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New Lake county logo/unis

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New Lake county logo/unis

Postby Upper Box Woodchuck » Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:33 am

I know this is old news, but I didn't see a thread on it and I figured that since there's one on the K-Tribe unis, this deserved one too: ... County.pdf (logos, caps, and home jersey) ... ica-jersey (cheap replica of road jersey, real thing will have same "Giants-style" [edge rather than seam] piping as the home jersey in the prior link) ... ica-jersey (similar cheap replica of BP/alternate, no idea if real thing will have piping)

A few notes/thoughts:

The blue cap with the C and the lighthouse goes with the white and gray jerseys. The blue/yellow with the captain is worn with the blue during games. The blue with just the c (same style as blue jersey) is for BP only (worn with aforementioned blue jersey).

I talked with the merchandise manager. Twill replica caps (oddly enough, the Captains don't get enough sales of the wool adjustable replica [widely considered "the minor league cap"] to stock them), authentic BP caps, and a better replica of at least the home jersey(BP/alt possible, road unlikely) will all be available close to the start of the season.

I like that the logos look a bit more serious. The last iteration took care of the uniforms looking too cartoonish, now that issue is gone with the logos as well. I'm not a huge fan of the "two shades of blue" look, but it works well enough with a nautical theme (see: Clippers, Columbus). The metallic gold should have been kept (looks classier). Also, I understood putting Wahoo on the left sleeve when there was no team patch, but shouldn't he be moved to the right sleeve (a la the Aeros) now that the Captains have a team sleeve patch? I'm wondering if this prime placement is something the Tribe demands of the Captains due to proximity but not of other affiliates (Actually, I have a whole theory [likely completely crazy and dead wrong] that places most, if not all, of the Captains uniform changes prior to this one [especially the non-monetized (no replicas produced for sale) ad hoc jersey changes (the goofy blue and red 2-button jerseys) of the late 2000s] in the context of a Captains/Indians power struggle. :s_crazy
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Re: New Lake county logo/unis

Postby Jamooky » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:26 pm

The unseasonably warm weather and now the news of new unis (I just discoveed them) have me jonesing for next season. This is gonna be a looooong couple months. :cry:
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