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Indians Prospect Insider

November 24, 2014   (12 comments)
Back to the Future: Looking at the past to renovate the future
As sports salaries spiral out of control, and professional teams rack up the profits, the IBI's John Mast sees only one segment of the game taking the hit for the apparent success of a game that once was so accessible and meaningful. The fans. In his latest, John shares some thoughts on improving the relationship with the fans and bringing a generation back to the game.
November 21, 2014   (11 comments)
To shift or not to shift, that is the question
The "shift" has become a big part of baseball over the past few seasons. As teams study data that suggests tendencies of hitters to hit the ball to a certain area of the field, teams have adjusted their defensive alignment in non-traditional ways to help defend against hitters. The IBI's John Mast is not a fan of the shirt and explains why in his latest.
October 31, 2014   (27 comments)
The Tribe's challenge in closing the gap in AL Central (Part 2)
In Thursday's first part, the IBI's John Mast compared the lineups of the American League Central’s three leading teams, the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians and the American League Champion Kansas City Royals. When comparing the lineups side by side, where do the Indians need to improve? That's what John tries to answer in the second part of this two-part piece.
October 30, 2014   (17 comments)
The Tribe's challenge in closing the gap in AL Central (Part 1)
The Tigers and Royals have each been to the World Series the last three years. Although they came up short in their question for a title, they offer two very formidable clubs for the Indians to overtake and win the AL Central. In this two-part piece, the IBI's John Mast compares the three teams to show how they stack up with one another.
September 25, 2014   (79 comments)
The Tribe is alive, but next year they will thrive (Part 2)
Throughout the final two months of the season, the Cleveland Indians have boasted one of the best rotations in baseball. Unfortunately, a fried bullpen and impotent offense have cost them any realistic shot at the playoffs. The IBI's John Mast takes a look at the Indians lineup going into next year and how one or two big moves could put this team on the doorstep as a World Series championship contender.
September 19, 2014   (44 comments)
The Tribe is alive, but next year they will thrive (Part 1)
Fans of the Cleveland Indians are surely disappointed as the team stumbled mightily in the first two weeks of September, a month which proved so successful for them in last season’s torrid sprint to the playoffs. But no matter what happens the rest of the way, the IBI's John Mast believes that there is a lot to be excited about in the very near future with the Indians.
January 18, 2014   (31 comments)
For Tribe, the Price IS Right
It’s been a long time since the Indians have had a legitimate, home grown major league star rise through its ranks, and they have that player in Francisco Lindor. Would they ever consider trading him? Well, the IBI's John Mast thinks they should, and that the player they should consider trading him for is David Price to solidify the Indians rotation as one of the best in all of baseball and make them legit contenders next season.
September 20, 2013   (3 comments)
What if the Tribe made the Richardson trade?
This shocking trade the Cleveland Browns made earlier in the week where they shipped Trent Richardson off to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2014 first round pick doesn't bother the IBI's John Mast. Cleveland is a tough town for sports fans who have lived through many disappointing seasons, heartbreaking losses, and star players constantly being traded or leaving via free agency. He wonders what it would have been like had Justin Masterson been dealt by the Tribe in July.
September 18, 2013   (0 comments)
Who will be Tribe's Cody Ross or Edgar Renteria?
As the excitement of the MLB playoffs arrives with the crisp air of fall, heroes of the season begin to come to mind. So often, it’s not the stars who step up and make a huge impact for the team that eventually wins the World Series, it’s the role players. The IBI's John Mast chimes in asks that very question: Which role player has a chance of making the biggest impact for the Indians down the stretch and potentially in the postseason?
June 6, 2013   (7 comments)
Tribe still a starting pitcher away from truly competing
It's the beginning of June and the Cleveland Indians are only two games behind the first place Detroit Tigers in the American League Central. Even with their free fall over the past three weeks the Indians are still in the thick of things, and to stay in the race they are going to need more pitching. The IBI's John Mast believes they need another starter, and discusses who he thinks they should target.
April 19, 2013   (1 comments)
Tribe digging a deep hole without a ladder
After being pummeled by the Boston Red Sox in a three game sweep at home, the Cleveland Indians sit in last place in the AL Central, proud owners of a 5-9 record. While it is too early -- way too early -- to hit the panic button, there are some warning signs that the Indians better watch just how far they fall out of the race, even in April.
March 29, 2013   (29 comments)
If you think the CC trade was a bust, think again
It has been almost five years since the Indians traded C.C. Sabathia to the Milwaukee Brewers for a package of four players. The key player at the time of the deal, Matt LaPorta, has since struggled with injuries and performance; however, in his debut piece for the IBI, John Mast says that the deal is not a bust thanks to one player in particular.