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Tribe Madness: Progressive Field Region Round 2 results

Tribe Madness: Progressive Field Region Round 2 results
November 30, 2013
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Our IBI Tribe Madness tournament moves into the second round of the Progressive Field Region where four players move on and four are eliminated.

For an overview of how the tournament works, go here. For a profile of each player in this region, go here.

#5 2B Bobby Avila (1954) vs. #4 Manny Ramirez (1999)

April: Avila 39, Ramirez 33

The 1954 AL Batting Champion started off with a hot month.  On the 23rd, Beto went 5-for-6 with a double, 3 runs and 5 RBI and finished the month with a 4-for-4 day with a homer.   Manny caught on fire at the end of the month as he went 7-for-16 with 3 homers to lift his average from .231 to .272.

May: Avila 108, Ramirez 39

An 0-for-14 finish left the struggling Man-Ram with a May average of .229 with 3 homers.  Manny did reduce his strikeouts from April (26 versus 31) with 24 more at bats.  Beto on the other hand loved hitting in May as he raised his season average above .400.  An 0-fer on May 9th was the only game that Beto was held hitless and his streak sits at 19 games then experienced a 1-for 21-slump.

June: Avila 123, Ramirez 93

Avila cooled off a bit in June as his average dipped to .265 for the month with no homers and only 7 RBI.  His hitting streak ended on the 2nd at 20 games.  As the June temperatures rose, so did Manny's stats.   He hit .356 in June with 12 homers and 31 RBI and finished the month on a 14-for-28 streak with 4 bombs.

July: Avila 156, Ramirez 99

An 0-for-19 slump dropped Manny's July average to .248 and he only had 11 RBI.  He did finish the month on a 10-for-22 run.  Beto returned to the .300 club in July with a .325 average.  On the season Avila is hitting .344 with 8 homers and 39 RBI.

August: Avila 255, Ramirez 138

Man-Ram belted 8 August homers to join the 30 homer club.  He also hit .269 with 24 RBI.  Manny heads into the final month on a 9-for-22 streak needing an enormous month to advance.  Standing in Manny's way is Beto Avila, who hit a season high 6 homers along with a .282 average.

September: Avila 286, Ramirez 192

Knowing he needed a monster month, Manny delivered.  He hit .370 with 11 homers and 31 RBI.  As good as Manny's month, Beto used a 7-game hitting streak to down Ramirez in the final month of the season.  In the end, Beto rode a hot start while Manny couldn't overcome a slow start.

Final Stats:

Bobby Avila: .343/.394/.489/.882, 34 2B, 3 3B, 19 HR, 106 R, 80 RBI, 4 SB, 8.5 WAR
Manny Ramirez: .289/.387/.568/.955, 29 2B, 2 3B, 45 HR, 106 R, 126 RBI, 1 SB, 6.4 WAR

#6 OF Elmer Flick (1906) vs. #3 SS Ray Chapman (1917)

April: Chapman 33, Flick 3

Elmer Flick jumped out to a 3-for-7 start but things went downhill after that.  Flick finished the month in a 2-for-22 slump and a .221 average.  Chapman's month benefited from an 8-for-14 finish including his only homer of the month as he hit .329.

May: Chapman 57, Flick 6

Flick's poor May turned into a two month funk as he slipped to a .204 average.  A 3-for-38 slump dropped Flick's average to below the Mendoza-Line and things really looked bleak until he finished the month on a 6-for-14 run.  Ray followed up his hot April with six triples in May as he hit .270.  He started the month on a 10-game hit streak.

June: Chapman 87, Flick 57

Elmer Flick went 3-for-4 with a double to kick off the month and that sparked Flick to a very hot month.  Flick hit .387 with 7 three-baggers with 18 runs and 10 RBI.  The hot month allowed Flick to make up some ground on Chapman, who hit .274 in June.  He also made it 3 months in a row with exactly 10 stolen bases.

July: Chapman 138, Flick 60

Flick’s hot June turned sour in July as he slumped to a .231 average for the month.  He only drove in 2 runs all month and scored 11 runs.  Chapman extended his lead with a .288 July with 15 RBI and another 10 stolen bases.

August: Chapman 171, Flick 69

Flick hit his first homer of the season in August along with a season high 13 RBI and he finished the month on a 12-for-27 streak.  Chapman's streak of 10 stolen bases a month fell as he came up one short in August but he did increase his lead to 96 Madness Points as he hit .294 with 18 runs.  Chapman heads into the final month on a 12-game hitting streak.

September: Chapman 192, Flick 72

Chapman suffered his least productive month as he hit only .211 but his lead was enough to advance.  Ray out hit Flick in almost every stat as he cruised to round 3.  Flick needed a bigger month than his 26 hit, .252 average and 8 RBI’s to make up ground on Ray.   He didn't get it and Elmer's tournament is over.

Final Stats:

Elmer Flick: .267/.351/.378/.729, 28 2B, 18 3B, 1 HR, 90 R, 52 RBI, 54 SB, 2.4 WAR
Ray Chapman: .275/.331/.401/.732, 36 2B, 20 3B, 2 HR, 105 R, 57 RBI, 60 SB, 6.4 WAR

#10 OF Charlie Jamieson (1923) vs. #2 Sam McDowell (1970)

April: McDowell 39, Jamieson  24

Charlie “Cuckoo” Jamieson flew high in April with a .362 average, 4 doubles and 3 triples.  He started out the season with an 8-game hitting streak then added a 7-game streak all in the month.  Sudden Sam McDowell felt pain after an opening day dismantling by the Coos but he recovered by striking out 14 Coos for his first win (5-2).   Two tight losses were followed by a 7-2 win to close out the month.

