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Tribe Madness: Jacobs Field Region Round 2 results

Tribe Madness: Jacobs Field Region Round 2 results
December 2, 2013
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Our IBI Tribe Madness tournament moves into the second round of the Jacobs Field Region where four players move on and four are eliminated.

For an overview of how the tournament works, go here. For a profile of each player in this region, go here.

#5 OF Earl Averill (1934) vs. #4 SP Cy Falkenberg(1913)

April: Averill 54, Falkenberg 45

After going hitless on opening day, the Earl of Snohomish (Washington) went 3-for-5 with a double and homer.  The next day he collected two hits, then two more and before he knew it his streak reached 17 games.   He used that streak to mash to a .395 average with 4 bombs and 15 RBI.  Cy Falkenberg got off to a slow start and except for a 7-2 win in which Earl's Eagles only mustered 4 hits, Cy's month was the definition of tough luck.   He had a 2.86 ERA but losses of 2-4, 0-1, and 1-2 left him 1-4 for the Month.

May: Falkenberg 96, Averill 90

Cy's poor record in April was turned into a 5-game winning streak in which he had a 1.98 ERA in May.  He was on a roll but just as quickly the wheels came off.   He gave up 5 runs in 8 innings then finished the month getting shelled to the tune of 7 runs in 4 2/3 innings.  Averill cooled a little in May and lost his lead as he hit .295 with 5 homers.  On a positive note, the Earl enters June with a 7-game hitting streak.

June: Falkenberg 147, Averill 135

Cy Falkenberg put an exclamation point on the month of June as he threw a 4-hit shutout.  He really pitched better than his 5-2 (1.75 ERA) record as in no start did he give up more than 3 earned runs.  Averill hit .356 in June to stay within striking range of Falkenberg.  He put together a 12-game hitting streak and he enters July on a 9-for-15 run.

July: Falkenberg 192, Averill 186

With his last win in June, Cy strung together wins in 5-straight decisions.  He duplicated his final June start for his first start in July which gave him back-to-back 4-hit shutouts.  Unfortunately, Cy dropped his final two starts giving up 9 earned runs.  Averill traded his average for power in July.   While hitting his best power numbers (9 doubles, 2 triples and 7 homers) of the season, the Earl hit with his lowest average (.282).

August: Averill 240, Falkenberg 231

For the first time since April, Falkenberg lost more games (3) than he won (2) while posting his highest monthly ERA (4.19) of the season.  His month hit its depth on the 25th when he gave up 5 runs in 8 innings.  Cy's un-Cy Young like month opened up an opportunity for Averill and the Earl of Snohomish took advantage by hitting .351 with 7 homers and 29 RBI.   Averill enters the final month on a roll as he has hit in 6-straight games.

September: Averill 291, Falkenberg 261

Cy Falkenberg gave up 2 runs in a 4-2 win but Averill tripled in three at bats and also drew a walk (Averill 243, Falkenberg 237).  Cy responded with a 3-2 win giving up 7 hits but retired Averill all four times and then the next time out Averill went 2-for 4 with 2 homers (Averill 252, Falkenberg 246).  Cy may have been pressing but whatever it was a 6-run sixth inning doomed his next start (Averill 255, Falkenberg 246).  Cy lost a third straight game as he gave up six runs (3 earned and 3 unearned) while Averill had another 2 homer day and drove in 4 and scored 4 (Averill 262, Falkenberg 240).  Cy broke his losing streak giving up 4 runs in a 7-4 win but Averill drove in one of the runs (Averill 285, Falkenberg 249). Facing elimination Cy Falkenberg bewildered the Kelts with a 5-hit shutout for his 21st win (Falkenberg 255, Averiill 282).  Falkenberg went out giving up 4 runs in a complete game but lost and will sit home for the rest of the tournament.

Final Stats:

Earl Averill: .325/.425/.585/1.011, 44 2B, 7 3B, 33 HR, 115 R, 138 RBI, 6 SB, 9.7 WAR
Cy Falkenberg: 21-16, 3.10 ERA, 336.1 IP, 116 ER, 116 BB, 218, 1.20 WHIP, 8.7 WAR

#6 3B Ken Keltner (1948) vs. #14 SP Jim Perry (1974)

April: Keltner 21, Perry 9

Jim Perry went 2-3 in April with a 3.52 ERA.  A 3-5 loss in which Jim gave up 4 earned runs was his only start where he gave up more than 3 earned runs.  In fact his two wins were both games in which the Kelts only managed one run off of him.  Ken “Butch” Keltner hit .289 along with 3 homers in April to take a 21-9 lead over Gaylord's older brother.

