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Poker and baseball players both share World Series goal

Poker and baseball players both share World Series goal
June 23, 2012
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To some people, both the games of baseball and poker are considered to be boring.  They both have long periods where there does not appear to be anything happening and then suddenly the games explode into exciting action.  However, both games also share a yearly tradition that is the goal of every player in both games, and that is the World Series.

While baseball fans will follow their favorite team regardless, the ultimate thrill for fans, unless you follow the Cubs, is to see your team in the World Series.  The World Series is the culmination of an amazing season for two teams and for some, the Series is where some players become immortalized in the game. 

In the game of poker, the World Series of Poker is the ultimate goal for any poker player in the game.  The World Series of Poker began originally in 1970 as a way to determine the true "World Champion of Poker."  The first year, the champion was determined by a popular vote between the original 7 participants. 

The next year, the World Champion was determined by a tournament and since that time, every World Champion of Poker has been determined in this manner.  Other events were later added and what started out as a single event became a true World Series.

Now the World Series of Poker has dozens of events that award WSOP bracelets to the winners.  While each bracelet marks the winner as the champion, the WSOP Main Event is the ultimate goal for any poker player.

The Main Event is a $10,000 buy-in tournament with literally thousands of players.  After two weeks of play, the final players come together to play for the championship bracelet and a top prize worth Millions.  The winner is determined the true World Champion of Poker.

Much like baseball, poker's World Series brings together the best and brightest in the game.  It is an annual tradition that starts as a dream for many poker players and for a lucky few becomes an experience that can make a good player great and a great player legendary.

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