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February 19, 2013   (15 comments)
It's time for fans to keep their part of bargain
Last week's signing of Michael Bourn was the latest move in an especially busy offseason for the Cleveland Indians. With the signing of Bourn, the Tribe has now committed $117 million to free agents this offseason. The team's ownership has finally gone out and made a big commitment in spending this offseason, and the IBI's Jake Dungan believes it's now time for Indians fans to keep their part of the bargain and start attending games.
February 19, 2013   (6 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #27 OF Tim Fedroff
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with outfielder Tim Fedroff. Fedroff had a fantastic season last year and really solidified himself as an outfield prospect for the Indians, and found his way onto the 40-man roster in the offseason and is now in the big league outfield mix this coming season. Tony looks at what kind of asset he is for the big league team and what areas of improvement are needed to increase his chances of getting a Major League opportunity in this detailed scouting report.
February 18, 2013   (11 comments)
IBI Power Poll: Best Indians' Starters of All-Time: Part 1
Welcome to this week's edition of the IBI Power Poll. The Poll will take a look at a relevant topic of the time, an all-time list, or just something that we're talking about here at the IBI home offices. There's nothing like a list to spur a debate, so join us in our lively banter with our weekly polls! Today's poll focuses on the best Indians' pitchers of all time. It's a three-part series, starting with a look at the #21-30 starters.
February 18, 2013   (12 comments)
The 2013 Indians lineup: Predicting the punchouts
We've seen the Cleveland Indians make a handful of offseason moves this season. While the the team has brought on many talented players, the Indians have also brought on something else: more and more strikeouts. A number of the new Indians have shown a tendency to swing-and-miss throughout their careers. Just how does this affect this year's team? The IBI's Andy Nichols ponders after the jump...
February 18, 2013   (9 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #28 CA Eric Haase
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with catcher Eric Haase. He is a player that may take another year or two before his true talents show, but even so, he is one of the most interesting young prospects to follow in a system loaded with high upside talent in the lower levels. Tony provides all the details on his upside as a hitter and receiver behind the plate, and what roadblocks may stand in his way in this detailed scouting report.
February 17, 2013   (8 comments)
Tribe Happenings: Payroll questions loom for the Indians
Aloha from Hawaii! Tony is away on vacation but checks in this week with another Tribe Happenings and takes a look at how the Indians spending spree this offseason brings into question just how much room the Indians have - if any - to make roster moves next offseason. He also talks about the Michael Bourn and Diasuke Matsuzaka signings, the extreme makeover the Indians roster has undergone since the end of last season, and his optimism for a rebound from Drew Stubbs.
February 17, 2013   (8 comments)
The NRIs: Minor moves could have major impact
The Indians have always been known to bring a lot of minor league free agents into Spring Training, but there's a different vibe surrounding this year's crop. With names like Daisuke Matsuzaka and Matt Capps, the quality of this year's signings seems well above the ones seen in previous seasons. The IBI's Michael Goodman touches on how this year's signings may impact the Major League team...
February 17, 2013   (7 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #29 OF Carlos Moncrief
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with outfielder Carlos Moncrief. Moncrief had one of the more under-rated seasons last year, and has become one of the most complete position players in the entire Indians’ system. With his wide range of tools and power he is exciting to dream on, but he is also very frustrating because of the strikeouts. Tony breaks down all of his pluses and minuses in this detailed scouting report.
February 16, 2013   (0 comments)
IBI Digest: 2/9/13-2/16/13
The IBI Digest catches you up on anything you might have missed over the past week at Indians Baseball Insider and also notes some of the more popular columns posted at the major news sites and blogs.
February 16, 2013   (22 comments)
What's new in 2013: The bench
This is the final installment of this article series, which will break down the bench and utility players of 2013 compared to 2012. The IBI's Jake Dungan reviews the options for the bench and looks at the projected bench to open the 2013 season and compares the four-man bench with the bench that played most of last season with the Indians.
