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February 23, 2014   (6 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Winning the World Series?...
The Cleveland Indians are often judged by how many times they misfire per season, as opposed to what their chances are of actually winning the World Series. Of course, it's often the folly of the front office that leads fans there to begin with. As the Indians get set to embark upon the 2014 season, will they win the World Series? Have they built a team that can win in the near future? Will they win it before we leave this earth? Join Jim Pete as he leads you through this week's Power Poll.
February 20, 2014   (19 comments)
Ubaldo and Masterson at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
Ubaldo Jimenez has finally left the Indians building. In April of 2013, Jim literally begged the Indians' front office to release the struggling righthander, but he stuck around and carried the Tribe to the playoffs. While Ubaldo is gone, what are the ramifications of his leaving with regards to Justin Masterson and the rotation? Join Jim Pete as he talks Jimenez, Masterson and the Indians approach.
February 17, 2014   (4 comments)
Smoke Signals s7e1: From Hot Stove to Spring
Welcome to the seventh season of Smoke Signals! In today's debut episode, Tony and Jim focus their attention on several moves the Indians made this offseason, why they didn't HAVE to make more moves, what they might still do, and where they might go as the season progresses. Join IBI's flagship podcast, which will begin recording live every Tuesday night starting this week! More details to follow.
February 16, 2014   (27 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Is there an Impact Surprise in 2014?
Danny Salazar and Yan Gomes burst out for the Cleveland Indians in 2013, and really added the depth that the team needed to get to the next level. With both players joining the team on a regular basis in 2014, do the Indians have any minor league options that could provide the same burst of energy this season? Join Jim Pete, as he takes a look at potential break-out candidates this season.
February 12, 2014   (5 comments)
State of the Union at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
Once the season officially starts, optimism often turns to the realities of what teams have on paper. It's hard to say what the Indians have on paper, because last year at this time, I'm not sure that a playoff team is what was evident. With players reporting to Goodyear, the mysteries will be answered. Before they are, let's close our eyes one last time and imagine just what might happen if it all clicks just once. Join Jim Pete with the 2014 State of the Indians' Union.
February 9, 2014   (17 comments)
IBI Power Poll: The greatest Indians player from the 90's?
The Cleveland Indians have many great eras in their past, but none stand out more to today's fan than the prodigious offensive teams of the 1990's. Those teams were some of the best offensive teams in the history of the game, and while they never brought home a World Series championship, their playoff runs will be remembered for many years to come. With all of the discussion about Thome's statue, the inevitable question has to be asked. Who is the Indians' best player from those 90's team? Join Jim Pete for Sunday's Power Poll.
February 5, 2014   (14 comments)
Bourn and late signings at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Cleveland Indians have been fairly silent since the start of 2014. As the Tribe buses head from Cleveland to Goodyear, Arizona for next week's report dates, Jim Pete ponders last year's last-minute Michael Bourn signing, how it was likely their big move for 2014, and discusses the possibility of another Indians splash in February, Spring Training or July's trade deadline.
February 2, 2014   (5 comments)
IBI Super Power Poll: Your favorite Indians Championship team
The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are playing each other in today's Super Bowl. While staying in that same frame of mind, today's power poll is going to stick to World Champions. Believe it or not, the Cleveland Indians have two World Championships, both in 1920 and 1948. Instead of worrying about the best team, which of these two championship teams is your favorite?
January 29, 2014   (51 comments)
Ubaldo just won't leave the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
Ubaldo Jimenez has never been Jim Pete's favorite player. Not even close, but as the sub-zero temperatures envelope Cleveland, Jim takes a close look at the enigmatic starter and whether or not he's worth the risk of a one-to-three year deal at $11-$13 million per year. Will the Indians sign Ubaldo and deal Masterson? Will the Indians sign Masterson and forget Ubaldo? Will the Indians sign Ubaldo and Masterson? Weave through the highs and lows at this week's Corner of Carnegie and Ontario.
January 26, 2014   (12 comments)
IBI Power Poll: How much time will Santana see at third?
Carlos Santana is the Cleveland Indians' best offensive player, but after signing Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and David Murphy, along with the emergence of Yan Gomes, he seems to be a player without a position. With an organizational movement in full effect to move the slugger to third base, will this Santana Shift experiment be successful? Join Jim Pete with this week's power poll looking at a potential move to third base for the Indians' guitar-playing slugger...
