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Scrappers outdone by Jammers, fall 4-2

The Scrappers had just as many errors (2) as they had runs (2) on Friday.

Scrappers outdone by Jammers, fall 4-2
The Mahoning Valley Scrappers rallied, but fell just short against the Jamestown Jammers on Friday night. (Photo credit: Mahoning Valley Scrappers)
June 28, 2014
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NILES, OH - The rowdy crowd came to watch the Mahoning Valley Scrappers play Jamestown Jammers and the fireworks show that was to follow. But even with the crowd cheering until the end the Scrappers could not produce the hits needed to keep up the Jammers falling 4-2 on Friday.

In the top of the first inning Carl Anderson for the Jammers hit a double, while on base Taylor Gushue got walked. A wild pitch from pitcher Luis DeJesus, for the Scrappers, escaped his hand giving the runners for the Jammers an extra unearned base. But the Scrappers defense did not allow those runners to advance any further than they did.

Luis DeJesus seemed to be struggling up on the mound today and manager Ted Kubiak commented on that with "I don't know what is going on with DeJesus, he seemed to be struggling a bit... And that's not him."

In the second inning Carl Anderson, with the bases loaded came in with a hit to second baseman Steven Patterson. Attempting a double he threw to second which was covered by short stop Yonathan Mendoza, got the out and then threw to first but did not get that out. Jordan  Luplow for the Jammers hit a fly ball between center field and right field brining in two runs but as he rounded second and was headed to third the ball caught up to him and he was called out as he slid into third. The score was now 3-0.

In the third inning David Andriese for the Jammers hit a ball just left of right fielder Greg Allen, it looked like a very impossible catch to make but Allen made the impossible possible. Making a diving catch he caught the ball and the crowd went wild as he also made the third out for the team. At the bottom of the third inning Jorge Martinez had a nice single out to right fielder Michael Suchy. But sadly Martinez would not be out on the field for long. Leo Castillo hit a infield ground ball that turned into a double play with success.

Stepping in as a relief in the fourth inning was Justin Garcia for the Scrappers. Tyler Fillibin got walked where he stole second; in an attempt to get Fillibin out catcher Francisco Mejia overthrew giving Fillibin another base.

The Scrappers defense proved itself once again by stopping the Jammers from advancing any further. In the bottom of the fourth Greg Allen missed the fence by a couple if feet when he clobbered the ball out to right field. His hit only gave him a double.

Teammate Bradly Zimmer psyched out the short stop Tyler Fillibin for the Jammers who was running behind second to try and pick off Allen while Zimmer hit a ground ball right in Fillibin's spot getting himself on first. Francisco Mejia stepped up and hit a phenomenal ball between center and right field giving his teammates the opportunity to score, and that they did. Mejia brought in two runs and tacked on a double to his stats.

Taylor Murphy hit a high fly ball between short stop and left field and as the short stop for the Jammers Tyler Fillibin was tracking the ball so was his teammate in left field Jordan Luplow ending in a collision but a caught ball, the Scrappers now trailed the Jammers 2-3.

At the top of the fifth and runners on first and second, Francisco Mejia who was playing catcher missed the pitch and passed ball caused the runners to advance.

The Scrappers defense fought to keep them where they are and Justin Garcia did his job by striking out the player up to bat for the Jammers, stopping anymore runs to be gained. In the bottom of the fifth Drake Roberts had a nice double between right field and center but the Scrappers seem to not be able to produce the hits when players on base. 

In the top of the sixth Tyler Filliben for the Jammers got to first by a blooper behind first and though he tried his luck to steal second, Francisco Mejia for the Scrappers was not having it. His rocket arm got the ball to short stop Yonathan Mendoza in no time while Filliben was about five steps from the base. Needless to say he was the third out that was needed for the Scrappers.

The top of the seventh seemed to be the bunting inning for the Jammers as Carl Anderson and Kevin Ross both bunted and got on base due to wild throws from Scrappers defensive players. Anderson who made it all the way to third tried stealing home on a wild pitch, but Francisco Mejia was too fast to snag the ball and throw to pitcher Dominic Demasi who covered home and got the out, stopping a run from coming in.

Michael Suchy for the Jammers hit a line drive right back to the pitcher Dominic Demasi getting it past him and bringing in a run. Bottom of the seventh and the Scrappers seemed to have found their bats; with the crowd cheering Leo Castillo hit a fly ball getting him to first.

Teammate Yonathan Mendoza advanced him to second and gained a base with a single. Drake Roberts hit an infield ground ball and the Jammers attempt to get a double play only got one out at second because Roberts was too fast. Greg Allen hit a fly ball to the crowd but the dedication of the short stop Tyler Fillibin was unreal when he literally ran into the fence. You could hear the thud he made when he hit the fence all the way in the press box.

At the top of the eighth inning the hitter for the Jammers Erik Lunde hit a line drive to first baseman Leo Castillo who caught the ball and made the crowd go wild with his impressive skill. Luke Eubanks came in to relieve Dominic Demasi.

The Scrappers fell short in the ninth inning. They could not produce the hits needed to catch up to the Jammers which led to defeat of a score of 4-2.

Ted Kubiak said "Some guys hit, some days they don't hit. Sometimes you catch the ball and sometimes you don't. That's the good ole game of baseball."

The Scrappers are set to play the Jamestown Jammers on June 28 here at the Eastwood field. 

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