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March 30, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/29
Here are the box scores from Monday morning's six inning inter-squad scrimmages. Short day on Monday, possibly to get right to staff meetings to make a few cuts before Tuesday's workouts and games.
Not much to talk about from the games, but here are some quick thoughts on how the starting rotations are starting to shape up for the Indians' full season affiliates:
- If you have been...
March 29, 2010   (0 comments)
Aguilar Gets Fresh Start With Indians
About two weeks ago, the Indians completed a minor trade where they traded left-hander Chuck Lofgren to the Milwaukee Brewers for right-hander Omar Aguilar.
Lofgren had been plucked off the Indians roster by the Brewers last December via the Rule 5 Draft, but after they had decided early in big league camp that he would not make their big league roster by rule they had to offer him back to...
March 29, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/28
Here are the box scores from the games against the Dodgers affiliates on Sunday.
Some quick thoughts:
- Not much offense from any of the Indians affiliates yesterday. Only two players had multiple hits in their game, that being third baseman Jared Goedert who went 2-for-3 with a 2B and RBI, and outfielder Tim Fedroff who went 2-for-4 with a 2B.
- LHP Jeremy Sowers pitched...
March 28, 2010   (0 comments)
The year is 1989.
The Revolutions of 1989 begin in Poland, signifying the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union. Two Lybian MiG-23's are shot down by two U.S. F-14's. Ted Bundy is executed in Florida. The Los Angeles City Council bans the possession or sale of semi-automatic firearms; no one in LA ever carries a gun again (right?). Ayatollah Kohmeini issues a fatwa ordering Muslims to...
March 28, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/27
Here are the box scores from Saturday's minor league games against the Brewers affiliates. Some quick notes are posted below:
- We are at the point in camp where starters are beginning to go 60-70 pitches an outing, which means you can tell who is going to make the rotation to start the year and who won't. RHP Yohan Pino threw 75 pitches yesterday going 5 innings and allowed 5 runs, 5 hits,...
March 27, 2010   (0 comments)
(I'm testing posting this as an email from my phone so I hope it works)Today the Indians released three players from their player development system: right-handed pitcher Jonathan Holt, outfielder Ryan Blair, and outfielder/first baseman John Allman.
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March 27, 2010   (0 comments)
While I am no longer in Arizona, here is a special notebook edition talking about some of the recent developments in big league and minor league camp for the Indians.
Talbot Wins Rotation Spot
It comes as no surprise that right-hander Mitch Talbot has officially won a spot in the opening day rotation. Going into spring training he was a heavy favorite to win one of the two open rotation...
March 27, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/26
Here are the box scores from Friday's seven inning inter-squad games. Some quick thoughts:
- 2B Brian Bixler (pictured) went 2-for-4 with 2 2B at the plate, and looks to be the odds on favorite to be the utility guy in Columbus. He may even end up the starter at 2B and push Josh Rodriguez into more of a utility role.
- OF John Drennen went 2-for-3 with 2 2B and an RBI. He looks good...
March 26, 2010   (0 comments)
The year is 1988.
The Soviet Union begins leaves much to be desired. US Army Lt. Col William R. Higgins is kidnapped and killed in Lebanon. The Soviet Union commits to withdraw combat troops from Afghanistan. Enzo Ferrari dies at the age of 90. Kirk Gibson hits his game-winning HR on one leg to clinch the 1st game of the World Series for the Dodgers. George H. W. Bush is...
March 26, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/25
Here are the box scores from Thursday's games with the Chicago White Sox and their minor league affiliates. Here are some quick observations when looking through the box scores:
- It was a case of good and bad for 3B Wes Hodges yesterday. Seeing 3 walks is very nice to see, but seeing 2 errors is not.
- OF/1B Stephen Head went 2-for-4 with 2 RBI for Columbus. It looks like he will...
March 25, 2010   (0 comments)
Here is an updated depth chart with what looks like the roster setup at the moment from Cleveland to Low-A Lake County. There is still a lot of grey area with the rosters, so it will be interesting to see just what the final rosters turn out to be in two weeks.
I will continue to tweak and update this listing from now until the end of spring, of which a new depth chart will be posted with...
March 25, 2010   (0 comments)
After our one week hiatus, Paul Cousineau and I are back on the air tonight with another edition of "Smoke Signals" from 9:30-10:30 PM EST. Since we were last on a lot has happened in big league camp for the Indians this spring, and we will touch on everything that has occurred. We will discuss the Kerry Wood injury, Russell Branyan's back issues and what it means at first base and left field, Fausto...
March 25, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/24
Here are the inter-squad results from Wednesday's action as well as a pickup game between "Mahoning Valley" and the Reds to get work for more pitchers and hitters ar various levels of the organization. Here are some quick notes on things noticed from the box scores:
- With the Indians off on Wednesday, RHP Justin Masterson came down and pitched in the Columbus-Akron game to get his regular...
March 24, 2010   (0 comments)
his morning the Indians released seven players from their player development system:
Darling Read (OF)
Jose Camargo (INF)
Ryan Miller (LHP)
Sung-Wei Tseng (RHP)
Gary Campfield (RHP)
Michael McGuire (RHP)
Eddie Burns (RHP
March 24, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/23
Here are the box scores from the games with the Dodgers affiliates on Tuesday March 23rd. Some quick notes on the games by just perusing the box scores:
- Starting pitchers are beginning to go 4-5 innings an outing and position players are also starting to play full games. With that in mind, in the next day or so you could start to see some releases as the extra players will no longer be...
March 23, 2010   (0 comments)
Today the Indians reduced their spring training roster by eight players. Right-hander Jess Todd was optioned to Triple-A Columbus, and left-hander Mike Gosling, right-hander Frank Herrmann, right-hander Josh Judy, right-hander Yohan Pino, catcher Damaso Espino, infielder Brian Bixler, and outfielder Shelly Duncan were all reassigned to minor league camp. 38 players remain in Major League camp, and...
March 23, 2010   (0 comments)
2010 Indians Top 100 Prospects: Wrapup
Over the past two months on this site we counted down the Indians Top 50 Prospects from #50 to #1, with #1 being unveiled this past weekend (I am sure the suspense in regard to who was #1 was killing you).
Anyway, here is a quick recap of the Top 100 listing. Yes, I said Top 100. While the site countdown was the Top 50, my book actually ranked the Top 100 and included an additional 65+ reports....
March 23, 2010   (0 comments)
Spring Game Recap: 3/22
Here are the box scores from Monday's inter-squad games at Goodyear between Columbus/Akron and Kinston/Lake County. Some quick notes from the box scores:
- RHP Danny Salazar had a good outing, going three shutout innings and throwing 10 first pitch strikes to the 13 batters he faced. He may not get a lot of strikeouts, but he fills up the zone with strikes.
- LHP T.J. House had a...
March 22, 2010   (0 comments)
The Indians played their second spring game yesterday (Sunday) against the Reds. The results are below:
Player NamePOSPAABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBCSE1. Donald, JasonSS3301000000000 Sub Arnal, CristoSS22000000010002. Santana, CarlosDH54110000100003. Hodges, Wes1B44120000010004. Weglarz, NickLF42110000200005. Head, StephenRF44120001000016. Rodriguez, Josh2B43020001000007....
March 22, 2010   (0 comments)
Here is a current up-to-date listing showing the outlook for Indians Rule 5 Draft eligibles from 2010-2013. This listing does not include any recent International signings since July of 2009 (they will be added at a later date, but all won't be Rule 5 eligible until 2013). This listing will be housed in the "Indians Resource Center" along the right side for quick reference, and the 2010 listing will...