February 16, 2013   (5 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #30 RHP Kieran Lovegrove
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with right-handed pitcher Kieran Lovegrove. Lovegrove is a young high upside arm the Indians picked up early in last year's draft, and he has the projection with his stuff, delivery and frame to be a durable starting pitcher for a long time. He is one of the more intriguing young players to watch this year, and Tony breaks down all of his stuff in this detailed scouting report.
February 15, 2013   (5 comments)
Spring Notebook: Gauging the minor league signings
While the weather may still be chilly in Northeast Ohio, there's a much different climate in Goodyear, Arizona, where all Indians players have now arrived for spring training. While there are some familiar faces and some new ones, the IBI's Steve Orbanek touches this week on some of the new names that aren't getting all the publicity: the minor league signings. How do they fit in with this year's club? Find out after the jump.
February 15, 2013   (3 comments)
IBI's 2013 Cleveland Indians Starting Rotation Preview
With Spring Training underway in Goodyear, Arizona, Jim Piascik and Steve Orbanek continue trying to keep things fresh and not bland here at IBI, previewing the 2013 Cleveland Indians in an unconventional way. They've been sending e-mails back and forth to figure out where they stand on the team heading into Spring Training, with today's focus on the starting rotation.
February 15, 2013   (6 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #31 RHP Felix Sterling
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with right-handed pitcher Felix Sterling. There is no doubt that Sterling has the arsenal and the talent to be a dominating starting pitching prospect, but his inconsistency and mental mindset has raised some questions and doubts as to whether he will ever reach his potential. Tony breaks down everything he has to offer and what problems he is struggling through in this detailed scouting report.
February 14, 2013   (13 comments)
Then & Now: Matt LaPorta
The IBI's Steve Orbanek returns with his latest edition of Then & Now, which looks at Matt LaPorta this week. LaPorta has had a storied career for the Indians, both at the minor and Major League level. What does the future hold for LaPorta? And could he possibly have a future with the Indians? Steve ponders after the jump.
February 14, 2013   (2 comments)
Michael Bourn - The advanced stats darling
The Indians made the most surprising signing that the IBI's Jeff Ellis can ever recall when they signed Michael Bourn on Monday. When the talk came about that Bourn might even be on the Indians' radar, like most fans Jeff thought it was just Scott Boras trying to drum up offers. But all that changed at 9 PM on Monday, and Jeff takes a look behind the numbers why he was a coup for the Indians.
February 14, 2013   (7 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #32 RHP Austin Adams
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with right-handed pitcher Austin Adams. Adams suffered a shoulder injury in spring training and then had surgery which wiped out his entire 2012 season. He is close to 100% this season though will be limited with his workload, and Tony takes a look at what is in store for him this season, what value he has, how good he can still be and much more in this detailed scouting report.
February 13, 2013   (8 comments)
Waiting for Spring....Spring Training
Spring training is finally underway and for those that have been there before and are planning to go this year you know the excitement that comes with any annual trek to the desert. If you have never been to spring training and wonder what you might be missing, well, enter DJ Sebastian to give you the low down on everything it has to offer with his many stories from yesteryear. This is an insightful and sometimes funny overview of all the things to see and do in spring training!
February 13, 2013   (25 comments)
Breaking down the Bourn signing and more
The Indians made another big splash this offseason on Monday when they agreed to terms on a deal with free agent outfielder Michael Bourn. The IBI's Tony Lastoria breaks down the deal and takes a look at how Bourn will help the team, how the Indians will align themselves defensively, how their draft plans will be affected, what may be coming next, and lots more.
February 13, 2013   (8 comments)
2013 Indians Top 60 Prospects: #33 LHP Elvis Araujo
The IBI's 2013 Indians Top 60 Prospect countdown continues on with left-handed pitcher Elvis Araujo. The big lefty had a down year from a performance perspective last season and saw his prospect ranking drop as a result, but there is still considerable upside to him and there were some things behind the scenes he was asked to do all season which affected his performance. Tony discusses what those things were, what his future holds, and more in this detailed scouting report.