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Pirates at Indians, June 17, 18 & 19

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Re: Pirates at Indians, June 17, 18 & 19

Postby indianinkslinger » Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:25 pm

Laughing with you, Prosecutor. Not at you. I agree with your assessment of his performance yesterday and it is important to note that Phelps, afterall, is just a rookie who has been thrown into a pennant race. He is a fast ball hittter and will have to learn to hit ML breaking balls and stay back on the change. But isn't that the case with most rookies? I think we overlook the fact that this is Phelps first year with some swing adjustments that have resulted in his increased power. He really did not turn on the fastball with regularity until this year preferring to stay back and hit line drives like he does with other pitches. So far, his success has been with fast balls from the left side, much like another hitter making the same adjustment, Michael Brantley. Phelps has come a long way sice I saw him play in College. But the guy was a smart player even then and took to coaching.

If you are going to work your magic again, would you put Sizemore at the top of the list rather than Carmona? He is a much bigger drag on the Indians' performance than Carmona IMO who has a history of streakiness from what I see. Carmona is also much easier to replace internally when it comes to that. :friends:
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