about time Grant and company took a shot on some serious power since Aguilar is the lone big bat that enters the conversation when Tribe prospects are discussed.
Brown and Lovegrove join Howard and Morimando from last year as two more quality young arms to replenish the farm system and hopefully project as front of the rotation starters. As high schoolers, they will take some time to get to progressive park so the Tribe will be hoping college pitchers Baker and Martin arrive sooner and shore up the rotation.
I don't really understand the new financial system that is in effect for signing draft picks so perhaps the Indians made some selections based upon financial criteria that is logical.

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