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Spring Game Recap: 3/23

Spring Game Recap: 3/23
March 24, 2010
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Here are the box scores from the games with the Dodgers affiliates on Tuesday March 23rd. Some quick notes on the games by just perusing the box scores:

- Starting pitchers are beginning to go 4-5 innings an outing and position players are also starting to play full games. With that in mind, in the next day or so you could start to see some releases as the extra players will no longer be needed.

- Columbus hit three solo home runs in their game (Josh Rodriguez, Jared Goedert, Alex Castillo). Rodriguez looks to have a spot locked up at Columbus to start the season, but Goedert and Castillo are in a battle to stick in the organization after spring training.

- RHP Jeanmar Gomez was in mid-season form going 5 solid innings allowing 2 runs, 3 hits, 1 walk and had 5 strikeouts in 58 pitches. He worked ahead all day throwing first pitch strikes to 14 of 18 hitters.

- OF Tim Fedroff hit a solo home run for Akron, the team he should open the season with and also hit out of the leadoff spot like he did yesterday.

- RHP Alex White had a very good outing for Akron, going 3 innings allowing 1 run on 2 hits, 0 walks and had 4 strikeouts in 46 pitches. He threw first pitch strikes to 10 of 12 batters.

- LHP Eric Berger threw first pitch strikes to 10 of 12 batters like White, but he struggled to put hitters away as in 2.2 innings he allowed 2 runs on 2 hits, 3 walks and had 3 strikeouts in 49 pitches thrown.

- 2B Jason Kipnis is having a monster spring as he hit yet another home run yesterday.

- Kinston pitchers were batter yesterday as Trey Haley (2.2 IP, 6 R), Steve Smith (1.1 IP, 4 R), and Joey Mahalic (3.0 IP, 4 R) were all touched up. I am unsure of the effectiveness of their stuff, but Mahalic's 5 first pitch strikes in 15 hitters certainly stands out as a reason he may have struggled.

- No RBIs were recorded in the Lake County game, even though they scored 6 runs and Chris Kersten hit a home run.

- RHP Alexander Morales was thought to be a candidate to open the season in the Lake County rotation, but with him throwing just one inning yesterday he appears headed for a swing role there. Brach and Cook both went three innings and over 40 pitches and look to be getting geared up for starting duties there.

LA Dodgers591

1.Constanza, JoseCF4300000010000
2. Donald, JasonSS3300000000000
   Sub  Arnal, CristoSS1100000000000
3.  Santana, CarlosDH4310000011000
4. Hodges, Wes1B4400000002000
5. Weglarz, NickLF/DH4402100101001
6. Goedert, Jared3B4411001100000
7. Rodriguez, Josh2B4411001100001
8.  Head, JeradRF/LF4401000001000
9.  Castillo, AlexCA2211001100000
   Sub  Perez, MiguelCA2201100000000
10. Head, StephenDH/RF3200000001000

1. Gomez, Jeanmar58---5.03221518149189
2. Smith, Carlton40---2.0320121179391
3. Edell, Ryan38---2.031102948887

LA Dodgers550

1. Fedroff, TimCF3311001100000
   Sub  Montero, LucasCF1100000001000
2. Phelps, Cord2B3200000010100
3. Chisenhall, Lonnie3B3300000002000
4. Mills, Beau1B3300000001000
5. Rivero, CarlosSS3300000002000
   Sub Thompson, MarkSS1100000000000
6.  McBride, MattLF3300000001000
7. Pena, RomanRF2200000000000
   Sub   Brown, MattRF1100000000000
8.  Martinez, RichardCA2200000000000
   Sub  Pickens, DougCA1100000001000
9.  Perez, RobertoDH2211000001000
   Sub  Sanchez, Karexon2B1100000000000
10. Davis, AdamDH2200000001000

1. White, Alex46---3.02110412109390
2. Cawiezell, Dallas12---1.000010329189
3. Berger, Eric49---2.22223312109289
4. Wagner, Neil42---1.212242959391

LA Dodgers14140

1. Cid, DelviCF3301000200001
   Sub White, Adamcf2201000100000
2.Kipnis, Jason2B3311001101000
   Sub  Smith, Kyle2B2200000001000
3.  Abreu, AbnerRF3111100020000
   Sub Greenwell, BoLF1000000000000
4. Recknagel, Nate1B4401100102000
5. Bellows, KyleDH4401000001000
6. Tice, Jeremie3B/DH4412100001000
7. Montero, MoisesCA2200000000000
   Sub  Chen, ChunCA2200000001000
8.  Allman, JohnLF/RF4400000002000
9.  Rivas, RonaldSS2110000010000
   Sub  Willard, MattSS2211000000000
10. Abraham, AdamDH/3B4201100020000

1.Haley, Trey54---2.2466411499491
2. Smith, Steve22---1.144410989087
3. Mahalic, Joey45---3.0544111558986
4. Frias, Santo13---2.000001649291

LA Dodgers9100
Lake County690

1.Baker, TrentCF2100000010000
   Sub Blair, RyanCF3301000000000
2. Fontanez, KevinSS5401100010000
3.  Kersten, Chris1B5311001000000
4. Rucker, KevinDH5501000002000
5. Folgia, GregLF4402000000000
6. Monsalve, AlexCA3301000000000
   Sub Aponte, JuanCA1100000000000
7. Camargo, Jose3B4402100001000
8.  Martinez, Argenis2B4200000020001
9.  Torres, JoelRF4200000000000
10. Frawley, CaseyDH4300000002000

1. Cook, Clayton40---3.0444221489189
2. Sarianides, Nick32---2.011121739189
3. Brach, Brett43---3.0322021299188
4. Morales, Alexander25---1.022220649088

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