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Cleveland Indians Affiliate History

April 17, 2010
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Here is a listing of the Cleveland Indians affiliates going back to 1932. This listing is as complete as possible, though as new information comes in it will be updated (feedback is welcomed).  If you need to reference this listing again in the future, it will be housed in the resource section for easy access in the future. I apologize for the formatting....I will continue to work on it to see if it can be cleaned up at all.

Note:  The minor leagues were much different prior to the early 1960s, so it is hard to get into on those leagues and teams. With travel not nearly as easy, as you can see the teams had a lot of affiliates in order to strategically place players all over the country that they had just signed.

Triple-A to Single-A Levels    
Year Triple-A Double-A High-A Low-A
2015 Columbus Akron Lynchburg Lake County
2014 Columbus Akron Carolina Lake County
2013 Columbus Akron Carolina Lake County
2012 Columbus Akron Carolina Lake County
2011 Columbus Akron Kinston Lake County
2010 Columbus Akron Kinston Lake County
2009 Columbus Akron Kinston Lake County
2008 Buffalo Akron Kinston Lake County
2007 Buffalo Akron Kinston Lake County
2006 Buffalo Akron Kinston Lake County
2005 Buffalo Akron Kinston Lake County
2004 Buffalo Akron Kinston Lake County
2003 Buffalo Akron Kinston Lake County
2002 Buffalo Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
2001 Buffalo Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
2000 Buffalo Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1999 Buffalo Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1998 Buffalo Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1997 Buffalo Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1996 Buffalo Canton-Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1995 Buffalo Canton-Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1994 Charlotte Canton-Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1993 Charlotte Canton-Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1992 Colorado Springs Canton-Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1991 Colorado Springs Canton-Akron Kinston Columbus (GA)
1990 Colorado Springs Canton-Akron Kinston  
1989 Colorado Springs Canton-Akron   Kinston
1988 Colorado Springs Williamsport   Kinston, Waterloo
1987 Buffalo Williamsport   Kinston, Waterloo
1986 Maine Waterbury   Waterloo
1985 Maine Waterbury   Waterloo
1984 Maine Buffalo   Waterloo
1983 Charleston Buffalo   Waterloo
1982 Charleston Chattanooga   Waterloo
1981 Charleston Chattanooga   Waterloo
1980 Tacoma Chattanooga   Waterloo
1979 Tacoma Chattanooga   Waterloo
1978 Portland Chattanooga   Waterloo
1977 Toledo Jersey City   Waterloo
1976 Toledo Williamsport   San Jose
1975 Oklahoma City San Antonio   San Jose
1974 Oklahoma City San Antonio   Reno
1973 Oklahoma City San Antonio   Reno
1972 Portland Elmira   Reno
1971 Wichita Savannah   Reno
1970 Wichita Savannah   Reno, Sumter
1969 Portland Waterbury   Reno, Statesville/Monroe
1968 Portland Waterbury   Reno, Rock Hill
1967 Portland Pawtucket   Reno, Rock Hill
1966 Portland Pawtucket   Dubuque, Reno
1965 Portland Reading   Dubuque, Salinas
1964 Portland Charleston   Burlington, Dubuque
1963 Jacksonville Charleston   Burlington, Dubuque, Grand Forks
1962 Jacksonville, Salt Lake City      
1961 Salt Lake City      
1960 Toronto Mobile    
1959 San Diego Mobile    
1958 San Diego Mobile    
1957 San Diego Mobile    
1956 Indianapolis, San Diego Mobile    
1955 Indianapolis Tulsa    
1954 Indianapolis      
1953 Indianapolis      
1952 Indianapolis Dallas    
1951 San Diego Dallas    
1950 San Diego Oklahoma City    
1949 San Diego Oklahoma City    
1948 Baltimore Oklahoma City    
1947 Baltimore Oklahoma City    
1946 Baltimore Oklahoma City    
1945   Baltimore    
1944   Baltimore    
1943   Baltimore    
1942   Baltimore    
1939   Buffalo    
1938   Milwaukee    
1937   Milwaukee    
1936   Minneapolis    
1935   Minneapolis    
Short-Season, Rookie, and Class A-D Levels    
Year Short Season A Rookie Latin Rookie  
2015 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2014 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2013 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2012 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2011 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2010 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2009 Mahoning Valley AZL Indians DSL Indians  
