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January 5, 2015   (10 comments)
This is not the end, but only the beginning
This is the final IBI post at this site as we are set to officially move operations over to the network on Tuesday. With the URL being pointed to its new home on Tuesday it means things here will come to an end. The IBI's Tony Lastoria shares some last minute notes and good-byes...
January 1, 2015   (2 comments)
Happy New Year 2015!
Another year has come and gone here at the Indians Baseball Insider. The second year is in the books since the name change on January 1, 2013 from Indians Prospect Insider to Indians Baseball Insider, and the site begins its ninth year of existence. Happy New Year!
December 25, 2014   (4 comments)
Merry Christmas from the Indians Baseball Insider!
As we all get set to enjoy the company of family and friends on this Christmas holiday, we wanted to take a little time to give thanks and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In this collaboration piece, several IBI staff members explain why they love baseball and the Indians.
December 14, 2014   (33 comments)
IBI making a big move to
Some big changes are coming to IBI in the coming weeks as effective January 1st the Indians Baseball Insider will officially be joining the network. IBI creator and editor-in-chief Tony Lastoria talks about the change, what it means, and where the IBI is going...
September 24, 2014   (2 comments)
Writing opportunities are available at the IBI!
The Cleveland Indians season may be wrapping up, but as always, the season never comes to a close here at the IBI. With the offseason ready to start, there are some opportunities to join the IBI family. Check inside for details!
April 14, 2014   (3 comments)
2014 IBI Top 100 Prospects and More book available for sale
The new 2014 Indians Baseball Insider: The Top 100 Prospects & More book is now available for sale! This year's more condensed version has over 180 players in the Indians organization featured in it with scouting reports for everyone, a new International Top 16 prospect listing for those that are new to the organization or may be debuting stateside this year, and more. The book is available for purchase on-line and should be available at other outlets soon. Details inside...
March 3, 2014   (7 comments)
The 2014 Minor League Baseball season is officially here
The 2014 Minor League Baseball season has officially arrived with Indians minor league pitchers and catchers officially reporting today for spring training. The IBI's Tony Lastoria provides all the information you need to know with dates and coverage for Indians minor league spring training, what to expect over the next month from the IBI, a book update, and more.
September 5, 2013   (7 comments)
IBI Update: What we have in store for the offseason
The minor league season may be over, but the real fun is about to begin. Those who have been around the IBI in the past know that just because the games have stopped it does not mean the coverage stops too. In fact, there will be as much or even more coverage on the minor leaguers and major league team the next several months leading into next season. Tony provides the details...
March 21, 2013   (5 comments)
IBI March Madness: The Zajac Bracket
We are running a competition here on the IBI in conjunction with March Madness and giving away some prizes. With that in mind, site contributor Andrew Zajac analyzes the 2013 Division 1 tournament. Who's primed to be upset? What Cinderella could make a run? And who will be crowned National Champion? Check out his thoughts and be sure to sign up for the IBI Bracket Challenge!
March 13, 2013   (4 comments)
IBI Update: What's on tap with the IBI in 2013
The prospect countdown is only the start of the ridiculous amount of coverage from rookie ball to Cleveland that is coming in 2013 here at the IBI. On Saturday, Tony heads out to Arizona for his semi-annual visit to the desert and will have all sorts of updates from minor league camp all next week plus other items from big league camp. He also provides updates on all the coverage, new features, and more at the IBI this year.
March 7, 2013   (8 comments)
2013 IBI Top 100 Prospects & More book available for sale
The new 2013 Indians Baseball Insider: The Top 100 Prospects & More book is now available for sale. This year's 252-page version has 204 players in the Indians organization featured in it with scouting reports for everyone, a new International Top 20 prospect listing for those that are new to the organization or may be debuting stateside this year, and more. The book is available for purchase on-line and should be available at other outlets soon. Details inside...
March 4, 2013   (0 comments)
Site News: 2013 prospect book update
Tony has been receiving a lot of inquiries as to the availability of his new 2013 Cleveland Indians prospect book. Today he provides a very quick update on the status of it as it is all written and is just in the final stages of completion with putting it together to send to press. He provides an update on that and when it may become available. Over 200 scouting reports in the book this year!!
February 11, 2013   (6 comments)
2013 IBI Prospect Book: A quick update
Tony is hard at work finishing up the new 2013 Indians Baseball Insider prospect book, and he shares a quick update today where he is at with it, when it may be available, and how it can be purchased. The book continues to grow every year, and this edition may be the first to feature 200 scouting reports.
January 2, 2013   (0 comments)
Site Update: New URL is now in effect
Just a quick site update to note that the transformation from to is now complete as the URL change to make the primary domain was made today. If you are having trouble logging in, take a quick check at this post to help you get back in.
December 18, 2012   (8 comments)
Swisher makes visit to Cleveland facilities
As you read this, outfielder Nick Swisher is on a plane out of Cleveland. The free agent outfielder was in town today and visited Indians facilities as the team continues to pursue his services. A standing offer is apparently on the table for Swisher, so these next few days could become quite interesting.
December 17, 2012   (14 comments)
Site update: IPI name change coming
As some of you may have seen in a tweet I sent out last week, Indians Prospect Insider will soon be no more. No, it is not closing up shop and going away. Instead, this site will become Indians Baseball Insider. We are going from the IPI to the IBI, and the change should occur sometime between now and the next two weeks. Tony explains why the change was made and what it means for the site.
October 22, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 IPI Site Update: What's on tap this offseason
With the 2012 season for the big league team and the minor league teams now in the rear view mirror, we wanted to give a quick site update letting readers know what is on tap here at IPI the next several months. The focus has shifted to the action in all the offseason fall and winter leagues, news and opinion articles on the big league team relating to their coaching pursuit, free agency moves, the winter meetings, the Rule 5 Draft, etc, and of course tons of information on the farm system.
September 10, 2012   (5 comments)
Fall 2012: State of the IPI update
Another minor league season has wrapped up and summer is turning into fall here at the IPI. Once Akron and Lake County end their playoff run the 2012 season will officially end, but Tony explains how there is no offseason for a site that covers the Cleveland Indians from the big leagues to the minors. He provides an update on all of the activities that the IPI will be involved in this fall and winter, and the tons of coverage that is to come this offseason.
April 5, 2012   (0 comments)
This season, on the IPI...
Now that opening day is here, I felt this would be a great time to quickly list all of the things coming this season on the IPI. A preview of all the articles, features, and shows that will be on the site. We will have everything covered from the minors to the big leagues, and there is absolutely no other place you need to go for your minor league information.
March 7, 2012   (2 comments)
Site News: Big preseason update
With the start of the regular season about four weeks away and my trip to Arizona on the horizon, here are a bunch of random updates with regard to the IPI. Inside I discuss subscriptions, new features coming to the site, the Smoke Signals radio show, internships, new writers, and some books offers.