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October 20, 2012   (4 comments)
Around the Farm: October 19, 2012
Winter leagues continued on Friday, which means a number of Indians players were in action. Jesus Aguilar and Tim Fedroff each recorded hits for their respective teams, and T.J. House put together a brilliant performance in the AFL. The IPI's Steve Orbanek provides all the stats and recaps all the action after the jump.
October 19, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Playoff stats
Here are the full stats for both Double-A Akron and Low-A Lake County during their playoff run this season. In doing the Instructional League and Arizona Parallel League stats we realized we forgot to post the final stats for the two playoff teams, so without further ado here they are. They may be a month late, but better late than never!
October 19, 2012   (2 comments)
Indians Winter Notebook: Aguilar off to cool start
It's hard to believe but numerous winter leagues have already been in action for over a full week now. The Indians have a handful of players competing in the different leagues, so there's certainly plenty of reasons for fans to pay close attention. Though sometimes that can get pretty difficult, so the IPI's Steve Orbanek is here to help as he recaps all the action and provides all the stats in his Winter Notebook.
October 19, 2012   (0 comments)
Around The Farm: October 18, 2012
The offseason Winter Leagues continued last night with Tyler Holt hitting well, appearances from Matt Packer and Trey Haley in the Arizona Fall League, and continued struggles for Jesus Aguilar in Venezuela. Join Jim Piascik as we go Around The Farm and analyze the action from last night.
October 18, 2012   (14 comments)
2012 Indians 40-man Review: Who do they remove?
While the Indians have already been hard at work this offseason with changes to their coaching staff and organizational philosophy, the player procurement process does not start for another few weeks. As the Indians prepare to add talent to the roster this offseason, they also need to decide which players to remove from it, and Tony breaks it all down with which players leave as free agents, have club options declined, are non-tendered, or designated for assignment.
October 18, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Fall Instructional League: AZPL stats
Tony and his IPI staff have compiled all the stats from the Arizona Parallel League (AZPL), otherwise known as the advanced Instructional League. The complete stats for all players that participated in the AZPL such as Anthony Gallas, Alex Lavisky, Bryson Myles, LeVon Washington, Jeff Johnson, Mason Radeke and others are included. One final notebook will post either tomorrow or Monday to wrapup the 2012 Instructional League coverage here at IPI.
October 18, 2012   (4 comments)
Around the Farm: October 17, 2012
Several Indians players were in action on Wednesday night in Arizona, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Tyler Holt and Shawn Armstrong continued their early strong showing in the AFL, Hector Rondon leaves the DR after just one pitch, Danny Salazar continues to dominate in VZ, and much more!
October 17, 2012   (4 comments)
Corner of Carnegie and Ontario: And the coaching staff is?...
Terry Francona was the first move in an intricate offseason that will see a front office try to reinvent themselves on the fly. Each move this team makes will carry a massive amount of weight. Phase one was the hiring of a credible manager. Phase two begins as that manager shapes his coaching staff. Join Jim Pete as he takes an inclusive look at potential candidates, talks bullpen, Michael Brantley and playoff baseball, after the jump
October 17, 2012   (2 comments)
2012 Instructional League: Notebook Part 2
Tony continues with his second notebook including all of his news and updates from his recent visit to Arizona for Instructional League. In today's notebook he provides a major injury update on Clayton Cook, a surprising injury and surgery for Tony Wolters, and tons of news, notes and comments on players like Kieran Lovegrove, D'Vone McClure, Dorssys Paulino, Logan Vick, Jorge Martinez, Francisco Mejia, and others.
October 17, 2012   (2 comments)
Around the Farm: October 16, 2012
Several Indians were in action on Monday in fall and winter ball out in Arizona and Venezuela. Ronny Rodriguez and Alex Monsalve continue to adjust to the much higher caliber competition than they are used to while Eric Berger shined in his offseason league debut and Jesus Aguilar continues to struggle out of the gates.
