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Peavy to Cubs not yet 'dead'

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Peavy to Cubs not yet 'dead'

Postby Hermie13 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:21 am

....but on life-support. According to reports, the Peavy to Cubs trade isn't dead quite yet.

Basically all that held up the deal was the Cubs inability to move some salary to accomdate Peavy and his $11M due to him in 2009. They were trying to move Marquis who's due over $9M....needless to say, that proved practically impossible.....and there's really no way for the Cubs to work Peavy into their plans without moving him.....or is there?

A while back when the Cubs were first reported to be interested in Peavy, there were some talks of them needing to move a starter....either Marquis or......Rich Harden.

Harden is due $7M in 2009 and then is a free agent after the season. Could the Cubs decide to move him (who will have many suitors) instead of Marquis to land Peavy? eh.....probably not.....but maybe.

Harden was as good or better than Peavy last year....but is very fragile and always seems to spend time on the DL. Also being a free agent after next season and primed to test the market doesn't make him the best of guys to hold on to.

Point of all this is.....should talks with the Cubs and Padres restart.....can the Indians get involved as a 3rd team and possibly on Harden? Odds are a million to one (so you're telling me there's a chance).....but work is boring so I'm bringing it up, lol.

We do have what the Cubs need and what the Padres need......a lefty hitting cOFer and depth in the rotation.

Cubs want a lefty to play RF. They've talked about Dunn (that would be scary in RF), Abreau (price tag is way too high at the moment), and Bradley (can he play the OF for a whole year?). But what about Choo? I know we're not as deep anymore after dealing Gut....but we could still make a move in the OF.

Padres need some depth for their rotation. Tribe has a few lefties they could part with....2 of Sowers, Laffey, Huff, Jackson, and S. Lewis could be moved (especially if a new arm is brought in) and not really hurt the club in 2009. Padres also could use a catcher after letting Barrett and Bard go.....Tribe happens to be deep there as well.

So VERY out there propsed deal that's sure to be ripped on (but o well).....

To the Cubs: Choo (from CLE) & Peavy (from SD)
To the Indians: Harden (from CHC) & Pie (from CHC)
To the Padres: Vitters (from CHC), Hart (from CHC), Shoppach (from CLE), Laffey (from CLE), & Jackson (from CLE)

Cubs unload Pie, get their guy in Peavy, and their lefty in RF (WAAAY cheaper than their other options as well). They do give up a top prospect in Vitters, a nice arm in Hart, and a top of the rotaiton guy in Harden.....but trading Harden for Peavy wouldn't ever work, but Trading Harden and Vitters for Peavy would be about right (especially with Peavy being signed as he is). They then basically trade Hart and Pie for Choo......about right (maybe too little in fact).

Padres unload a big contract, which they need to do. They get a solid catcher to go along with Hundley in Shoppach (who has 3 more years before free agency at least). They get a stud prospect in Vitters. A nice arm for the pen in Hart. And 2 guys that could be plugged into the back of their rotation that aorely need in Laffey and Jackson (yeah, Jackson isn't the greatest starter....but he'd fit 'ok' as a #5 on a bad team in that big park). Getting 5 guys for 1 player even as good as Peavy is better than most could hope for.

Tribe gets a top of the order starter for cheaper than they could probably really hope for on the open market in Harden. They pick up Pie who isn't a starter....but could play LF in a pinch or be traded in a subsiquent deal. They give up a nice OFer in Choo (only piece that really hurts to lose). They trade a backup catcher (albeit one of the best backups) who is expendable. They trade a #4-5 starter that's still young and has a good upside and another lefty that could make it as a #5 or become a decent lefty in the pen.

Obviously I'm not holding my breath at all on this trade ever happening......but again, work is very slow and boring today.....gotta do something to keep myself occupied.....

Feel free to totally destroy this.....
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Re: Peavy to Cubs not yet 'dead'

Postby indianinkslinger » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:31 am

Actually I think it is one of your better proposals except I wouldn't take Pie unless we could unload Dellucci. Not sure Pie is tradeable and I sure as hell don't want him in Cleveland's OF. The luster is off Felix, way off. Interesting thought but it is possible we might be better off hooking up with Atlanta. :s_thumbsup
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Re: Peavy to Cubs not yet 'dead'

Postby Hermie13 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:38 am

ha, I'm not a fan Pie either...but he's still fairly young (younger than Crowe AND LaPorta even) and has some value. You could try and sign Baldelli still (though a stopgap infielder would probably be a better move). Let Pie be a bench guy/pinch runner. Baldelli wouldn't be able to start everyday but between Looch and Pie, they'd be able to handle a few starts.

Pie did put up an OPS over .800 in AAA last year. Not bad for a young CFer (though I realize he'd be in LF for us). Hasn't shown anything at the ML level though......

and again, could flip him to someone else as some teams would be looking for a cheap CFer still....

ha, it may be one of my 'better' proposals.....but definately the least likely to happen, lol :s_drinks
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