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The IPI Wants You!

January 17, 2010
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The 2010 IPI Top 50 Indians Prospect countdown commences tomorrow with a preview piece, but before all of that starts I wanted to make one final note before all the attention turns to the rankings and upcoming book.

I am looking for anyone who may be interested in providing content to the site, be it through articles, photos, web design, graphic assistance, or anything else. I am always open to new, fresh ideas to the site, and will always welcome any prospect diehard out there who may have an interest in contributing to this quickly growing site.

Obviously, the main focus is to add more content, and one idea I have toyed with this offseason is to have a “beat” guy for every affiliate. With seven affiliates and 200+ guys to follow, I try to do as much as I can, but there is only so much you can do, which is why I thought of a weekly/monthly report from a specific person who would like to write about and follow one affiliate. Depending on your experience and interest, down the road I can also arrange media credentials for you to attend a game with me and then possibly eventually on your own. This would be a great way to develop some experience for any sports journalism majors out there. If being a “beat” guy is not your thing, that is fine as it is just an idea. Opinion or analysis pieces are certainly welcome as there are hundreds of players to breakdown throughout the season. If interested, please contact me.

Another thing I would really like to add is someone with expertise in the major league draft. In fact, I view this as a priority need. I spend so much time following the affiliates that I really have no time to cover the draft until it actually happens. It would be nice to add more pre and post draft articles to the site, so if this is something you think you can contribute - even if just a half dozen times a year - please contact me. Like I said with the affiliates, depending on who you are and the trust level I have, I can look into making arrangements for you to contact players and Indians personnel down the road.

I will be honest right up front, and that is for anyone who is interested please do not expect any monetary compensation at this time. It would certainly make things a lot easier if I could pay people, but as you can see everything on this site is free and there are no ads, so the site (at this time) makes no money. Speaking of which, if anyone can share any website money making ideas, please feel free to share that too! That said, when/if the site does start to become a moneymaker, any contributing writer will surely be compensated in some way monetarily. Plus, there are some other things I can offer for free that you may be interested in, of which I will only share privately.

So if you have any interest in helping and want to join the IPI team either as a hobby or to hone your professional skills, please feel free to contact me. Any comments or questions are welcome.

Note: The contact me form which is located at the top of this page loads right into my primary email address after you submit it.

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