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Scrappers shutout by Yankees, 8-0

Mahoning Valley was outhit 14 to 6 in Sunday's loss.

Scrappers shutout by Yankees, 8-0
Photo credit: Mahoning Valley Scrappers
August 10, 2014
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NILES OH - A very hard loss for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers as they played the Staten Island Yankees. The bats could not come through to produce runners to get runs which is why the loss was devastating.

The Scrappers took a hard loss to the Yankees with a 8-0 game.

Showing off some amazing speed at the top of the first was center fielder Greg Allen who caught a fly ball hit between him and right field to get the last out.

With a Yankees runner of first, Martin Cervenka saw him try to steal second, but he was to slow for Cervenka's arm. With a throw to second he got the last out at the top of the second.

At the top of the third, Austin Fisher at short stop, fielded a ground ball cleanly and threw to first getting the first out. A bloop fly ball hit to Fisher was caught getting the second out. Fisher, again, had a ground ball hit to him that he fielded and threw to first; he got all three outs during this inning. Greg Allen, who got walked at the bottom of the third, stole second right from the Yankees catcher.

At the top of the fourth Jordan Carter for the Scrappers stepped on the mound to relieve pitcher Nick Maronde. Greg Allen showed off his speed once again with a ball hit short between center field and left field. He caught the ball getting the second out of the inning. With runners on first and second for the Yankees, the batter hit a ball past second baseman Yonathan Mendoza who showed great effort diving to try and stop the ball but could not. The Yankees scored a run putting them in the lead.

Nick Maronde got appraisal by manager Greg Hibbard with his performance during the game. "He was really effective with just his fast ball. I think he only threw four off speed pitches in the three innings at work. I thought he looked good, his delivery was repeated".

With a runner at first for the Yankees, the batter hit right down the first base line all the way to the fence bringing in another run for them at the top of the fifth.

At the top of the sixth Anothony Vizcaya stepped on the mound to relieve Jordan Carter as pitcher. Leo Castillo at the bottom of the sixth had a double hit between right and center.

At the top of the seventh Greg Allen had a fly ball hit to him that he caught getting the first out. Making an amazing jumping in air catch was D'Vone McClure who then threw to the cut off, short stop Austin Fisher, who turned and threw right down the line and literally hit the Yankees runner that was running back to first in the back. With runners on second and third, the Yankees batter hit right back at the pitcher between second and short and brought two more runs in. At the bottom of the seventh Taylor Murphy has a double with a ball hit clear over the right fielders head hitting the fence.

At the top of the eighth Edward Estrella stepped on the mound to relieve Anthony Vizcaya as pitcher. A Yankees batter hit over the fence getting a home run. With a runner on third the Yankees batter hit out to left field getting a double and bringing in a run. Greg Allen, at the bottom of the eighth hit a ball out in front of the center fielder getting a single.  

At the top of the ninth another home run by the Yankees adds another run for them. Left fielder D'Vone McClure had a great catch getting the second out for the Scrappers. At the bottom of the ninth Taylor Murphy hit his ball right back to the pitcher, nearly taking his head off, he got a single. Yonathan Mendoza had a single out to left but these hits were not enough to catch up and the Scrappers post 8-0.

They are set to play August 11th at the Eastwood field in Niles. 

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