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February 18, 2010   (0 comments)
The Cleveland Indians, Paul Dolan and several members of the Indians front office are holding a press conference today at Progressive Field. This press conference is reportedly not about a potential player signing or trade, but according to team sources with Dolan and several front office members being involved this is an organizational announcement. While not confirmed, it looks like Mark Shapiro...
February 18, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #27 Eric Berger
Eric Berger - Left-handed Pitcher
Born: 04/22/1986 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 205 - Bats: Left - Throws: Left
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSIPHERHRBBSOAVGBB/9K/9WHIP200822Mahoning VyA-202.128834.02682941.2032.410.91.03200822Lake CountyA002.08214.131024.1764.48.81.22200923KinstonA+782.452121110.19330445100.2273.78.21.25200923AkronAA312.676633.2321011633.2504.38.91.45 Totals 1292.423736182.115449772178.2263.68.81.24
February 17, 2010   (0 comments)
Here is the spring training schedule for the minor leaguers. There are only a total of ten spring games against other teams, though there will be a lot of inter-squad scrimmages. This makes sense as there are so many players to look at in camp this year and to make decisions on, especially with the pitching slots for High-A Kinston and Low-A Lake County. Having all the players playing against one another...
February 17, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #28 Delvi Cid
Delvi Cid - Outfielder
Born: 07/19/1989 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 170 - Bats: Switch - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBAvgOBPSLGOPS200717DSL IndiansR65262377982124284921.302.378.359.737200818GCL IndiansR35127173830011172814.299.384.323.707200919Lake CountyA9336253981132273110933.271.338.334.672 Totals 1937511072152253627618668.286.360.341.701
History: The Indians...
February 16, 2010   (0 comments)
The "2010 Cleveland Indians Top 100 Prospects & More" book is now available. For those interested in purchasing the book, please use the order form below setup through PayPal. The book is $19.95 this year plus shipping and handling.
For those who do not want to place the order through the PayPal form or through me and would rather order it through a third party, the book is also available...
February 15, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #29 Cord Phelps
Cord Phelps - Second Baseman
Born: 01/23/1987 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 200 - Bats: Switch - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBAvgOBPSLGOPS200821GCL IndiansR13000001020. VyA-35141244410222115224.312.376.454.830200922KinstonA+13047972125275453939717.261.386.363.749 Totals 1666239616937767510812121.271.382.382.764
History: Phelps was selected...
February 14, 2010   (0 comments)
Next up in our Looking Back at the Draft series is 1983.
The final episode of MASH airs. The U.S. Embassy in Beirut is bombed, killing 63. Sally Ride becomes the 1st woman in space. The original 8-bit Nintendo goes on sale in Japan. The U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut are bombed, killing 241 American servicemen. President Reagan signs a bill introducing Martin Luther King Day as a federal...
February 13, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #30 Bryan Price
Bryan Price - Right-handed Pitcher
Born: 11/13/1986 - Height: 6'4" - Weight: 210 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSIPHERHRBBSOAVGBB/9K/9WHIP200821LowellA-133.8312940.0471721043.2812.39.71.43200922GreenvilleA322.458844.0371221240.2232.58.21.11200922SalemA+166.54111152.1623841957.2883.39.81.55200922KinstonA+244.957736.1382091030.2682.57.51.33 Totals 7154.533835172.2184871751170.2672.78.91.36
February 12, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #31 Matt McBride
Matt McBride - Catcher
Born: 05/23/1985 - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 215 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBAvgOBPSLGOPS200621Mahoning VyA-52184245012043116225.272.355.402.757200722Lake CountyA1054216611935286638541.283.348.432.780200722AkronAA27242000000.571.625.8571.482200823GCL IndiansR175013197129653.380.483.6801.163200823KinstonA+17679122006790.
February 11, 2010   (0 comments)
Two weeks ago Paul Cousineau and I got together for the first "Smoke Signals" show for the new 2010 season when we made a guest appearance on SportsTime Ohio's cable TV show "All Bets Are Off With Bruce Drennan". Tonight we officially come back to the cyberwaves and bring back the weekly show for what should be an intriguing season full of ups and downs, excitement and frsutration, and more. Click...
February 11, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #32 Trey Haley
32. Trey Haley - Right-handed Pitcher
Born: 06/21/1990 - Height: 6'3" - Weight: 180 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSIPHERHRBBSOAVGBB/9K/9WHIP200818GCL IndiansR000.00111.000011.0009.09.01.00200818Mahoning VyA-0154.00211.148061.57149.18.29.09200919Lake CountyA485.56191677.2704866557.2417.66.61.75 Totals 496.30221880.0745667259.2458.16.61.83
History: Haley was...
