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Instructional League Recap: 9/22 & 9/24

September 25, 2009
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Yesterday I posted the box score from the second day of games in the Instructional League going on currently in Goodyear, Arizona. I was able to get a copy of the box score to the first game from Tuesday 9/22.

Also, the new Arizona Parallel League has started. This is a new league which was thrown together this year to provide an opportunity for clubs to get in extra work for players and runs in conjunction with the Instructional League and Arizona Fall League (which starts up in three weeks). This league was put together at the last minute this year after major league baseball pulled out of the Hawaii Winter League, though should become an official league next fall. You'll notice that only a handful of players are shown in the box score, and it is my understanding that players from four organizations make up the teams and lineups, so the Indians will always makeup half of the lineup and pitching staff each outing.

Tuesday 9/22 Instructional League Box Score

1. Cid, DelviCF533--------1-1
Sub Fedroff, TimCF42121--121----
2. Phelps, Cord2B/DH954-2-1--1----
3. Kipnis, JasonLF521-----------
Sub Greenwell, BoLF432111--111---
4. Recknagel, Nate1B955111--1-----
5. Tice, Jeremie3B94221----2----
6. Sanchez, KarexonSS/2B94411--13-1---
7. Webb, DonnieRF944-11----1---
8. Rivas, RonaldDH/SS944-11--1-1---
9. Perez, RobertoCA522-------1---
Sub Chen, ChunCA42211--11-----
10. Folgia, GregDH94311---------
1. De La Cruz, Kelvin34---2.03--118489881.38
2. Bryson, Rob17---1.0-----339392-
3. Rosario, Gregorio13---1.01---14191891.31
4. Frias, Santo33---2.02--139496941.30
5. Turek, Travis39---1.211-218492911.30
6. Jimenez, Francisco19---1.1-----4289871.28

Thursday 9/24 Arizona Parallel League Box Score

1. Brown, MattRF544131--1-----
2. Mills, Beau1B943------1----
3. Fedroff, TimLF933-11--------
4. Castillo, AlexCA533-------1---
5. Davis, AdamDH533-1-----2-1-
1. Jones, Chris53---3.01---61139188-
2. Pontius, Michael44---1.2211411199391-

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