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Some Final Rule 5 Thoughts

December 11, 2008
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After my preview article posted yesterday, there were some comments and questions pertaining to my stance on why I now feel the Indians likely will not lose anyone in the Draft when a few weeks earlier I felt we could possibly lose a player or two.

Well, a lot of this is perspective. When you spend 95% of your time following just the Indians minor leaguers, you tend to have a personal attachment to all the players and inflate their value some because you know them and see them play often. Familiarity. Initially, without much consideration of what the other 29 teams would have eligible to be drafted, I felt that some guys like Jordan Brown, Chuck Lofgren, and others could be drafted.

That said, after talking to a few people in other organizations who are actually doing the scouting for their org for this draft, the general consensus was the Indians eligibles list was very weak and it is likely that no one is selected. In fact, the eligibles list for all the teams overall is not anywhere close to offering up potential major league talent like in years past. This is why my stance changed somewhat.

My value for the Indians players that are eligible has not changed at all. Personally I believe that should any of them get a chance elsewhere, they will succeed. But objectively, when considering the value outsiders have for these players compared to other players available from other teams, this is where my opinion changed from thinking it was possible a few guys could be taken to believing it being very unlikely anyone is taken at all. Of course, I only talked to people from three teams, so there are still 26 other organizations who may feel differently about our players and select one or two.

As far as my comment from one person who said the Indians would be the

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