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Indians Prospect Insider

March 30, 2014   (1 comments)
This IS next year
The season opener for the Indians is not just hours away. As with the start of any baseball season, hope springs eternal, and the IBI's DJ Sebastian is really big on the Tribe this season and thinks they could even win 100 games based on his Seb-err-metrics formula he concocted. Check out how he came to the 100-win conclusion in this entertaining and overall feel good piece at the start of the season!
March 20, 2014   (5 comments)
Spring Training: A look back through the years
You might wonder who came up with the idea of getting baseball teams to travel to warm climates in February, so their players can practice for six weeks to prepare for the real games that count. It’s like your employer paying you to take an extended vacation to a sunny locale. Brilliant! The IBI's DJ Sebastian shares how the Cactus League was started and takes us on a trip down memory lane with lots of good anecdotes from spring training's of the past.
October 2, 2013   (1 comments)
The Indians and the Rays - A tale of two franchises
Tonight, two teams will battle for the wildcard and earn the right to play in the American League Division Series this weekend at Fenway Park. The IBI's DJ Sebastian thought it would be insightful to compare and contrast those two teams from a slightly different perspective and he does so as only he can. A nice read looking at the history, fans, makeup, managers, and how each team got to where they are today.
August 18, 2013   (7 comments)
The Rock of Cleveland Part 2- Celebrating Rocky Colavito
Tribe fans filled the Terrace Club last Saturday for a special luncheon to celebrate Rocky Colavito’s 80th birthday. The IBI's DJ Sebastian was was fortunate to be in the audience to participate in the festivities, and provides all the fun and countless stories he shared throughout the event. There is no doubt that The Rock is still much loved in Cleveland.
August 8, 2013   (9 comments)
The Rock of Cleveland - Remembering Rocky Colavito
Cleveland is proud to be home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But there is another Rock that is revered by many lifelong Cleveland Indians fans. This Saturday, the Cleveland Indians will honor Rocky Colavito, on the date of his 80th birthday. This gesture is not only appropriate, but long overdue. The IBI's DJ Sebastian reminisces about Colavito and why he had such a big impact on fans during his time in baseball.
July 20, 2013   (6 comments)
Believing Conventional Wisdom Isn’t Always Wise
An old axiom is that it’s not always wise to believe “conventional wisdom”. This is certainly accurate when applied to the 2013 edition of the Cleveland Indians. Starting with the hot-stove period over the seemingly endless winter, and throughout the spring, nearly all of the beat writers, baseball pundits, and sports radio personalities were lukewarm about the Tribe’s prospects for the upcoming season. DJ Sebastian wants fans to forget conventional wisdom and enjoy the ride with this team.
June 16, 2013   (12 comments)
Baseball memories with dad on Father's Day
Cleveland Indians President, Mark Shapiro often talks about his love for the game of baseball and how it all stems from his relationship with his dad. He could have been talking about DJ Sebastian and his dad. As we celebrate Father’s Day, DJ shares the story of how he and his dad shared a love for the game of baseball.
March 28, 2013   (11 comments)
A good week in Goodyear
Spring training officially comes to a close today, and who better to wrap it all up than the IBI's DJ Sebastian. You may recall that when spring training opened he provided an overview of memories from spring training's passed, and today he provides some thoughts, insights, and neat little anecdotes from this year's spring training.
February 13, 2013   (8 comments)
Waiting for Spring....Spring Training
Spring training is finally underway and for those that have been there before and are planning to go this year you know the excitement that comes with any annual trek to the desert. If you have never been to spring training and wonder what you might be missing, well, enter DJ Sebastian to give you the low down on everything it has to offer with his many stories from yesteryear. This is an insightful and sometimes funny overview of all the things to see and do in spring training!