May: Keltner 45, Perry 36

Butch Keltner kept on plodding as he hit 2 homers and .277 with 13 RBI.  On May 26th, Butch drove in a run with a one out triple to left field to get the ball rolling.  In the third, he smashed a double off the wall in right center and two more runs came home.  Keltner then got an infield hit in the fifth and rode home on a round tripper.  He lead off the seventh and ninth with singles to cap a 5-for-5 day.  Perry threw 7 2/3 innings of scoreless ball for an 8-3 victory.  He then lost 4 of his next 5 decisions to finish the month with a 2-4 record.

June: Keltner 66, Perry 66

Butch started out June with a 7-game hitting streak but since each game only featured one hit, his batting average dropped from .279 to .275.  He fared a little better after an 0-for-2 game ended the streak because right after he went 12-for-25 with 3 homers.  After 5 June starts, the 38 year old Perry was 1-0 but then dropped his final two starts in spite of only surrendering 4 earned runs.

July: Perry 108, Keltner 96

For the second straight month, Keltner hit .257 with 3 homers but this time he drove in a season high 16 runs.  Perry split his six July decisions with a 3.62 ERA.  Perry's July highlight was a 4-hitter in a 2-1 win.

August: Keltner 123, Perry 123

Jim Perry went 3-3 with a 3.26 ERA in August but put it all together over his last two starts.  One was a 4-hit shutout and the other he surrendered 1 run over 8 innings.  Butch hit a season best 6 homers with a .260 average in August to even up the competition heading into the final month.

September: Keltner 162, Perry 132

Perry fired the opening salvo of the final month going 8 2/3 innings while giving up only 1 run in a 10-1 win.  Butch didn't help his cause going 0-for-3 with an RBI, a walk and a strikeout (Perry 129, Keltner 123).  Perry then gave up two runs in 7.1 innings but lost 2-1 but he did strike out Butch once (Perry 132, Keltner 123).  Perry had a clunker the next time out as he gave up five 8th inning runs before being relieved and losing 9-1 (8 of which were Jim's runs).  Butch hit a double in three at bats while he scored one and drove in one (Keltner 133, Perry 132).  Perry's run of bad starts continued when he was responsible for 7 of the 12 runs the Kelts scored in the 7th inning in a 3-13 loss.  Butch went 2-for-5 in the contest while scoring twice (Keltner 136, Perry 132).  Perry dropped a fourth straight start as he gave up 4 runs in a 2-4 loss (Perry 142, Keltner 126).  Perry's losing streak reached five games as he gave up 5 runs (Keltner 145, Perry 132).  With the season winding down, Perry shot himself in the foot as he gave up a 3-run dinger to Butch and didn't survive the third inning in an 8-10 loss (Keltner 154, Perry 132).

Final Stats:

Ken Keltner: .268/.334/.453/.787, 24 2B, 5 3B, 26 HR, 79 R, 99 RBI, 1 SB, 5.4 WAR
Jim Perry: 12-20, 4.02 ERA, 277.1 IP, 124 ER, 86 BB, 99 K, 1.38 WHIP, 4.4 WAR

#7 SP Greg Swindell (1987) vs. #2 SP George Uhle (1926)

April: Swindell 30, Uhle 24

Greg Swindell threw down the gauntlet with 7 2/3 innings and one unearned run for a 14-1 win in his opener.  His second start was a stinker but of the 7 runs he let in, only 3 were earned.  The Longhorn Lefty then went on to win his next three games while giving up only one run.  His 4-1 record with 1.16 ERA put him up on the Bull who struggled in April going 2-3 with a 4.26 ERA.  The Bull dropped his first 3 decisions while his ERA swelled to 6.04 but he finished strong with wins in his final two decisions.

May: Uhle 72, Swindell 51

After winning his final two starts in April, the Bull added an additional 6 more games in a row to sit 8-3 on the year.  George's streak came to an end on the month's final day as he gave up 4 earned runs in a 3-5 win.  Surprisingly, Swindell had a 5.01 ERA while going 4-2 in May.  In his two losses, Greg gave up 10 runs in 6 innings while in his wins he gave up 10 runs in 26 2/3 innings.

June: Uhle 96, Swindell 57

Swindell kept winning (3-2) in spite of another 5+ ERA (5.36).  Things got particularly poor for the Longhorn Lefty as he gave up 16 runs in his final 19 June innings.  The Bull almost added the same number (3-2 with a 5.82 ERA) in June.  In his two losses, the Bull gave up 14 runs in 10 innings but finished strong with two quality starts.

July: Uhle 123, Swindell 87

Uhle started the season in the number one slot while Swindell was in number two which means the two hurlers didn't face each other.   That was until July 18th when Swindell assumed the number one spot in the rotation.  Motivated by facing the Bull, Greg went 7.2 innings and gave up one run in an 8-1 win.   He was a little bit better in the encore going 8 innings in a 5-1 win.  The Bull then flashed his brilliance going 8 and giving up only 2 runs in a 4-2 win.  Then on the month's final day, the two squared off.  The Bullies struck first with a solo homer in the fourth inning but the Swindlers got their own solo shot in the top of the fifth.  In the bottom of the inning, Swindell gave up a single but was able to get two outs before the Swindler left fielder misplayed a line drive and the Bullies took a 2-1 lead.  Swindell wouldn't let another run score and neither did his bullpen.  Uhle and the Bullie staff matched the Swindlers out for out and the Bull triumphed 2-1.

