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June 10, 2008   (0 comments)
This is unconfirmed, but apparently Adam Davis has been sent back down to Lake County. The primary reason supposedly will be to get him extended playing time at catcher, which he just picked up recently when he was in extended spring training for a few weeks in May.
Kinston Comes Back, Win 3-2
The Kinston Indians earned their 11th comeback win of the year, and their third win in a row,...
June 9, 2008   (0 comments)
Kinston Wins 5-4
The Kinston Indians won their second game in a row and took their second series from the first place Myrtle Beach Pelicans, winning 5-4 Sunday afternoon at Historic Grainger Stadium. Kinston took two of three from the Pelicans back at the beach in May, and does the same here in their last meeting of the first half.
The Pelicans went out in front early in the rubber...
June 8, 2008   (0 comments)
Pena Excels In Return To Lake County
With nine games to play in the first half of the season, Indians low Single-A affiliate Lake County holds a tenuous one game lead in the Northern Division of the South Atlantic League (SAL). While the starting pitching at Lake County has been the backbone of the team, the offense has been paced by the consistent performance all year of outfielder Roman Pena.
Pena is in his second stint at Lake...
June 8, 2008   (0 comments)
Just a note, tomorrow (Monday) I will have a piece on Jordan Brown up on the site. Also, on Tuesday I have a big piece coming recapping a conversation I had with a scout where we talked about a dozen prospects. Can't wait to post it.
Aeros Score Final 11 Runs, Clip Dogs 11-10
June 7, 2008   (0 comments)
Lots of stuff on the draft the last two days. Scroll down the page for a lot of flash analysis from Day 1 from Dennis Nosco as well as his Day 2 Post-Draft thoughts. I also threw in a comment from a scout I talked to about Chisenhall.
Aeros Score Early, Often in 6-1 Victory
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
This is going to be a short one because there isn't much to say.
(1) The Indians selected Lonnie Chisenhall in the first round. Most I checked with today think he is a first round talent on talent alone. However a lot of number of guys think that you have to include makeup and, when you do, he is not a first round talent. So you take your pick. Bottom line: the guy can hit and, as a college...
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
ROUND 1 Lonnie Chisenhall
INF; Pitt CC (NC); 6’1; 200; L/R; Born 10/4/88 (19);
Resides in Newport, NC; Scout: Mayer.
ROUND 2 Curtis Haley
RHP; San Augustine HS; 6’3; 175; R/R; Born 6/21/90 (17);
Resides in San Augustine, TX; Scout: Cullen.
ROUND 3 Cord Phelps
INF; Stanford U; 6’2; 200;...
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
Day 2 is underway, and Denny will have a rundown later tonight. Here are some of the picks so far today:
7th: Timothy Fedroff - OF, UNC, 2/4/87
8th: Eric Berger - LHP, U of AZ, 4/22/86
9th: Clayton Cook - RHP, Amarillo HS, 7/23/90
10th: Donnie Webb - OF, Okl St, 4/30/86
11th: Matthew Langwell - RHP, Rice, 5/6/86
12th: Guido Fonseca - RHP, U of Northern IA,...
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
I'm not a draft guy, which is why Denny is here. I wasn't too upset about any pick, but that is moreso because I don't know anything about these guys and rely on insight from those like Denny and from any scouts I talk to.
Denny knows this stuff inside and out, and from his comments he likes Chisenhall's bat and potential, but felt it was an overdraft. This very well may be the case with the...
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
Thinking about it last night I have the solution. If you believe, as I do, that these guys are really huge overdrafts then note this. Here are the bonuses that these guys are in line to get, based on MLB's slotting system:
Chisenhall $1.1 million
Haley $490,000
Phelps $360,000
Roberts $150,000
We will be spending a lot of money on these overdrafts in addition to...
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
Minor Happenings: De La Cruz-ing In Lake County
"Minor Happenings" covers the important developments and news in the Indians farm system. While most of the information in this report is from my own research and through interviews I have conducted with organizational personnel, some information in this report is collected and summarized from the various news outlets that cover each team.
For those that missed it, draft extraordinaire Dennis...
June 6, 2008   (0 comments)
Big props to Denny today for the running live blog he did on the MLB Draft. Some great stuff, and good instant flash analysis. Now, yes, Denny is known to go over-the-top at times, but he knows his stuff. For those that missed all the comments, just scroll down the page. While I know a great deal about the minors, I knw very little about the draft since I don't follow anything leading up to it. Just...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
Zach Putnam. Well, finally a pick that doesn't look like a monkey made it from a list of 2000 randomly selected names.
This guy actually has some upside. If the rest of the picks in the draft are like this then this draft may not be a total disaster.
Only problem with that logic: you make you living as a scouting director on the first 3 rounds of the draft because after the top 100...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
David Roberts, RHP Long Beach State - This guy is so unknown the MLB site doesn't even have a video or scouting report on him and he isn't even listed among the top 176 prospects in the freakin' state of California and he is good enough to be the 141st overall selection in the draft?
He pitched all of 27 innings as a reliever this year and yet he is worth the 141st selection in this draft....
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
Melville and Brandon Crawford are still on the board as we approach the Indians' 3rd round pick. My suggestion for the Indians' 2nd round pick, Bryan Shaw, the closer for Long Beach St, went off the board in the second round at 73. I also had him as a possible 3rd round pick in my last post before the draft.
Ross Seaton, Alex Meyer still on the boards as tough to impossible signs. Isaac Galloway,...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
Trey Haley, a HS pitcher from Central Heights HS in Texas. Following the first round theme the Indians used the 76th selection to pick the 126th best player in the country, per Baseball America. Here is the kid's scouting report from Baseball America:
Earlier in the spring, Haley had a chance to be the first pitcher drafted out of Texas. He generated buzz by touching 95 mph with projection...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
So far 3 picks not BA's top 200 prospects: Jordan Lyles (38), Jeremy Bleich (44), Johnny Giovatella (49) . Interesting when teams draft guys who are much lower ranked. And now you know why they call the draft a crapshoot.
Here are the guys still on the board as we approach the Indians selection with their overall national ranking in parentheses:
Tim Melville (15) - said he has to have...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
John Mirabelli and company hasn't given us a lot of winners in his years here and they ask us to buy into a guy who is clearly much lower rated than his draft slot being a good value at 29?
You know, if Mirabelli was a new scouting director or if our farm system was stocked or if he had given us a bunch of winners over the years this would be easy to justify with "Well, he does this for a living...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
Lonnie Chisenhall????????????????????????????????
Well, we were set up for a bunch of guys I liked at this spot (Melville, Odorizzi, Gillaspie, Lynn and DeVall).
Here is a little information on Mr. Chisenhall courtesy of Baseball America. Odd choice for the Indians as he does not meet the image that this organization has said they strive for but this is not the first time a guy with...
June 5, 2008   (0 comments)
Daniel Schlereth, a LHP pitcher from Arizona to the Diamondbacks at 26. Man, the coach at Cal I talked to raved about this guy but all I have read said Rafael Perez-like guy...and you don't take that guy in the first round of a draft unless you have lots of picks.
BTW, interesting at 25 that Christian Frederich fell to Colorado and they grabbed him when, all along, they had been linked to Jake...