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November 19, 2008
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The clock keeps counting down on the Indians announcement of their roster selections by the November 20th roster deadline. Something may be announced tonight, or tomorrow, but either way we should know within 24 hours.

In addition to some of the fans who are waiting with anticipation for this announcement, the players are in the same boat as well. From what I know, the players themselves still do not know if they are being rostered, and likely will not know until it is announced or possibly shortly before it if the team gives them a call just before the announcement.

I still think only five players are rostered. Outfielder Trevor Crowe, right-hander Jeff Stevens, and catcher Carlos Santana are absolute locks to be rostered, and it appears first baseman Jordan Brown will as well (provided the source is correct!). My position has changed some on who the fifth guys is that is rostered.

I know I predicted right-hander Hector Rondon would be the fifth guy rostered just 20-some hours ago, but in looking at the Indians roster situation I am wondering if this indeed does happen. With 18 pitchers already on the 40-man, and then 19 listed after Stevens is added, the Indians also are looking to add a veteran bullpen arm and maybe even a starter, so that is 21 pitchers who would possibly be on the 40-man. Now, of course someone like an Eddie Mujica could be dumped in response to a pickup of a veteran pitcher, but if this does not happen that means with Rondon on the roster it would be 22 pitchers on it which is a lot. Plus, Rondon is still very green and the Indians may take a shot that no one selects him, though I am not sure I nor they would like to take that chance.

This is why I now think catcher Chris Gimenez has a 25% shot of being that fifth man. Rondon still gets the edge (the other 75%), and while Gimenez would mean a fifth catcher is listed, he technically is a utility player who can play any infield or outfield corner position and his best position is arguably third base. So, him on the 40-man as a fifth catcher is not an issue.

We'll see how this pans out in the next few hours.


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