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Top 50 Countdown

Talk shop about the various prospects and teams that make up the Cleveland Indians organization.

Re: Top 50 Countdown

Postby MadThinker88 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:17 am

Figures, the day I leave my copy of Tony's book at home - a question easily answered by having the book pops up.

IIRC Trey Haley was somewhere in the 50s (I think between 51 and 55).

IMHO Trey is rated lower for 2 reasons: 1) his performance in comparision to others in the organization and 2) The large number of arms that are in the system.

Let's be honest - this system is filled with pitching. It feels at times there are 2 pitchers for each position player.
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Re: Top 50 Countdown

Postby Rocky55 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:38 pm

OhioBaseball wrote:Unless I missed it, I'm really surprised that Trey Haley is not in the Indians top 50 prospects. I very much doubt he's a top 10 guy, so I'm guessing Tony just is not including him. Not criticizing him b/c I respect that he's got the cojones to put a top 50 list together -- I just think Haley should be a top 30 guy.

I know, I know. Haley has some SERIOUS command problems. However, he's only 20 years old and I think he's arguably the most physically talented pitcher in the entire organization (includes major league arms). I mean, damn. 6'4", broad shoulders, long legs and arms, tremendous arm speed, and still very projectable. If you just watched the guy warm up (neglecting how far the catcher has to move his glove to catch his pitches!), scouts would fall in love. Apparently the Indians did, b/c they signed him to a big contract. I know he needs a LOT of ironing out, but if somehow things begin to click, he's certainly got the potential to be the #1 prospect in the organization.

I had Haley at #12 because of that talent & potential. Tossup whether his arm or Knapp's is the best in the system but Haley still has considerable projection left. Both 20 yrs. old & might be the top two in the rotation in 4-5 yrs.

Contrast how high TJ House is rated. As discussed with Sterling, House is topped pff physically. As OB says of Sterling, with House, "what you see is what you get". Doesn't mean he can't refine his command. Doesn't mean he can't be a highly successful pro. He's definitely a surer thing than Haley. If Haley hits though, you've got a special SP.
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Re: Top 50 Countdown

Postby Chiefroy » Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:30 pm

I guess I'm having a little trouble understanding how a 21 yr old House and an 18 yr old Sterling are "topped off" physically. I'll agree that neither may grow much more vertically, but how can they not grow physically stronger? Sterling, with what looks like a "big" lower frame, could become a horse ala Sabathia. Why can't either of these two add even more velocity and endurance, along with "refinement" and become top of the rotation types?
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Re: Top 50 Countdown

Postby homerawayfromhome » Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:19 pm

Personally speaking I believe Trey Haley does gave one of the best arms in the org. and one of the wildest. TJ House could add 1-2 mph to his fastball, Felix Sterling could add 2-3 mph as he matures over the next 2-3 yrs. I counted one day and I believe it was 31 pitchers to 19 position players in the top 50. the org. obviously puts emphasis on pitching, watching it develop will be interesting.
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