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2013 Rule 5 Draft: Live blog

2013 Rule 5 Draft: Live blog
December 12, 2013
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UPDATE 9:34 AM: The Double-A phase is now complete and no Indians were selected. The Indians also did not select anyone. The Rule 5 Draft is now over, and without any activity coming or going for the Indians - though not unexpected. A total of 45 players in all three phases were selected.

UPDATE 9:30 AM: No Indians were selected in the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 Draft, and they did not select anyone. On a funny note, the Rangers selected Russell Wilson in the Triple-A phase....yes...that Russell Wilson of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.

UPDATE 9:13 AM: As expected, the Rule 5 Draft was pretty light this year as only 9 players in all were selected in the Major League phase. Teams did a nice job protecting their talent and there just was not a lot out there to select. Triple-A and Double-A phase about to begin where the Indians could still select someone or lose someone.

UPDATE 9:08 AM: The Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft is over. No Indians were selected.

UPDATE 9:03 AM: The Indians are not going to select anyone in the draft.

I will be updating this posting with news and notes from today’s Rule 5 Draft, though I have a feeling that today’s activity could be the lightest in years. We will see.

The Indians have a spot open on the 40-man roster as they are currently at 39 players, so it is possible they draft someone. If they do, the belief is that it will be a relief pitcher as the highest success rate and most common selection rate in the draft belongs to pen arms.

The draft starts at 9:00am ET. Here are a few quick notes leading up to the start of the draft:

- If you don't know how the Rule 5 Draft works, what it is about and more, then I suggest you check out the site FAQ.

- I provided a thorough preview of the draft in Tuesday’s piece and projected what would happen with every Indians eligible player. The Indians names to keep an eye on as possible selections include the likes of left-handed pitcher Giovanni Soto, left-handed Matt Packer, outfielder Tyler Holt, right-handed pitcher Tyler Sturdevant, right-handed pitcher Joseph Colon and left-handed pitcher Elvis Araujo. There can always be a surprise, but the Indians are not expected to lose anyone in the major league phase of the draft.

- To make a selection a team has to have space on the 40-man roster before the start of the draft. If they go in with a full 40 players, they cannot select anyone. Here is the draft order and the amount of players each team has on the 40-man:

#          Team    40-man

1          HOU     38
2          MIA      40
3          CWS     38
4         CHC     37
5          MIN      40
6          SEA     39
7          PHI       39
8          COL      38
9          TOR      39
10         NYM     36
11         MIL       39
12         SD       39
13         SF        39
14         LAA      38
15         ARI       36
16         BAL      37
17         NYY     40
18         KC        39
19         WAS     40
20         CIN       40
21         TEX      38
22         TB        39
23         CLE      38
24         LAD      35
25         DET      40
26         PIT       40
27         OAK     39
28         ATL      37
29         BOS     40
30         STL      36

- As noted in our 10-year review of the Rule 5 Draft, middle relievers are the prime target as over the past 10 years 52% of the picks have been pen arms. Starting pitchers (20%) and outfielders (10%) make up the majority of the rest of the picks. Pitching is the focus and versatility on the diamond is always a secondary focus, so corner infielders and outfielders and catchers are rarely picked.

- Teams generally focus on power arms in the bullpen, and one guy who could interest teams is Sturdevant who has been up to 100 MPH in the past. He is coming off shoulder surgery and missed all of 2013, and without teams seeing him and knowing his medical status, it is hard to see someone being truly interested in him. That said, he has been throwing a little this offseason in the Arizona Fall League and in winter ball in Puerto Rico, so if the velocity is there and they believe he looks healthy, he might be intriguing to someone. If a team wants to take a risk and try and hit a home run, then Elvis Araujo could be such a guy. He has unbelievable talent and stuff, but has limited experience above Low-A and has a long injury history.

- As I get updates and the draft commences, I will timestamp them and post them at the top of this posting. So please check back for updates.

