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November 4, 2012   (7 comments)
Analyzing the Mike Aviles/Yan Gomes for Esmil Rogers deal
The Indians traded Esmil Rogers to the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday, acquiring shortstop Mike Aviles and catcher/infielder Yan Gomes. The move wasn't earth-shattering by anyone's standards, but as a first trade in what should be an aggressive offseason for Chris Antonetti, it may be a sign as to the direction the front office will take. Check out the potential scenarios as Jim Pete analyzes...after the jump...
November 4, 2012   (0 comments)
Around the Farm: November 3, 2012
The Indians big news of the day was a deal for Mike Aviles and Yan Gomes, and Around the Farm brings you the first player action from the trade, as Gomes is playing in the Dominican Winter League. Jesus Aguilar was busy with an extra-base hit, and Jose Ramirez continued his climb through the system. The Indians also had a couple of players in the AFL Rising Stars game. Join Jim Pete with another Winter League edition of ATF...after the jump.
October 31, 2012   (7 comments)
Corner of Carnegie & Ontario: Belle tolls on All Hallow's Eve
Halloween is a day of celebrating for many every October 31st, and that isn't any different on the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario. While many are dressing up in their favorite costumes, carving pumpkins and eating candy corn, Tribe fans are busy egging enemy players' houses, and dodging SUV's. Join Jim Pete on this Halloween look at the Hot Stove League's unofficial start on the last day of October...
October 29, 2012   (2 comments)
Around the Farm: October 28, 2012
With the Arizona Fall League taking their normal Sunday off, it was slim pickings for Cleveland Indians' prospects. Eric Berger was still able to throw out his best start of the winter league season, and Hector Rondon continued to rebound after a tough start. The big news of the Caribbean winter leagues was former Tribe starter Bartolo Colon, who was sent to the hospital after a bean ball. Find out more, after the jump...
October 28, 2012   (0 comments)
Around the Farm: October 27, 2012
The Indians farm hands continued their winter league progression with another rather light night of play. Highlighting Saturday night's baseball was another return of sorts for one of the Tribe's top ten prospects. In his first game in a week, he hit his first AFL home run, and showcased that skill-set that has the fanbase salivating at his potential. Find out who that toolsy player is...after the jump...
October 26, 2012   (10 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: The Indians in '13, Part 2
The Indians have a massive undertaking in front of them if they are to win in 2013. Their current roster needs to find new consistency, their starting rotation needs to find new blood, first base, DH and left field need to find new residents, and the team as a whole needs to find a new culture? Can it happen? It's easier than you think. The only question is, will the Indians have the guts, if not the cash, to do it?
October 25, 2012   (17 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: Indians are set to win in '13
This week's Corner of Carnegie title likely caught your attention, and for good reason. The Cleveland Indians can absolutely contend in 2013. Join Jim Pete as he takes an in-depth look on what the Indians COULD do if all things were perfect for a front office heading into this offseason, and no, he's not completely insane. Well, maybe a little. This two-parter starts with the current team...after the jump...
October 22, 2012   (3 comments)
Around the Farm: October 21, 2012
With the Arizona Fall League taking the day off, and with Leones del Caracas getting postponed, there wasn't much action for current Indians on Sunday. There were still two players from the advanced levels that performed, and with mixed results. So, it's time for ATF to go retro, and take a look at all the former Indians of note that played yesterday....and it was plentiful. Find out who...after the jump...
October 21, 2012   (6 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: Considering the Tiger plan...
Today's special edition of Carnegie and Ontario will take a look at the Detroit Tigers starting rotation, and showcase just why it's more than just the Benjamins.The Indians will never be able to compete with some of the clubs because of cash flow, so they better be the smartest team in the room.
October 21, 2012   (3 comments)
Around the Farm, October 20, 2012
The AFL and Caribbean Winter Leagues proceeded, and IPI was there bringing all the Indians' action. There was a distinct smell of the Carolina League, with eight of nine Indians players mentioned today all with CL experience. One of Jim Pete's favorites returned to action after being out since August, and racked up two hits on the night. Find out who it was, after the jump (Ken Inness/
October 17, 2012   (4 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: And the coaching staff is?...
