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Indians Prospect Insider

October 9, 2006   (0 comments)
Revisiting the Brandon Phillips debacle
As a sports fan, I find it to be very refreshing when a player, manager, coach, GM or owner admits when they are wrong. There is not a GM in any sport who does not make a mistake from time to time, but for every bad move there should always be at least two to three good moves. Indians GM Mark Shapiro has since owned up to making a mistake on letting Brandon Phillips go....but that is not enough.
October 1, 2006   (0 comments)
In his final regular season installment of this superb column, Tony Lastoria hands out his "Tony Awards", recognizing the top players in the Indians farm system in 2006. Lastoria hands out awards to the top batter, pitcher, and team in the Tribe minor league system, and also identifies his comeback, breakthrough, and most disappointing players. Big ups to Lastoria for his work this year ... as this...