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Ocab a fit for SF Giants?

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Re: Ocab a fit for SF Giants?

Postby Hermie13 » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:13 pm

MadThinker88 wrote:Here in Cleveland.

The fan base really rode Blake because he seemed to be "Wedge-type" of player. Its unfortunate that many could not see past that.

The sad thing is Blake would do anything asked of him at his best ability. Can't fault him for that.

hmm, I know some were hard on him but the real fans seemed to like him (seemed more like a few online people hated Blake).
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Re: Ocab a fit for SF Giants?

Postby ACrank » Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:43 pm

Pork Chop Pough wrote:
GeronimoSon wrote:-Chase Headly from SD. He can play 3B as well as LF. He even has a very small sampling at 1B as well. The Padres aren't going anywhere this season and are in the process of rebuilding their ML roster and minors. A couple of C+ to B+ prospects could sway them. The Indians have a decent history of trades with the Padres, so, that relationship may help facilitate a trade...

No way that's happening. Headley is far and away the Padres best hitter, 27 years old, and under team control through 2014. Jed Hoyer would be insane to give up his best trade chip (or a guy they have time to rebuild around) for "a couple of C+ to B+ prospects".

Agree. Headly just isn't going to happen unless it's a couple of B+ and A+ prospects. Think of it from the Cleveland perspective - if the Indians had a player like that would you want him traded without getting a nice return back? He'd be a good fit but the cost isn't going to be worth it.
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