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fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Talk shop about the various prospects and teams that make up the Cleveland Indians organization.

fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby ruins1984 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:42 am

Just for fun, I wanted to project a line up and pitching for the Tribe in 2017... This is my absolute first posting and am happy to be here! I've bought Tony's books the last 3 years, and check out the site daily. Very flexible, easy going projections, using our current farm system, but if you want to throw in a name or prediction, or future draft pick, or FA, or whatever... Just for fun...
2017 Indians
DH: A veteran hitter, maybe Carlos Santana or a FA type... extremely flexible spot...
C: Alex Lavisky (I know alot of people are down on him, but I think he makes it and becomes a .240-.260 plus defender with typical numbers around 15-20 HR, 30-40 Doubles, and 60+ RBI)
1st: Nelson Rodriguez (Right handed power, big body, a guy I really liked in this past draft, above average defender with a good arm, hits around .260-.280 at his best, w/ 25-35 HR, 30 Doubles, and 80+ RBI)
2nd: Jose Ramirez (Switch hitter w/ great on-base skills, good speed, plus defense... .285-.305 avg with .380-.405 OBP typically w/ 5-12 HR, 20-25 Doubles, and 20+ Stolen Bases)
SS: Francisco Lindor (Switch hitter, great Defense, leader, hitting around .280-.305 avg w/ .340-.365 OBP hitting 12-20 HR at his peak, 25-40 Doubles, w/ 20+ stolen bases)
3rd: Dorssys Paulino (plus hitter with good Defense, hitting regularly .285-.310 avg w/ .340-.370 OBP w/ 18-25 HR, 30-40 Doubles, 70+ RBI, 15-20 stolen bases)
RF: Ronny Rodriguez (above average speed with plus arm and shaky INF defense brings a plus right field defender, hits .240-.260 avg w/ .310-.330 OBP w/ 25-35 HR, 30 Doubles, 70+RBI, 10-20 stolen bases)
CF: Luigi Rodriguez (amazing speed, plus defender in premium position, average arm, hitting .260-.280 avg w/ .340-.365 OBP w/ 10-15 HR, 25-35 Doubles, 35-55 stolen bases)
LF: my wild card speculation, Justin Williams... I like him in this coming draft, power hitting, lefty HS prospect (good defender, plus arm, good hitter, great power, hitting 25+ HR and 90+ RBI)
Starting Pitchers: I like the idea of trading for an established Ace, Carlos Carrasco(who I think takes off this year) Trevor Bauer, Jake Sisco, and Mitch Brown
Relievers: Trey Haley, Dylan Baker, Danny Salazar, T.J House, Giovanni Soto, Shawn Armstrong
I can't wait to see all of yours... dreaming on these guys, the future, I think is part of what's so stimulating about the minors and player development!
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Re: fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby ruins1984 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:51 am

Terry Francona is the manager and the lineup might be somewhat like this...
1. Luigi Rodriguez CF switch
2. Jose Ramirez 2nd switch
3. Dorssys Paulino 3rd righty
4. Justin Williams LF lefty
5. Carlos Santana DH switch
6. Nelson Rodriguez 1st righty
7. Francisco Lindor SS switch
8. Ronny Rodriguez RF righty
9. Alex Lavisky C righty
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Re: fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby Prosecutor » Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:17 am

I take it that Chisenhall, Kipnis, and Brantley have become free agents and moved on to greener (i.e. better paying) pastures by 2017?
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Re: fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby TonyIBI » Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:35 am

Welcome to the boards and to this great community!
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Re: fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby homerawayfromhome » Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:01 pm

First welcome to the boards, I look forward to the conversations.

As for my projected future team / lineups I'll stick with purely prospects.

1b Nelson Rodriguez - love the RH power.
2b Jose Ramirez
SS Francisco Lindor
3b Dorssys Paulino
RF Ronny Rodriguez - think he should be playing RF already.
CF Tyler Booth
LF Luigi Rodriguez
C Alex Monsalve
DH/C Alex Lavisky

C/LF Eric Haase
3b/LF Jordan Smith
UTL Joe Wendle
OF DVone McClure
UTL Joe Sever

Pitching Staff:
Trevor Bauer
Mitch Brown
Dylan Baker
Trey Haley - should be converted to SP.
Shawn Morimando - LH
Dan Salazar
Keiran Lovegrove
Jake Sisco
Dillon Howard
Grant Sides
TJ House - LH
Gio Soto - LH
Shawn Armstrong
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Re: fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby ruins1984 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:21 pm

yeah, I figured Kipnis, Chisenhall, and Brantley will have been traded at the last year-last 2 years of our control on them. The prospects we obtain in these trades are the heart of the package we trade for the Ace in my projection. I think having Dorssys Paulino, Ronny Rod, and Jose Ramirez, looking like future studs waiting in the wings will make it easier to say goodbye to those guys... Kipnis is a glue guy I really like, so he could be a guy we extend and pencil him in instead of Jose Ramirez, and actually put him in the same spot, 2nd, in the lineup as Jose...
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Re: fun projecting 2017 Tribe

Postby theshow » Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:13 am

This is a fun thread in theory, but there is no way our farm system develops that many major league players. If it does then the Indians will be in a phenomenal position and one of the elite teams in baseball.

In all likelihood, the indians will need to settle for second tier free agents (the david delucci's and russell branyans of the world), as well as young prospects who come from other teams (from when you trade brantley, kipnis, santana). Also 2017 is only 4 years away, Kipnis and Chisenhall should still be in their final arbitration years.

I hope you are right though. I would love to see all of our minor leaguers become major leaguers!
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