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October 25, 2011   (0 comments)
2011 Fall Instructional League: FIL stats
Here are the final stats from the Fall Instructional League (Instructs). Thanks as always to Arthur K. for doing all the legwork in compiling these stats! Note: The statistics listed below are from those available and the absence of some stats (such as on-base percentage) is because available information to compute them accurately was not available.
September 22, 2011   (0 comments)
Here are the final 2011 playoff stats for Triple-A Columbus and High-A Kinston. These will be stored and located in the state section along the top below the header. Included in there are some stats from previous playoff years, Instructional League stats, spring training stats, and more.
*Note: The Columbus stats do not include the Triple-A National Championship game.
Columbus Cippers
April 5, 2011   (0 comments)
ere are the final statistics from all the Indians minor league spring training games this spring. Players are listed in alphabetical order.
BattersAVGSLGOBPOPSABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBEAdam Abraham.256.395.298.6934321130173810Abner Abreu.319.596.396.99247131532296811Jesus Aguilar.316.649.3691.0185710187041461000Juan Apodaca.280.400.276.676254730031200Juan Aponte.
December 31, 2010   (0 comments)
Here are the final stats for all the Cleveland Indians players who played in fall/winter ball in 2010.
BattersLGEGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOAVGOBPSLGAbraham, AdamAFL103678110398.222.378.306Apodaca, JuanVWL246961640011418.232.274.290Cabrera, AsdrubalVWL271032126401161516.252.350.320Carlin, LukeDWL132311000087.043.290.043Carrera, EzequielVWL411422637700122017.261.371.310Diaz, JuanDWL5912100213.222.300.333Goedert,...
October 29, 2010   (0 comments)
Here are the final stats from the 2010 Instructional League out in Arizona. Note, the final stats listing is not 100% complete due to the absence of about three to four games worth of stats, but this should still give an idea how players did regardless.
BattersAVGSLGGPAABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBCSECharlie Valerio1.0004.00012111001110000Ronny Rodriguez.000.00024400000002000Juan Romero.143.3576161422001125000Tyler...
September 25, 2010   (0 comments)
Columbus Clippers (AAA)
BATTERSABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBAVGOBPSLGOPSCarlin, Luke20573025560.350.480.8001.280Carrera, Ezequiel31691114633.290.405.484.889Constanza, Jose366101003356.278.333.306.639Espino, Damaso8120001010., Jared357123025320.343.395.600.995Head, Jerad29111330211261.448.515.7591.274Hodges, Wes3261010310390.313.378.6251.003Kipnis, Jason18672112140.389.421.7781.199McBride,...
April 6, 2010   (0 comments)
As promised, here are the final 2010 stats from the Indians' minor league spring training camp this year. These stats are unofficial, and cover the 16 total games played that were either against another team or inter-squad. A big special thanks to Arthur K. for compiling the stats!
BattersPAABRH2B3BHRRBIBBKSBCSEAVGSLGAdam Abraham4641516800356101.390.585Abner Abreu5244393207614010.205.364John...
December 27, 2009   (0 comments)
Here are the final stats for Indians players that participated in winter ball in 2009.
BATTERSLGEAVGGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOOBPSLGBrown, JordanVWL.328351191739634211726.407.529Cardona, RodolfoVWL--1000000000----Castillo, AlexDWL.0001100000001.000.000Constanza, JoseDWL.333318724294103912.396.402Fedroff, TimAFL.111103634000238.175.111Gimenez, ChrisVWL.30411465142013110.319.413Marte, AndyDWL.27222816226028413.310.420McBride,...
October 23, 2009   (0 comments)
We close the book on the 2009 Instructional League with the final stats for the new Parallel League. Since these were co-op teams, only a few players participated in this new league as just five Indians regulars hit in the lineup and a half dozen pitchers threw in games. Thanks again to "Arthur" for putting this stat listing together for us.
Final 2009 Parallel League Stats:
October 22, 2009   (0 comments)
Here are the final stats for the 2009 Instructional League. This is a comprehensive listing of all players who participated in games for both the first half of camp (Instructional League) and the second half of camp (Development League).
Chun Chen