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Tribe lineup to start the year?

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Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby Hermie13 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:18 pm

Anyone else wondering what the lineup will look like to start the year off other than me? I know many will say this falls under Tony's 'it doesn't matter as it'll change so much' category....but still....

We know Grady is hitting leadoff and DeRosa 2nd....and Cabrera hitting 9th is a safe bet....but other than that, it seems like anyone's guess.....

Vic and Hafner when healthy are a great 3-4 combo.....Vic seems good to go, but does Hafner really belong in the 4-hole (or heaven forbid, the 3-hole)? I know he did hit 2 HRs in as many days now, so the swing and power appear to be coming back....but what about Peralta?

He has been destroying opposing pitching this spring. Yes, it is just spring....but he played very well last year when he was moved to the 4-hole. While batting cleanup last year (in 84 games, 340 at-bats), Peratla hit .300/.360/.506/.866.

He's really earned that spot IMO......but I'd bet money on him hitting 5th and Hafner 3rd or 4th....just because that seems to be the way Wedge works. I guess I can possibly see a benefit....maybe with Peralta protecting Hafner in the lineup he'll get better pitches to hit.....but has he really proven that he can do anything with those pitches?

My guess for a lineup is as follows:

1. Sizemore
2. DeRosa
3. Martinez
4. Hafner
5. Peralta
6. Choo
7. Garko
8. Francisco
9. Cabrera

What I wish Wedge would do and why:

1. Sizemore - obviously
2. DeRosa - same
3. Martinez - best natural hitter other than Grady. Should bounce back.
4. Peralta - Best hitter last year arguably. I honestly see him getting 30 HRs/100 RBIs this year
5. Hafner - Still is protected by decent hitters, and takes some pressure off him.
6. Garko - Best hitter w/ RISP. Power has been lacking, but he gets hits & knocks in runs. Can't put him lower IMO.
7. Choo - WBC has limited him this spring. He had a great 2008 but don't put too much pressure on him by hitting him any higher than this.
8. Francisco - had a great spring...may even bump up over Choo. Has shown good speed though and Garko would slow him down batting/being on base in front of him some.
9. Cabrera - may be a 2-hitter some day....but for now hit 9th and try and set up Grady for RBI opportunities.

Again, I realize Wedge will probably use 150 different lineups over the 162 games schedule so this is kind of a moot point.....but I still am curious as to what others think (plus I'm so frustrated right now with something at work I had to take a break or risk throwing my computer out the window, lol).

I also realize Shoppach will get a ton of at-bats this year. He strikes out too much for my liking....7th seems like a decent spot for him when he's in though.....

So what do you think the lineup will be and what do you wish it will be and why? :s_howdy
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby jellis » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:57 pm

Its going to be shoppach over garko, personally mine would be
sizemore, derosa,Vmart, Jhonny, Choo, Shoppach, Pronk, Francisco, Asdrubal

Perraltas numbers in the 4 hole last year and in his break out year shows he just has a comfort zone there, Sizemores OBP makes him ideal in the 1 hole till a player like Brantley is ready. Until Pronk shows me he is ready then just better to put him lower, and lastly the 6hole always seemed a spot for a power bat who K's a ton so why not shoppach there
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby carnegie44115 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:05 pm

Opening Day Line-up expected to be:

CF Sizemore
3B DeRosa
DH Pronk
1B Vic
SS Peralta
LF BFran
RF Choo
C Shoppach
2B ACab

Then from then on out flip-flop Shoppach and Garko in the same batting position and Vic being C and Garko playing 1B.
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby Hermie13 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:08 pm

ha, yeah I forgot that Lee was starting opening day so Shoppach will be in there at catcher for that one. Next day he won't be......will be intersting how Shapiro breaks up the playing time in April.

Garko should be in the lineup everyday IMHO. He was our best clutch hitter last year and didn't lead the team in RBIs by accident. Yes, the power was down, but ever since being benched for not running out that grounder he's been hitting everything it seems.

One thing is for sure.....this team is NOT gonna be without could possibly have 9 guys with 20 HRs on this team......
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby artgold » Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:47 pm

I won't predict the lineup, but one thing I have been stongly supporting for quite some time is that many, many people are underestimating Ben Francisco.

Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if he ultimately turned into a borderline all star player, and would hold off challenges to LF.

Published projections for Ben Francisco:

Baseball Prospectus - .260/.328/.424 - 14 HRs
Bill James Handbook - .271/.334/.428 - 11 HRs
CHONE Projections - .266/.329/.422 - 14 HRs
Marcel Projections - .270/.335/.446 - 14 HRs
Oliver Projections - .264/.322/.425 - 17 HRs
ZiPS Projections - .265/.327/.420 - 14 HRs

My Projection - .285/.350/.450 - 18 HRs
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby Hermie13 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:12 am

I respect your opinion of Francisco (I'm very high on Sowers still so have little room to talk here).....but I just don't see Francisco ever hitting .285/.350. I can believe the 18 HRs though (if he gets the playing time that is). I could even see 20 HRs possibly. But think he'll hit closer to .260 at best.

Francisco needs to be more consistent. He may be the streakiest hitter in our lineup. Gets off to great starts and flounders the rest of the year. I also question his ability to hit left-handed pitching well enough to be a legit starter in this league. It was the biggest knock on him coming up through the minors. He has done better at the ML level....but still struggled some there.

I guarantee this wasn't lost on the Tribe and was another factor in Garko playing OF this spring.

I do hope you are right though, as if Francisco is hitting that well, this team must be in really good shape offensively.

Moreso than power, average, and OBP.....I'm interested in seeing how Francisco is on the bases this year. Stole another base this spring the other day......he is underrated in that department.....
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby indianinkslinger » Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:17 pm

I find myself agreeing with both of you in regard to Benny. Art and I talked in Zonieland about this. I believe Art has a reasonable shot at this numbers and maybe a bit better. His defense looks improved and I see some possibility he could even become a 20-20 man. Probably a little less but not out of the realm of possibilty.

However, that just doesn't make much difference to me. Even those numbers are going to keep looking up at the two Columbus prospects, possibly as early as the All-star break. He just does not have the physical gifts of La Porta and Brantley. It doesn't keep him from becoming an average to above average ML OF. If they play to potential, both will be better than Benny.
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby Hermie13 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:51 pm

I think a good indication of how the Tribe feels about Benny is how much time (if any I guess) Garko gets in the OF too.

Will the Tribe prefer to go without Garko's bat on days Shoppach is catching or without Francisco's bat? Personally I'd rather have Garko's bat in the lineup everyday and go with Benny. ONE, because I think Franc's skills are better suited for the bench. He's got speed so can also be used as a pinch runner.

Also.....guess there is still a chance Francisco outplays Choo and it's choo, not Francisco, who could get bumped for LaPorta, Crowe, or maybe even Brantley late in the year.....

I still think highly of Choo (though admittedly not as high as some), but he is still a bit of an unknown factor. We've seen another player have an absolutely amazing 2nd half only to struggle after (Sowers in 2006)......
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Re: Tribe lineup to start the year?

Postby npc29 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:24 pm

Hermie, I dead on agree with what you want the lineup to be.. That's the lineup I was hoping for since the start of spring with Peralta hitting fourth. But like you said, Wedge won't do that.

Peralta has hit well enough to deserve it. I'd take the pressure off Hafner to start the year until he shows a reason to be put in that three spot.
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