January 22, 2014   (21 comments)
Trading for Samardzija at that Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Cleveland Indians have quietly treaded water this offseason, striking to sign low-cost players to fill the holes that were in their roster. The Indians are ready to head to spring training with their current roster next month, but are cautiously optimistic that another move or two could be made before the season starts in April. Join Jim Pete with this weeks Corner, as he explores a Jeff Samardzija trade, and how difficult it's going to be to get those final moves.
January 19, 2014   (22 comments)
IBI Power Poll: And the Indians' top prospects are...
One of the highlights of the hot stove season for die-hard baseball fans are when the organizational rankings are presented by both the national writers and our very own writers here at IBI. With the first two top tens out from Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus, we can take our first volley at shaping what's right, and what's wrong with the rankings. Join Jim Pete in this week's power poll, figuring out who belongs, and who doesn't.
January 15, 2014   (6 comments)
Dreaming big at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Cleveland Indians have spent the last three months quietly navigating their way through the hot stove season. With the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers creating a vacuum of negativity with their questionable moves and unmotivated play, have the Indians wasted an opportunity to fill the void? What do the Indians have to do to be deemed a success, and is it realistic? Join Jim Pete as he talks 2014 at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario...
January 8, 2014   (6 comments)
The 2014 rotation at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The Cleveland Indians potentially lost two major pieces to their 2013 rotation this offseason, but have addressed the situation with both internal options, and an intriguing minor league free agent signing. Some believe that the foundation for 2014 is much better than what the team had last season, and some aren't quite as sure. Jim Pete and Mike Hattery weave in and out of the A.L. Central rotations in this week's Corner of Carnegie and Ontario.
January 5, 2014   (27 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Should the Indians sign Ubaldo Jimenez?
The Cleveland Indians roster looks fairly complete, but there are still question-marks surrounding the starting rotation. Will the current rotation options of Justin Masterson, Zach McAllister, Corey Kluber, Danny Salazar, Shaun Marcum, Carlos Carrasco, Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer be enough, or are the Indians planning on making a splash by re-signing Ubaldo Jimenez, once the market spits him back out. Join IBI's Jim Pete with his first power poll of 2014.
January 2, 2014   (2 comments)
Positive resolutions at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
The New Year is upon us here at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario, and it's time to take a look at some 2014 resolutions. The great thing about resolutions is that they sound so good at the beginning of January, but are often long forgotten by the beginning of February. Jim pulls in fellow columnist to discuss their thoughts on the 2014 season, and wonder aloud what the "Final Resolution" may be.
December 29, 2013   (14 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Is Danny Salazar elite?
The Cleveland Indians have been protecting Danny Salazar over the years since he has returned from Tommy John surgery. Many questioned why the Front Office has handled him with such kid gloves for such a long period, that is, until he joined the Indians in August and started throwing 100 MPH. Join Jim Pete as he tackles this week's power poll: Will Danny Salazar be a top-of-the-rotation ace, or will he regress?
December 25, 2013   (1 comments)
12 Days of Christmas at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario
In between shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping and spending some time with his family, Jim Pete didn't let Christmas get in the way of your weekly stroll at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario. Unfortunately for the readers here at IBI, he decided it was a grand occastion for theme week. Join Jim as he takes you through the 12 Days of a Cleveland Indians' Christmas, for the 2014 season.
December 22, 2013   (14 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Who will be the Indians fifth starter?
The Cleveland Indians seem to be addressing all of their needs this offseason, even if they aren't using big dollars to do it. There aren't many questions remaining on the 25-man roster, but one that is glaring is the #5 starter. Today's IBI Power Poll will take a look at just that question. It could be a bigger question than you think. Last season, Scott Kazmir broke camp as the Indians' #5 starter. Who will it be this year? Join Jim Pete with your #5 starting options.
December 18, 2013   (7 comments)
Smoke Signals: Axford, Marcum and Outman
Join Tony Lastoria and Jim Pete, right here at for a quick video/podcast outlining the Indians fairly busy week since the Winter Meetings ending. They'll talk John Axford, Shawn Marcum and the Drew Stubbs deal today, then talk about the potential moves that could be made over the next several weeks.