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May 19, 2009
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Ok, it is the wee hours of May the 19th and once again I find myself not being able to fall asleep before 2:30am. We had an off day so I cannot blame the game for my insomnia only the nap I took at 9pm.

In any event as like my last post the Akron Aeros are still in first place riding high off of a good start to our roadie by going 4-1 in Altoona. But sadly we lost a great teammate and person in Randy Newsom, we left him in Altoona with the Curve after he was traded the day before yesterday. This game is a business though and just as fast as you are pitching in a game for us your pitching in a game the very next day against us.

Which let me go on record and after great debate we have decided that it was a poor decision to throw Randy against us for these reasons. 1.) He threw against you the night before you know what kind of stuff he has so the old "we needed to see him reason" goes out the window. 2.) He pitched the night before, there is no real reason he should have to go back to back against his old team who he shared a bus to the field with. 3.) They brang him in to face three lefties. As a sidearm/submarine type pitcher you should never be brought in a game to face three lefties in succesion; that is why you have lefty and righty specialists.

Well if you saw the box score Randy on paper gave up a few against us but he came out with the bases loaded and someone else cashed his runs in for him. Like I said before though this game is a business in every sense of the word. You can get handed your walking papers here just like everywhere else.

I know I promised you an interview in my last blog so I am about to ask Neil Wagner if he wouldn't mind sharing some of his thoughts on the short season. And you're in luck he has agreed.

Me: Neil, what are your current thoughts on the situation in the Midle East?
Neil: How long you got?
Me: Try to keep it short
Neil: I have no idea where to go with that, next question please.
Me: Fair enough, What are you thoughts on the Randy Newsom trade?
Neil: Im happy for him, he has done well thus far in his career at every level he has pitched at and I hope he gets a shot at pitching in the big leagues with the Pirates.
Me: How do you feel about having the best record in professional baseball?
Neil: It is unbelieveable, if you look at the box scores we are not blowing teams out, we are going out there and scoring when we need to and not giving up very many runs in the process.
Me: So basically what your saying is that we are scoring more runs than the other team most of the time?
Neil: Correct.
Me: On a scale of 1 to 10 how fun was your off day?
Neil: I'm gonna go with a 5, it was fine. If the book store I had gone to earlier had not been so dismal I probably would have scored it higher.
Me: Yeah it didn't look promising on the way home from lunch today.
Me: How much art have you purchased off of Ebay?
Neil: I have bought 4 paintings and 2 sculptures.
Me: Scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your happiness with your purchases?
Neil: Very good, I have had very good luck with it I cannot complain.
Me: I have had the worst luck with internet shopping myself, things always seem to look bigger online. Then you get them in your hand and they are about a third of the size as what you thought you were buying.
Me: On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this interview?
Neil: You know what I am going to rate it a 10, this is the most laid back interview I have ever given and based on the comfortability of this bed I would say that alone would be more than enough reason to give it a 10.
Me: Neil Wagner thank you very much.
Neil: Thanks for having me......although I didn't have much of a choice, you were holding the remote to the TV hostage until I gave in. There is only so much of the infomercial for the "Showtime" rotisserie oven I can take.
Me: Hey it's a quality product and if I order now I can get a free flavor injector, and surprise surprise they are going to knock off one of my easy payments if I order now.

Tempting........and to let you know I did not buy the Showtime oven. We have touched on the Akron Aeros a little bit, also the Randy Newsom trade and managed to fit a wonderful interview given by myself to Neil Wagner. If you want anything more out of this blog then I cannot do anything for you. Stay tuned for my next blog the 1,000 things you can do in a bullpen to pass time. Take care.

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