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Indians Prospect Insider

July 2, 2012   (6 comments)
Chicago checks Cleveland in Youkilis deal
After falling behind the White Sox, the Indians began the toughest part of their schedule to date. With both teams matching each other blow for blow, last week Chicago beat out Cleveland to acquire Kevin Youkilis from Boston. Brian La Shier wonders if Cleveland’s hesitation in the bidding inadvertently strengthened its rival’s position.
June 14, 2012   (7 comments)
Whither LaPorta?
Matt LaPorta continues to tear up Triple-A, while the Tribe struggles to generate offense at first base and left field. Has the organization soured on him or has he just been a victim of circumstance (and interleague play)? With Travis Hafner injured, Brian La Shier considers the case for using LaPorta in a more substantial role.
May 9, 2012   (3 comments)
Masterson's Modified Mechanics
Justin Masterson is off to a slow start following his breakout 2011 campaign and changes to his delivery seem to be the cause. Brian La Shier examines the potential impact of Masterson’s mechanical adjustments and how they may help or hinder Cleveland’s ace.
April 23, 2012   (6 comments)
Are Cleveland's lefty bats a liability?
New IPI columnist Brian La Shier, whom some may recognize from his Ontario Street blog, comes strong with his first post talking about the Indians' left-handed laden lineup. Have the Indians discovered an untapped market inefficiency to construct their lineup around? Or will opposing managers mercilessly exploit the Indians' splits? Brian breaks it all down.