5 Facts about Extended Spring Training in the MLB


Extended spring training is an “extension” of training for players previous to the beginning of the season every year. There will be all the routines, practices and exercises that players regularly do. Here we bring you some facts about extended spring training in the MLB:


The objective is that the players have better concentration and preparation. Being isolated from the noise of the fans, sellers, press, part of the internal workers of the team, and all players in the top and bottom league, none will be there.


The spring training has a 6 weeksduration, starting in February and ending in March, where all the players will be practicing strongly, with only the players and the coach. And the extended training has a duration of two months and a half.


They only remain practicing in the extended training, around 30 to 40 players that haven’t been assigned to any of the teams of the two leagues, and there they will be prepared physically. At the end of the training, the coach will choose whether or not to assign them to any team.

A Challenge

According to veteran players, this type of training can really become a challenge for the player, because not all hold it. They must have a lot of mental and physical strength to adapt, especially mentally, because they will be completely alone.


The players who are selected to enter in this training extension, are the one who according to the coaches, aren’t prepared to compete in important seasons. Normally they’re young players who begin to prepare themselves physically, mentally and technically to then compete in leagues.

It’s a form that important teams who compete in the MLB have to prepare their players. Players who end up being stars in the top league have left, but it’s an effort that they have to do to be able to adapt to it.

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