Terry Francona was the first move in an intricate offseason that will see a front office try to reinvent themselves on the fly. Each move this team makes will carry a massive amount of weight. Phase one was the hiring of a credible manager. Phase two begins as that manager shapes his coaching staff. Join Jim Pete as he takes an inclusive look at potential candidates, talks bullpen, Michael Brantley and playoff baseball, after the jump
October 15, 2012   (0 comments)
Around the Farm: October 14, 2012
The Arizona Fall League had the day off, so ATF comes in with a slow and steady day with only five players in action. Jesus Aguilar has been struggling in the early stages of the winter leagues, as has Hector Rondon. Tim Fedroff got his winter league started right where his 2012 regular season left off, as did Toru Murata and Danny Salazar. Find out just how well they played, after the jump...
October 14, 2012   (11 comments)
Tribe Happenings: It's time for Chris Antonetti to lead
The Cleveland Indians made the first move in major league baseball when they hired Terry Francona as their 42nd manager. While that's clearly a move of major importance, if it becomes the Indians biggest move of the offseason, the Indians will be in serious trouble in 2013. Can Chris Antonetti build on his early momentum with the hiring of Terry Francona, or will this offseason turn into another winter of discontent?
October 13, 2012   (0 comments)
Around the Farm: Instructs October 12, 2012
In the final Instructs ATF, the Parallel League "Goodyear" team sang its swan song with a look at a handful of future Indians taking part. A couple of players that call Cleveland home both had hits, as they continue their slow-but-sure climb through the system. A shining potential top-ten prospect continued to showcase a .300 bat...again, while the Sabour-Tooth tigers were given another multi-hit ballgame from their favorite over-achiever. Check out ATF with yours truly, Jim Pete...after the jump...
October 10, 2012   (4 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: Culture Shock
The city of Cleveland is used to being a second, third or fourth tier option for free agents and top tier coaches and managers. Terry Francona may not have changed that mentality, but he certainly proved that there are more things to choosing a team than location. Will Francona bring a new culture to Cleveland Indians baseball, or will Chris Antonetti and Mark Shapiro override the momentum?
October 7, 2012   (2 comments)
Around the Farm: Instructs October 6, 2012
In Saturday's Instructs action, there was a corner infielder who had his third extra-base hit in only four games. There was a 16-year-old catcher who is now 3-for-6 in his first two games, and has a ton of potential. There's a first round pick who continues to hit the ball, and is ready to fly through the system. Find out who...after the jump...
October 6, 2012   (3 comments)
Around the Farm: Instructs October 5th, 2012
Another day of Instructs, that actually took a bit of a backseat to the news of Terry Francona taking over the reigns of the Cleveland Indians. With that said, pitching really took the forefront, as Dylan Baker continued to absolutely dominate the Instructs. Grant Sides is perched to make the same type of move as Cody Allen. How good were they? Join Jim Pete after the jump to find out...
October 6, 2012   (4 comments)
Indians hire Terry Francona
The Cleveland Indians have hired Terry Francona to be their next manager, only a day after his interview with Chris Antonetti and Mark Shapiro. The Indians will make an official announcment on Monday afternoon.
October 6, 2012   (8 comments)
Terry Francona may be a done deal
Terry Francona came into town on Friday to interview for the Cleveland Indians job. What initially seemed like a ploy for another player (or in this case, a manager) to use the Indians to get a better job and more money has turned into a legitimate opportunity for a big-time Indians hire. Is the Francona hire a formality, or will the job ultimately go to Sandy Alomar? Find out if it even matters, after the jump...
October 3, 2012   (3 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: Francona vs. Alomar
It's the last day of the regular season, and it's definitely time to start looking forward...instead of backwards. With that said, Terry Francona and Sandy Alomar Jr. are officially going toe-to-toe for the right to become to the brand new Indians' manager. Is Francona using the Indians to get more money from another team? Will Alomar really take a job if Toronto or Boston calls? Join Jim Pete to find out his thoughts...after the jump...