October 16, 2012   (5 comments)
Then & Now: Danny Salazar
The lack of impact arms in the Indians farm system has been addressed on many occasions. However, thankfully, there does seem to be one pitcher that currently projects as an "impact arm." Danny Salazar just completed a brilliant 2012 campaign and is now very much on the radar of the big league club. The IPI's Steve Orbanek looks back at his career in this week's edition of Then & Now.
October 16, 2012   (2 comments)
2012 Instructional League: Notebook Part 1
Fresh off his trip home from his visit to Arizona last week to see Instructional League, Tony chimes in with his first of three planned notebooks this week. In today's notebook he gives lots of news, notes and comments about players such as Luis Lugo, Claudio Bautista, Nelson Rodriguez, Luis Gomez, Josh McAdams, Joe Sever and more, and also provides injury updates on Austin Adams, Geoff Davenport, Owen Dew and others.
October 16, 2012   (3 comments)
Around the Farm: October 15, 2012
While the Major League Baseball postseason is in full swing, the offseason baseball leagues are also a week into their season's. The Indians continue to put up some good showings in the Arizona Fall League, Dominican Winter League and Venezuela Winter League this offseason, and yesterday Tyler Holt and Trey Haley both continued that trend with good showings.
October 15, 2012   (4 comments)
2012 Indians minor league free agents
Minor league free agency opens tomorrow, Tuesday October 16th, and with that Tony provides a listing of the Indians current 2012 minor league free agents. A few former top prospects that have struggled with injuries are included in that listing, and some recent good performers as well.
October 15, 2012   (0 comments)
2012 Fall Instructional League: FIL stats
Fall Instructional League (FIL) is over and the players have departed and gone home for the offseason. Tony and his IPI staff have compiled all the stats from the four week Instructional League period and today the FIL stats and team leaders are posted. Later this week the Arizona Parallel League (AZPL) stats will be posted and Tony also have two in-depth notebooks coming to wrap up Instructional League coverage for 2012.
October 15, 2012   (0 comments)
Around the Farm: October 14, 2012
The Arizona Fall League had the day off, so ATF comes in with a slow and steady day with only five players in action. Jesus Aguilar has been struggling in the early stages of the winter leagues, as has Hector Rondon. Tim Fedroff got his winter league started right where his 2012 regular season left off, as did Toru Murata and Danny Salazar. Find out just how well they played, after the jump...
October 14, 2012   (6 comments)
2012 Tony Awards: All-Tony Team
Today we wrap up the 2012 Tony Awards with the announcement of the All-Tony teams for 2012. These are the first, second, and third teams as I see them in the Cleveland Indians organization based on their performance this past year. Again, this is not a top prospect listing by position, but a listing based 100% on performance from the 2012 season.
October 14, 2012   (11 comments)
Tribe Happenings: It's time for Chris Antonetti to lead
The Cleveland Indians made the first move in major league baseball when they hired Terry Francona as their 42nd manager. While that's clearly a move of major importance, if it becomes the Indians biggest move of the offseason, the Indians will be in serious trouble in 2013. Can Chris Antonetti build on his early momentum with the hiring of Terry Francona, or will this offseason turn into another winter of discontent?
October 14, 2012   (7 comments)
The IPI Awards: Most Valuable Indian
To celebrate the conclusion of another baseball season, we here at Indians Prospect Insider have decided to give out our picks for the major awards in Major League Baseball. Today we give out our final award to the Most Valuable Indian. Despite the difficult season the Indians had, there were plenty of players who got votes. Who won in the final tally? Click on the IPI Awards one final time to find out.
October 13, 2012   (0 comments)
Around the Farm: Instructs October 12, 2012
In the final Instructs ATF, the Parallel League "Goodyear" team sang its swan song with a look at a handful of future Indians taking part. A couple of players that call Cleveland home both had hits, as they continue their slow-but-sure climb through the system. A shining potential top-ten prospect continued to showcase a .300 bat...again, while the Sabour-Tooth tigers were given another multi-hit ballgame from their favorite over-achiever. Check out ATF with yours truly, Jim Pete...after the jump...