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Draft Day Looms

May 19, 2008
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With the 2008 Draft roughly two weeks away, the focus here for the next few weeks will start to shift to the Indians draft on June 5th. I'm a novice when it comes to the draft, as my time is 100% spent on following the kids AFTER they have been drafted. But, a colleague of mine on the main site I write for will likely be coming here and posting some pre-draft thoughts and doing a two day draft blog during the draft. Some of you may know him, Dennis Nosco.

Anyway, a big welcome to Denny, and he'll add a great dynamic to this site that I really can't cover. Here are some thoughts and information from him on the upcoming draft that he posted on message boards over the weekend:


BA with their mock draft today: :

29. INDIANS. Cleveland has recovered from a slow start to move back into first place in the American League Central, and a fast-track reliever might be useful. There would be several to choose from, starting with Arizona righthander Ryan Perry and Price. Projected Pick: RYAN PERRY.

On Perry in their May 7th issue BA said: Poor early performance somewhat mitigated by a move to the bullpen; still one of the draft's elite arms at 92-97 mph.

Perry's numbers don't, to me, rate being a top draft pick:

The track record for college relievers having an immediate impact in the majors is not that good and this guy is a CLASSIC example of how teams at the end of the first round take chances that they shouldn't instead of going for the sure, yet less sexy thing. For my money I am choosing between Tyson Ross (RHP from CAL, a good 2nd to 4th starter guy with great command), Brett DeVall (LHP HS Pitcher from Florida whose stock dropped after he was a little wild in his state semifinal game on Thursday) or David Cooper (1B, CAL, who is just a professional hitter and, while we are stocked at that position, could be used as trade bait if needed). I go with DeVall. HS lefties who throw 94 mph (heck ANY lefty who throws 94 mph) are hard to come by.

BTW, Lance Lynn, one of my early projections to possibly go to us has been getting shelled lately (including 8 runs in 3 1/3 last night). He may fall all the way to the second round to us and I would might still pop him there, but I still like the Shaw kid at Long Beach State who isn't getting the press the other college relievers are getting but has done nothing to hurt his status. With the glut of college relievers he might even fall to us in the 3rd round.

So, right now, my first three picks for us look like DeVall then Lance Lynn (UMississippi RHP) then Bryan Shaw (closer, Long Beach State) or Brandon Crawford (SS UCLA), although I might take a chance on Scheppers (See above) in the 3rd round and would certainly pop him in the 4th if he is still available.

Another kid who seems to be popping into the mix for the Indians is a LH HS pitcher from the St. Louis area named Charlie Lowell. He was linked to, among other teams, the Indians earlier in the year but is now linked more strongly to the PIrates, Marlins and, to a lesser extent, the Phillies, according to his HS coach. Talked to his HS coach last night and he said that scouts are telling him he is best left-handed pitching prospect, college or HS, in the Midwest this year. Said that he has heard anywhere from the 2nd to 8th round but thinks he would be a solid 3rd or 4th round pick. I could see us popping him in the 4th round if he is still around and Scheppers is gone. Reminds me a little of Lofgren when he was a HS senior from the things I have read and heard.

Again, believe it or not still very early (although the draft is less than 3 weeks away now) for projections like this. But it makes for good conversation.

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