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March 18, 2009   (0 comments)
For games on Wednesday March 18, 2009
The first spring games of minor league camp are officially in the books. Triple-A Columbus and Double-A Akron were on the road in Surprise at the Texas Rangers facility, and both won. Single-A Kinston and Lake County were both in Goodyear, with Kinston losing and Lake County winning. One note, Akron's hitting stats are missing, but the hitting stats for...
March 18, 2009   (0 comments)
This is not what we wanted to hear in regard to Indians right-hander Adam Miller. From an Indians press release today:
Last week RHP Adam Miller experienced pain in his right long finger (middle finger) with a decrease in range of motion and a decrease in strength in the finger. He then saw a hand specialist in Scottsdale, AZ on Monday, March 16 and also was seen by Dr. Tom Graham...
March 18, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #5 David Huff
5. David Huff - Left-handed Pitcher
Born: 08/22/1984 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 190 - Bats: Switch - Throws: Left
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSSVIPHERHRBBKBB/9K/9WHIP200621Mahoning VyA-015.874407.2950788.29.42.09200722KinstonA+422.721111059.25718415462.36.91.21200823AkronAA511.921110065.24414514621.98.50.88 23BuffaloAAA643.011616080.26827815811.79.01.03 Career 1582.7042410213.21786417511972.28.31.07
March 17, 2009   (0 comments)
Minor League Spring Game Recap: 3/17
Here are the stats from today's intrasquad game (Tuesday), and again the hitting stats were not kept, but here are the pitching lines for the four seven-inning games for Columbus, Akron, Kinston and Lake County. Also, I provided a few pictures from the games at the bottom (scroll over the pictures with your mouse for details).
Minor league spring games officially start up tomorrow!
March 17, 2009   (0 comments)
For anyone looking to get a first person perspective of life in the minor leagues, from the time a player is scouted, drafted, and signed with a major league club to the ups and downs they experience as they attempt to move up the minor league ladder and realize their dream of pitching in the big leagues, to the cold hard reality that for many that dream will never be achieved and most will be forced...
March 17, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #6 Kelvin De La Cruz
6. Kelvin De La Cruz - Left-handed Pitcher
Born: 08/01/1988 - Height: 6'5" - Weight: 187 - Bats: Left - Throws: Left
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSSVIPHERHRBBKBB/9K/9WHIP200516DSL IndiansR332.361312153.14914316392.76.61.22200617GCL IndiansR1210.9894019.23224213156.06.92.29200718GCL IndiansR300.5033018.07112201.010.00.50 Mahoning ValleyA-243.981212054.14124534535.68.81.38200819Lake CountyA841.691818095.27118234963.29.01.10...
March 16, 2009   (0 comments)
Okay, while minor league games do not officially start up until Wednesday the 18th, intrasquad games kicked up today (Monday). The hitting stats were not kept, but here are the pitching lines for the four different intrasquad games for Columbus, Akron, Kinston and Lake County:
(note, in the future I may just summarize the box scores due to length....unless people think these are helpful as-is)...
March 16, 2009   (0 comments)
First off, if anyone is interested I just did a Q&A on Akron for Baseball Daily Digest and also the Bowie Baysox blog. We talked about a lot of the players who are set to open the season in Akron, so click on one of the two links above to see it.
Secondly, I just set up a store for Indians Prospect Insider merchandise. Yes, for anyone out there interested in getting a T-shirt or sweatshirt...
March 16, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #7 Hector Rondon
7. Hector Rondon - Right-handed Pitcher
Born: 02/26/1988 - Height: 6'3" - Weight: 180 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSSVIPHERHRBBKBB/9K/9WHIP200517DSL IndiansR331.651512165.1601228551.17.61.04200618GCL IndiansR345.131111052.2623063320.55.51.23200719Lake CountyA7104.3727270136.01436613271131.87.51.25200820KinstonA+1163.6027270145.013016633421452.69.01.19Career24233.7480771399.039516633803451.97.81.22
March 15, 2009   (0 comments)
It is hard to believe that we are already almost two weeks into minor league camp, but even more hard to believe that three weekends from now all of these guys will know their fate and standing in the organization. At this time three weeks from now some guys will be enroute to their full season team they were assigned to, others will remain in Arizona to take part in extended spring training, and the...