August: Uhle 159, Swindell 99

After taking the first two head-to-head contests, Greg Swindell lost 8 of 9 games including 7 of 8 in August as his August ERA ballooned to 6.15.  In his lone win, the Longhorn Lefty gave up only one run for a 5-1 triumph.   That game and a 1-2 loss on the 22nd were his best starts.  The Bull's 6-1 August (2.28 ERA) certainly put pressure on Swindell as he joined the 20 win club.  It was a 2-hitter on the 26th, that put the Bull in that club as they won 9-1.

September: Uhle 207, Swindell 120

While George Uhle held an advantage in Madness Points at the time, July 18th was the beginning of the end for Swindell.   That was the date that Swindell moved into the number one starter spot opposite the Bull.  After taking the first two, Greg was 14-6 with a 3.73 ERA.  Greg only won a single game after that and his ERA grew to 4.63 as the Bull showed why he was the number 2 seed.

Final Stats:

Greg Swindell: 15-19, 4.63 ERA, 237.1 IP, 122 ER, 107 BB, 213 K, 1.54 WHIP, 4.0 WAR
George Uhle: 26-12, 3.10 ERA, 307.2 IP, 106 ER, 102 BB, 206 K, 1.24 WHIP, 6.9 WAR

Next Up:  #6 3B Ken Keltner (1948) vs. #2 SP George Uhle (1926)

#9 SP Bob Lemon (1949) vs. #1 SS Lou Boudreau (1948)

April: Boudreau 36, Lemon 3

Bob Lemon had a nice record to show for an up and down April.  He won his opener but gave up 7 runs in 5 2/3 innings.   His only April loss was a 2-4 game and then he threw five shutout innings for a 13-1 win.   He then won his third game 7-2.  He finished by throwing a gopher ball to his former manager (Boudreau) and gave up 6 runs in a no decision.   After collecting 3 hits on opening day, Old Shufflefoot got hits in 2 of his next 4 games before embarking on an 11-game tear.  As noted above, his only homer of April was against his former ace as he hit .338 for the month.

May: Boudreau 114, Lemon 33

Lou's 11-game April streak was one upped by a 12-gamer in May and Old Shufflefoot added some power (4) homers while hitting .402 with 22 RBI.  He also drew 20 walks in May which contributed to 22 runs scored.  Lemon countered Lou's hot hitting with some pretty impressive pitching of his own.  Lemon went 4-2 with a 3.38 ERA.  In his four wins, Bob gave up only 6 earned runs but in his two losses he surrendered 11.

June:  Boudreau 165, Lemon 36

Lemon's up and down season went way down in June as he went 2-4 with an 8.08 ERA.  Twice the former infielder/outfielder failed to get out of the second inning and another time gave up 11 runs.  Lou continued to rake hitting .345 in June with 21 RBI and another 22 walks.

July: Boudreau 246, Lemon 39

Old Shufflefoot continued to show off his hot bat hitting .376 with 9 doubles, 4 triples and 3 homers in July.  Lou is even raking against Lemon with a .920 OPS with 15 runs and 14 RBI.  Lemon's season from hell continued as he went 2-5 with a 7.34 ERA in July.  Starting on June 23rd, Lemon lost six straight starts but did revive his season somewhat by winning 2 of his last 3 starts.

August: Boudreau 318, Lemon 60

Bob Lemon finally flashed the skills it took to make it into the second round of this tourney.  In August, Lemon limited the Shufflers to a season low .216 average as he went 2-1 with a 2.41 ERA.  On the 11th, Lemon went all nine in a 3-0 shutout win.  Even in the shutout, Lou terrorized Lemon by scrapping out 2 hits.  Old Shufflefoot used those 2 hits and 34 others to hit .336 in August.   He belted 7 round trippers and drove in 27 runs.

September: Boudreau 378, Lemon 63

Lemon struck out a season high 16 Shufflers on the 18th in a 6-1 complete game victory then he packed it in.   His final two starts were clunkers as he gave up 12 runs in 11.2 innings.  Lou burried Lemon with a .390 September.

Final Stats:

Bob Lemon: 15-17, 4.91 ERA, 258.2 IP, 141 ER, 141 BB, 133 K, 1.61 WHIP, 2.1 WAR
Lou Boudreau: .365/.466/.549/1.014, 38 2B, 6 3B, 21 HR, 116 R, 117 RBI, 1 SB, 13.3 WAR

Next Up:  #5 OF Earl Averill (1934) vs. #1 SS Lou Boudreau (1948)

Here is the updated west and east bracket:

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