2008 Mahoning Valley GCL Indians DSL Indians  
2007 Mahoning Valley GCL Indians DSL Indians  
2006 Mahoning Valley Burlington, GCL Indians DSL Indians  
2005 Mahoning Valley Burlington DSL Indians 1 & 2  
2004 Mahoning Valley Burlington DSL Indians 1 & 2  
2003 Mahoning Valley Burlington San Felipe, DSL Indians 1 & 2
2002 Mahoning Valley Burlington San Felipe, DSL Indians 1 & 2
2001 Mahoning Valley Burlington DSL Indians, DSL Indians/Red Sox
2000 Mahoning Valley Burlington DSL Indians, DSL Twins/Indians
1999 Mahoning Valley Burlington DSL Indians  
1998 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1997 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1996 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1995 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1994 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1993 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1992 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1991 Watertown Burlington DSL Indians  
1990 Watertown Burlington, GCL Indians DSL Indians  
1989 Watertown Burlington, GCL Indians    
1988   Burlington, GCL Indians    
1987   Burlington    
1986 Batavia Burlington    
1985 Batavia      
1984 Batavia      
1983 Batavia      
1982 Batavia      
1981 Batavia      
1980 Batavia      
1979 Batavia      
1978 Batavia      
1977 Batavia      
1976 Batavia      
1975   GCL Indians    
1974   GCL Indians    
1973   GCL Indians    
1972   GCL Indians    
1971   GCL Indians    
1970   GCL Indians    
1969   GCL Indians    
1968   GCL Indians    
1967   GCL Indians    
  Class-A Class-B Class-C Class-D
1962 Charleston Burlington   Dubuque, Selma
1961 Reading Burlington   Dubuque, Selma
1960 Reading Burlington Minot Lakeland, Selma
1959 Reading Burlington Minot Batavia, Selma, North Platte
1958 Reading Burlington Minot Batavia, Cocoa, North Platte
1957 Reading Keokuk Fargo-Moorhead Batavia, Cocoa, North Platte
1956 Reading Fayetteville, Keokuk Fargo-Moorhead Daytona Beach, Vidalia, North Platte
1955 Reading Keokuk, Spartanburg Fargo-Moorhead, Sherbrooke Lafayette, Vidalia
1954 Reading Keokuk, Spartanburg Fargo-Moorhead, Sherbrooke Jacksonville Beach, Tifton
1953 Reading Peoria, Spartanburg Fargo-Moorhead, Sherbrooke Daytona Beach, Green Bay
1952 Reading, Wichita Cedar Rapids, Spartanburg Bakersfield, Fort Smith Daytona Beach, Green Bay
1951 Dayton, Wichita, Wilkes-Barre Cedar Rapids, Spartanburg, Harrisburg Bakersfield, Fort Smith Batavia, Daytona Beach, Green Bay
1950 Dayton, Wilkes-Barre Cedar Rapids, Spartanburg, Harrisburg, Tacoma Bakersfield, Pittsfield, Tucson Batavia, Daytona Beach, Green Bay, Zanesville
1949 Dayton, Wilkes-Barre Spartanburg, Harrisburg, St. Petersburg Bakersfield, Pittsfield, Tucson, Burlington Batavia, Cordele, Green Bay, Iola, Stroudsburg, Union City, Zanesville
1948 Dayton, Wilkes-Barre Spartanburg, Harrisburg, Meridian Bakersfield, Pittsfield, Tucson, Burlington Ardmore, Batavia, Bloomingdale, Cordele, Green Bay, Mattoon, Union City
1947 Wilkes-Barre Spartanburg, Harrisburg, Meridian Bakersfield, Pittsfield, Tucson, Burlington, Jacksonville Ardmore, Batavia, Cordele, Dayton, Green Bay, Union City
1946 Wilkes-Barre Harrisburg Bakersfield, Pittsfield, Clovis Appleton, Batavia, Centreville, Dayton
1945 Wilkes-Barre     Batavia
1944 Wilkes-Barre     Batavia
1943 Wilkes-Barre     Batavia
1942 Wilkes-Barre Cedar Rapids Charleston, Wausau Appleton, Batavia, Thomasville
1941 Wilkes-Barre, Oklahoma City Cedar Rapids Charleston, Flint, Salina Appleton, Mansfield, Thomasville
1940 Wilkes-Barre Cedar Rapids Charleston, El Paso, Flint Fargo-Moorhead, Mansfield, Salem-Roanoke, Thomasville, Warren
1939 Wilkes-Barre Cedar Repaids, Spartanburg, Winston-Salem Springfield, Tyler Fargo-Moorhead, Greeneville, Leaksville-Draper-Spray, Logan, Mansfield, Niagara Falls, Opelousas, Tallahassee, Troy
1938 New Orleans Bloomington, Spartanburg Oswego, Springfield Fargo-Moorhead, Gainesville, Hopkinsville, Owensboro
1937 New Orleans Montgomery Oswego, Springfield Fargo-Moorhead, Hopkinsville, Newton-Conover, Opelousas, Owensboro, Wausau
1936 New Orleans   Clarksdale, Zanesville Fargo-Moorhead, Mansfield, Monessen, Opelousas, Wausau
1935 New Orleans   Zanesville Butler, Fargo-Moorhead, Opelousas
1934 New Orleans   Zanesville Fargo-Moorhead, Monessen
1933 New Orleans   Zanesville  
1932   Fort Wayne, Quincy, Williamsport   Burlington

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