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Indians Rule 5 Draft Future Eligibles

December 1, 2009
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Here is a current up-to-date listing showing the outlook for Indians Rule 5 Draft eligibles from 2010-2013. This listing does not include any recent International signings since July of 2009.  This listing will be housed in the "Indians Resource Center" along the right side for quick reference, and the 2010 listing will be updated after the 2009 Draft to include players not selected.







Bryson, Rob

Araujo, Elvis

Adams, Austin

Arias, Jose
Campfield, Gary

Barnes, Scott

Anthony, Ryan

Castillo, Luis
Cawiezell, Dallas

Berger, Eric

Brach, Brett

Del Carmen, Carlos
Frias, Santo

Burns, Eddie

Burns, Cory

Encarnacion, Isais
Graham, Connor

Campos, Jose

Cespedes, Ramon
Pacheco, Enrique
Hagadone, Nick

Fonseca, Guido

Colon, Joseph

Pereira, Orlando
Holt, Jonathan

Grening, Brian

Cook, Clayton

Robles, Jeffrey
Judy, Josh

Jimenez, Francisco
Dickerson, Dale

Valdez, Phillips
Landis, Kyle

Jones, Chris

Flores, Fernando

Miller, Ryan

Langwell, Matthew
Gardner, Joe

Morris, Ryan

Mahalic, Joey

Goryl, J.D.

Avila, Jack
Pena, Jose

McFarland, T.J.

Guerrero, Harold

Pontius, Mike

McGuire, Michael

Guilmet, Preston

Salazar, Danny

Mead, Kaimi

Haley, Trey

Salazar, Yobanis

Moncrief, Carlos

House, T.J.

Taylor, Heath

Montano, Francisco
Hubbard, Antwonie
Turek, Travis

Morales, Alexander
Jimenez, Daniel

Robles, Dioris

Munoz, Oswel

Johnson, Jeremy

Tejada, Aderlin

Partida, Junior

Kirk, Nick

Pickens, Doug

Perez, Alexander

Knapp, Jason

Valadez, Michael

Popham, Marty

Lee, Chen-Chang

Price, Bryan

Nuno, Vidal


Putnam, Zach

Packer, Matt

Basabe, Lurvin

Quintero, Jesus

Pinales, Wady

Brito, Jesus

Roberts, David

Rayl, Mike

Camargo, Jose

Smith, Steve

Sarianides, Nick

Mills, Beau

Sosa, Ramon

Smith, Kyle C.

Rivas, Ronald

Soto, Franklin

Sturdevant, Tyler

Sanchez, Karexon
Stowell, Bryce

Torres, Alex

Thompson, Mark

Valera, Francisco

Wetmore, Kirk

Willard, Matthew

Young, Russell

White, Alex




Brown, Matt

Izaguirre, Nelson

Chen, Chun

Read, Darling

Perez, Roberto

Childs, Dwight

Smit, Jason

Fernandez, Yuleiviu

White, Adam


Folgia, Greg

Abraham, Adam

Monsalve, Alex

Bryan, Wally

Montero, Moises

Cabrera, Jose

Petit, Rolando

Chisenhall, Lonnie

Fermin, Joly


Martinez, Argenis

Aguilar, Jesus

Phelps, Cord

Bellows, Kyle

Recknagel, Nate

Carlson, Ben

Tice, Jeremie

DeGeorge, Dan

Vera, Rafael

Fontanez, Kevin

Frawley, Casey


Gonzalez, Erik

Abreu, Abner

Kersten, Chris

Allman, John

Smith, Kyle

Baker, Trent

Toole, Justin

Blair, Ryan

Urshella, Giovanny

Cid, Delvi

Fedroff, Tim


Greenwell, Bo

Avila, Agustin

Moreno, Henry

Henry, Jordan

Palincsar, Tim

Kipnis, Jason

Rucker, Kevin

Torres, Joel

Webb, Donnie

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