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Instructs Roster Breakdown

September 20, 2008
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I was finally able to get a roster breakdown for the Indians Instructional League, and it is indeed still broken up into three camps. The breakdown is as follows:

Fall Development Program (Games) (28)

Archer, Chris (RHP)
Bryson, Rob (RHP)
De La Cruz, Kelvin (LHP)
Gomez, Jeanmar (RHP)
Haley, Trey (RHP)
Lewis, Scott (LHP)
Mahalic, Joey (RHP)
Miller, Adam (RHP)
Pontius, Mike (RHP)
Putnam, Zach (RHP)
Rondon, Hector (RHP)
Sipp, Tony (LHP
Taylor, Heath (LHP)

Castillo, Alex(CA)
Davis, Adam (CA)
McBride, Matt (CA)
Santana, Carlos (CA)

Mills, Beau (1B)
Nash, Chris (1B)
Goedert, Jared (2B)
Sanchez, Karexon (2B)
Romero, Niuman (2B)
Rivas, Ronald (SS)
Thompson, Mark (SS)

Drennen, John (OF)
Montero, Lucas (OF)
Weglarz, Nick (OF)
White, Adam (OF)

Fall Instructional League (Orientation) (30)

Araujo, Elvis (LHP)
Berger, Eric (RHP)
Campos, Jose (RHP)
Cook, Clayton (RHP)
Flores, Fernando (RHP)
House, T.J. (LHP)
Jones, Chris (LHP)
McFarland, T.J. (LHP)
Moncrief, Carlos (RHP)
Perez, Alexander (LHP)
Putnam, Zach (RHP)
Roberts, David (RHP)
Valera, Francisco (RHP)

Abraham, Adam (CA)
Chen, Chun (CA)
Montero, Moises (CA)
Petit, Rolando (CA)
Valadez, Michael (CA)
Perez, Roberto (CA)

Recknagel, Nate (1B)
Phelps, Cord (2B)
Abreu, Abner (3B)
Tice, Jeremie (3B)
Diaz, Kelvin (3B)
Chisenhall, Lonnie (SS)
Fontanez, Kevin (SS)

Baker, Trent (OF)
Fedroff, Tim (OF)
Rucker, Kevin (OF)
Palincsar, Tim (OF)

Strength and Conditioning (18)

Archer, Chris (RHP) - 2nd Half
De La Cruz, Kelvin (LHP) - 2nd Half
Finocchi, Mike (RHP)
Fonseca, Guido (RHP)
Morris, Ryan (LHP)
Munoz, Oswel (RHP)
Rondon, Hector (RHP) - 2nd Half
Salazar, Danny (RHP)
Urena, Jose (LHP)
Wright, Steve (RHP) - 1st Half

Alcombrack, Robbie (CA)

Martinez, Argenis (2B)
Camargo, Jose (SS)
Rivero, Carlos (SS)
Velasquez, Isaias (SS)

Brown, Matt (OF)
Pena, Roman (OF) - 1st Half
Blair, Ryan (OF) - 2nd Half

Rehab: Jose Riera (RHP), Gregorio Rosario (RHP), Daniel Morales (RHP), Delvi Cid (OF), Santo Frias (RHP)

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