February 10, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #33 Danny Salazar
Danny Salazar - Right-handed Pitcher
Born: 01/11/1990 - Height: 6'0" - Weight: 180 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSIPHERHRBBSOAVGBB/9K/9WHIP200717DSL IndiansR531.96141464.1521411249.2211.76.91.00200818GCL IndiansR422.87111153.1461751343.2312.27.31.11200919Lake CountyA574.442120107.111453104065.2713.45.51.44 Totals 14123.364645225.0212841665157.2482.66.31.23
February 9, 2010   (0 comments)
Pre-order The 2010 Prospect Book NOW!
The 2010 Cleveland Indians Top 100 Prospects & More book has been completed and sent to the publisher for proofing. The book will not be available for purchasing on-line through Amazon and other sites for a few weeks while it is being setup, but as I always have I will be able to take direct orders and get advanced copies to mail out while the on-line setup is being completed. Note: Pre-orders...
February 9, 2010   (0 comments)
The Cleveland Indians today announced the club has signed right-handed pitcher Jamey Wright to a free agent minor league contract with a non-roster invitation to Major League spring training camp.
Wright, 35, led the Kansas City Royals with 65 relief appearances in 2009, going 3-5 with a 4.33 ERA (79.0 IP, 73 H, 38 ER, 44 BB, 60 K) and limited Major League hitters to a .247 (73-285) average...
February 9, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #34 Chen-Chang Lee
Chen-Chang Lee - Right-handed Pitcher
Born: 10/21/1986 - Height: 5'11" - Weight: 175 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGSVIPHERHRBBSOAVGBB/9K/9WHIP200922KinstonA+463.3545283.1673152897.2203.010.51.14 Totals 463.3545283.1673152897.2203.010.51.14
History: Lee was signed by the Indians as an international free agent in September of 2008 for a reported $400,000. He...
February 8, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #35 Frank Herrmann
Frank Herrmann - Right-handed Pitcher
Born: 05/30/1984 - Height: 6'4" - Weight: 220 - Bats: Left - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlWLERAGGSIPHERHRBBSOAVGBB/9K/9WHIP200622Lake Countyafx463.92626122.11225384789.2613.56.61.38200723Kinstonafa1154.012626146.016365152888.2851.75.41.31200824Kinstonafa0011.8115.187114.3331.87.11.76200824Buffaloaaa021.382213.01121614.2394.29.71.31200824Akronaax1164.12323131.21426093686.2752.55.91.36200925Akronaax212.935530.227104512.2431.53.61.06200925Columbusaaa232.9644076.0832531350.2791.55.91.26...
February 7, 2010   (0 comments)
The year is 1982. Cal beats Stanford (and their QB John Elway) on "The Play." The Falklands War rages in South America. U.S. Marines land in Lebanon. Elisha Cuthbert is born and is destined to be better known as Jack Bauer's daughter. Michael Jackson releases his album "Thriller." Former Indians righthander Satchel Page dies, reportedly at the age of 167. Third baseman Toby Harrah puts up an impressive...
February 6, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #36 Tim Fedroff
Tim Fedroff - Outfielder
Born: 02/04/1987 - Height: 5'11" - Weight: 220 - Bats: Left - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBAvgOBPSLGOPS200821Mahoning VyA-239112296101210201.319.382.407.789200922KinstonA+9937870105232439649513.278.383.381.764 Totals 122469821342934517411514.286.383.386.769
History: Fedroff was selected by the Indians in the 7th round of the 2008 Draft...
February 6, 2010   (0 comments)
Hunting Down Late Round Gems
Editor's Note: This is a debut piece from Benedetto, an Indians fan out in Italy! He has been a big fan of this site since day one and is an avid follower of the Indians from the other side of the pond. Language can always be a barrier in sports, but stats never are, and he takes a quick look at some of the numbers the Indians late round picks from the 2009 Draft put up last year and singles out...
February 5, 2010   (0 comments)
Indians Top 50: #37 Kyle Bellows
Kyle Bellows - Third Baseman
Born: 08/19/1988 - Height: 6'3" - Weight: 210 - Bats: Right - Throws: Right
YearAgeTeamLvlGABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBAvgObpSlgOps200921Mahoning VyA-5420029484473220308.240.311.405.716 Totals 5420029484473220308.240.311.405.716
History: Bellows was selected by the Indians in the 4th round of the 2009 Draft out of San Jose State. He began his freshman season...