May: McDowell 87, Jamieson 57

Sudden Sam split two decisions and a no decision but in each game he surrendered one run in each.   The good pitching that yielded very little frustrated the big lefty and it showed on the field as McDowell dropped three straight decisions to fall to 3-7 with a 3.89 ERA.  Cuckoo added two homers to his .347 May average.

June: McDowell 117, Jamieson 99

Sudden Sam opened June with a 3 hit shutout with 11 strikeouts and just as suddenly lost his last four decisions in June.  In his final four starts (2 no decisions and 2 losses), Sam gave up 3 or fewer runs but these followed 2 clunkers (12 earned runs in 11 innings).  Cuckoo scored 24 June runs as he hit .374 with one home run.  Jamieson enters July on an 11-game hitting streak, the longest of his season so far.

July: McDowell 168, Jamieson 105

If you call a .325 average slipping then that is what Cuckoo did in July.  It's only slipping because he was hitting .361 through the first three months of the year.  After extending his June hitting streak to 12 games, Cuckoo went 0-for-4.   Well in Jamieson's case, you can't keep a good man down as he would embark on a 14-game hitting streak.   Sudden Sam pitched brilliantly in July as he gave up 3 or less runs in every July start but just didn't get any run support.   His only win was the game that he took everything into his own hands by blanking the Coos.   In his other starts, Sam either pulled a no decision (3 times) or took a hard luck loss (3 times).  Nothing was more heart breaking than a 14 strikeout performance as he held the Coos to only one run but lost 1-0.

August: McDowell 206, Jamieson 126

Sam McDowell's season illustrates that a pitcher’s record doesn't always equate to value.  After a 2-2 August, Sudden Sam has a dismal 7-16 record but a very solid 3.46 ERA.  He started August with 8.2 scoreless innings with 12 strikeouts but his team fell 0-2.  He followed it up with a 7-6 win as he struck out 12 again.  Cuckoo put together his fifth .300 month as he hit .327 in August and he enters September with a 13-game hitting streak.

September: McDowell 216, Jamieson 180

Jamieson's streak grew to 15 games before McDowell stymied Cuckoo for an 0-for-4 day.  Charlie would then hit .402 the rest of the month to finish at .355.   Jamieson put up good numbers but lacked enough power to drive in runs.  Sudden Sam found the win column 4 times in September which is something he failed to do earlier in the season.   His ERA was slightly higher (3.51) for the month but it was enough to advance to round 3.

Final Stats:

Charlie Jamieson: .355/.446/.462/.908, 37 2B, 8 3B, 4 HR, 101 R, 85 RBI, 20 SB, 6.0 WAR
Sam McDowell: 11-18, 3.47 ERA, 272.2 IP, 105 ER, 125 BB, 330 K, 1.25 WHIP, 8.4 WAR

Next Up:  #3 SS Ray Chapman (1917) vs. #2 SP Sam McDowell (1970)

#8 SP Rick Sutcliffe (1982) vs. #1 OF Joe Jackson (1912)

April: Jackson 39, Sutcliffe 3

Rick “The Red Baron” Sutcliffe was shelled for 8 runs in 4 1/3 innings on opening day.  He was able to win his next two decisions before another shellacking by the Shoeless Ones.  He pitched well in the three starts between his bookend bad starts by only giving up 4 earned runs in 18 2/3 innings.  Shoeless Joe Jackson popped out to an early lead with a .370 average with 13 RBI.  Joe strung together an early 8-game hitting streak.

May: Jackson 84, Sutcliffe 9

It was tough luck for the Red Baron in May as he dropped a 1-2 decision then suffered 5 no decisions.  His 3.53 May ERA was an overwhelming improvement.  An eight game hitting streak in May where Shoeless Joe went 16-for-31 propelled Jackson to a .333 average.

June: Jackson 117, Sutcliffe 24

In spite of a season high 18 runs scored, Shoeless Joe dipped below the .300 mark for the first month of the season.   The Red Baron has been mobilized!  In June, Sutcliffe split his first two decisions then went on a four game win streak to up his season mark to 8-5.  In his five June wins, Rick gave up 3 or fewer runs every time but in his lone loss he didn't get out of the second inning.

July: Jackson 171, Sutcliffe 45

July was a hot and cold month for the Red Baron.  In his 4 July wins, Rick gave up only 3 runs but in his other three starts (0-2) he gave up 18 runs.  During a 9-game hitting streak, Shoeless Joe Jackson was on fire going 19-for-40.  For the month, Jackson hit .402 with 23 runs.

August: Jackson 231, Sutcliffe 69

The Red Baron struggled in August going 2-5 with a 5.90 ERA as his chance for the upset faded away.  Taking up where he left off, Shoeless Joe continued to rake in August hitting .380 with his first homer of the year.  He had season highs in triples (4), RBI (18) and walks (22).  With a big lead, Jackson takes a six game lead into the final month of the season.

September: Jackson 297, Sutcliffe 84

The Red Baron was shot down in September going 0-3 with a 5.81 ERA.  Sutcliffe did allow the Jackson team to hit .251 against him.  Shoeless Joe finished the season on a 9-game hit run as he streaks into the third round.

Final Stats:

Rick Sutcliffe: 14-15, 4.89 ERA, 235.2 IP, 128 ER, 142 BB, 147 K, 1.59 WHIP, 2.8 WAR
Joe Jackson: .358/.457/.508/.966, 41 2B, 21 3B, 2 HR, 114 R, 84 RBI, 30 SB, 9.9 WAR

Next Up: #5 2B Bobby Avila (1954) vs. #1 OF Joe Jackson (1912)

Here is the updated west and east bracket:

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