March 14, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #8 Beau Mills
8. Beau Mills - First Baseman
Born: 08/15/1986 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 220 - Bats: Left - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBBAOBPSLGOPS200720Mahoning VyA-828552001370.179.303.250.553 20Lake CountyA44177324812153614380.271.333.435.768 20KinstonA+10407116015480.275.375.500.875200821KinstonA+125482781413432190541052.293.373.506.879 Career 18772712220554427132751582.282.361.479.840
March 13, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #9 Lonnie Chisenhall
9. Lonnie Chisenhall - Third Baseman
Born: 10/04/1988 - Height: 6'1" - Weight: 200 - Bats: Left - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBBAOBPSLGOPS200819Mahoning VyA-68276388020354524327.290.355.438.793
History: Chisenhall was a 1st round pick in the 2008 Draft out of Pitt Junior College. Chisenhall signed quickly after the draft by agreeing to a $1.1 million bonus....
March 12, 2009   (0 comments)
Paul and I host another edition of Smoke Signals tonight at 9:30-10:30pm EST. Last week we previewed the starting pitching, so this week we will take a look at the other half of the pitching equation by previewing the Indians bullpen. The bullpen was the biggest reason for the Indians downfall last season, and they have really gone out of their way the past 6-8 months to acquire arms to try and make...
March 12, 2009   (0 comments)
On Tuesday I touched on the groups the position players are working in and yesterday I touched on the Akron pitching groups. Today I have the rest of the pitching groups with some comments on how I think the rosters will shake out.
(EDIT: These are the actual groups that are working out in camp at the moment)
Group 2A: Eric Berger, Kelvin De La Cruz, Kyle Landis, Joey...
March 12, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #10 Wes Hodges
10. Wes Hodges - Third Baseman
Born: 09/14/1984 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 205 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBBAOBPSLGOPS200722KinstonA+10439360113223157144900.288.367.473.840200823AkronAA133504701462931897521053.290.354.466.820 Career 23789713025951633168961953.289.360.469.829
History: Hodges was a 2nd round pick by the Indians in the 2006 Draft...
March 11, 2009   (0 comments)
As I mentioned yesterday with my post about the four groups the position players are working in, the pitching groups are very jumbled and it is really hard to decipher based on who is working with what group and who is being targetted for what affiliate. With so many of the higher level pitchers still working out with the big league club, there is a large absence of upper level pitching talent working...
March 11, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #11 Carlos Rivero
11. Carlos Rivero - Shortstop
Born: 05/20/1988 - Height: 6'3" - Weight: 210 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBBAOBPSLGOPS200517DSL IndiansR6623721616003112267. IndiansR3713417386022210200.284.338.373.711BurlingtonR166631430175110.212.264.303.567200719Lake CountyA1154365911426076247841.261.332.369.701200820KinstonA+1084114611627186436841.282.342.411.753Career3421284146343681181861102259.267.326.364.690
March 10, 2009   (0 comments)
I've already mentioned that Lonnie Chisenhall has been officially moved from shortstop to third base. Here are a few other position changes that I have learned about:
- As I speculated in my update over the weekend, Abner Abreu indeed seems to have been moved to the outfield as he is working out there. This makes sense now that Chisenhall and Tice will likely be the third baseman at Kinston...
March 10, 2009   (0 comments)
Okay, for anyone who has about 40mins of time to spare, here is the video from my appearance on SportsTime Ohio this past Friday. Due to the size, the two segments are split into two pieces for four parts in total.
I took the advice from some fans and recorded it from the TV with my digital video camera and then uploaded it to my computer and then to You Tube. Hopefully there are no copyright...
March 10, 2009   (0 comments)
Indians Top 100 Prospects: #12 Michael Brantley
12. Michael Brantley - Outfielder
Born: 05/15/1987 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 195 - Bats: Left - Throws: Left
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBBAOBPSLGOPS200518AZ BrewersR44173346031019221314.347.426.376.802 18HelenaR10348112003642.324.425.382.807200619West VirginiaA10836047108102042615124.300.402.339.741200720West VirginiaA562184173151232312218.335.413.440.853 20HuntsvilleAA58187284761021292517.251.353.294.647200821HuntsvilleAA10642080134172440502728.319.395.398.793...