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User Comments

December 12, 2013 - 4:02 PM EST
dain remember a year ago the braves signed upton from TB and offered 13million to bourn thur the arbitration process so they arent infallible they have good farm system and have for years and years that is why cox is going to the hall of fame and grover was discharged after 1999, which i didnt agree with btw you need a lot of due diligence to develop a productive farm systeem year in and year out.
December 12, 2013 - 12:39 PM EST
It's become clear that the rule 5 draft is a total non-event.
December 12, 2013 - 11:54 AM EST

There's an article in the AJC today about Braves GM being "sticker shocked" this off season. The Indians FO has to find bargains and they generally don't manifest until later in the off season. I don't think they are content, just waiting for the market to move.
December 12, 2013 - 11:40 AM EST
i hope the FO isnt content with adding david murphy to the fold and sitting pat holding what is left of the card after free agency filing of an 18 or 20 player base from 2013. so far nothing definitive has happened and unless some seeds were planted in disney town it would not shock me if they did very little this offseason figuring on maturity of a few pitchers and hoping last year was an off year for a few of the regulars. it may work out but it is like having to draw an inside straight. every so often you strike lightning in a bottle if chiz hits anywheres near like he hit in c-bus even 300 not close to 400 then we may score enough runs to be viable but that is betting on long odds like an inside straight.
December 12, 2013 - 10:09 AM EST
Patrick Schuster the 1st overall pick by the Astros was traded to the Padres for Anthony Bass.

Brian Moran older brother of Colin Moran was traded by the Blue Jays to the Angels. The Angels have acq. three LH pitchers at the winter mtgs (Skaggs, Santiago and Moran).
December 12, 2013 - 9:05 AM EST
Philly has 39 men on their roster and owns picks 4 and 7. The 4th pick is comp. from the Cubs misuse of a pk (player from Phillies) in '12. They would be a trade candidate to jump up. Maybe just straight cash for and swap of picks.

As for who gets picked: Zach Thornton, Marcus Mateo, Danny Burawa, Freddy Lewis, Brian Moran, Tommy Kahnle, Kevin Munson, Marcus Hatley, and Seth Blair. I think any of those could be targets for the Tribe.

I'd prefer... Thornton, Moran, Kahnle, Blair, Burawa, Munson, Hatley, Lewis, Ybarra, Arias, Ha, Carlos Perez and Luis in that order. A cpl those guys would probably be better served back in the minors, so they would be trade candidates...but worth a flier to add talent, IMO.
December 12, 2013 - 8:57 AM EST
I'm not convinced the Tribe will take anyone. The guys they made available (like Packer, Sturdevant, Holt, or Soto) than the guys available in the draft plus they would have to clear up a spot on the 40 to take a guy. I think the 40 spot is more valuable. So unless the guy is in your mind a no brainer, save the $50K.
December 12, 2013 - 8:51 AM EST
Which P should the Indians consider? Who would fall that far in the draft?
December 12, 2013 - 8:47 AM EST
Here's a look at BA's quick overview...

December 12, 2013 - 8:42 AM EST
I think we could see the Tribe target a P in the rule 5 draft IF they make a selection. Some P I think could get selected...

Marcus Hatley, Matt Loosen (Cubs), Matt Lollis (Pads), Tommy Kahnle, Danny Burawa, lefty - Freddy Lewis, lefty - Omar Luis (NYY), Kevin Munson (Dbax), lefty - Brian Moran (M's), lefty - Tyler Ybarra (Blue Jays), Ryan Chafee (Angels), Seth Blair, Boone Whiting (Cards), Zach Thornton (Pirates).

A few position players I think could be selected... Carlos Perez - C (Astros), Marco Hernandez -SS (Cubs), Junior Arias - OF (Reds), Brian Fletcher -1b / OF (Royals), Andy Wilkins 1b / OF (WSox), Tim Wheeler - OF (Rockies).

From the Tribe... Elvis Arajao - LHRP, Tyler Holt - OF, Giovanni Soto - LHRP, Giovanny Urshela - 3b / UTL, Enosil Tejada - RHRP, and Matt Packer - LHRP.

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