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Scrappers fall to Muckdogs in pitcher's duel, 2-1

Mahoning Valley allowed just two hits, but couldn't muster much offense

Scrappers fall to Muckdogs in pitcher's duel, 2-1
July 6, 2014
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NILES, OH - It was a day to celebrate here at Eastwood Field for Ted Kubiak as he was inducted into the Scrappers Hall of Fame. He watched his team, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, play the Batavia Muckdogs. However, the celebrations fell short as the Scrappers could not bring in the runs to catch up to the Muckdogs.

The score of the game was 2-1 due to the Scrappers inability to bring the men on base home.

To start the game off Francisco Mejia was letting the Muckdogs know that he was not easy to steal bases on. First batter for the Muckdogs, Mason Davis, walked. Then he attempted to steal second and Mejia was not having it. He threw down to the short stop, Austin Fisher, and got the out. Bradley Zimmer at the bottom of the first had a nice shot to the short stop that got him to first.

A beautiful double play was made by second baseman Steven Patterson who fielded the ball and covered the base. Patterson then threw to first baseman, Leo Castillo, getting two outs in the top of the second inning.

At the top of the third center fielder Bradley Zimmer was getting a workout making two out of the three outs for the inning. Another ball was hit out to him but was short so in order to keep it in front of him he decided to let it bounce in front giving the runner one base. 

Ordomar Valdez was smart up at the plate which got him a nice walk down the first base line at the bottom of the third. Austin Fisher stepped up, Valdez already on the move to steal second, swung and hit a nice single out to center and moved Valdez to third. And what a tag up Valdez had.

Bradley Zimmer hit a fly ball out to left field that was caught. Valdez waited patiently with anticipation and as soon as the ball touched the Muckdogs player’s glove he took off for home. He slid and was safe. The score was now one to zero with the Scrappers ahead.

After a quick three outs at the top of the fourth the Scrappers were hopefully continuing their hitting streak from the previous inning. But sadly they could not.

Jose Zapata came in to relieve pitcher Cameron Hill at the top of the fifth. Austin Fisher had a single where he hit the ball past third and out towards left field.

Ted Kubiak had very positive critiques to say about his starting pitcher Cameron Hill "He's aggressive. A little too fast sometimes on the mound but I like what he is doing".

With runners on second and third the Scrappers needed to make the outs to keep their lead. A hit out to center fielder Bradley Zimmer was a little short but Bradley gave it his all and drove to make the catch. A bloop hit between out to right fielder Greg Allen could not be caught by him or second baseman Steven Patterson, which brought in two runs for the Muckdogs putting them in the lead. 

Luis Gomez came in to relieve Jose Zapata for pitcher at the top of the sixth. Francisco Mejia showed his strong arm once again when a Muckdog runner got cocky and led off first a little too much and Mejia threw to first getting the last out. At the bottom of the sixth Francisco Mejia shot right back to the pitcher with his hit giving him a single.

Manager Ted Kubiak beamed when he said this about catcher Francisco Mejia "He's got the best arm I've ever seen".

Steven Patterson fielded the ball cleanly and threw to first at the top of the seventh inning getting an out for the Scrappers.

At the top of the ninth center fielder Bradley Zimmer had another great catch giving his team the first out. Pitcher Luis Gomez was doing his job on the mound by producing strikes and strikes out the next two batters for the next two outs. With a fumbled ball thrown to first Francisco Mejia made it safely down the first base line making baby steps towards the rally needed by the Scrappers to catch up. 

Taylor Murphy played it smart up at the plate and walked smoothly down the first base line. Everyone in the crowd cheered for the Scrappers to bring in some runs.  But sadly the Scrappers could not bring their men home on first and second and fell short 2-1 to the Batavia Muckdogs.

The Scrappers are set to play the Muckdogs once again on Sunday July 6 in Niles Ohio.

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