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Not the off-season and spring training we were hoping for

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Not the off-season and spring training we were hoping for

Postby Prosecutor » Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:41 am

Normally I'm pretty geeked going into a new season, but not this year. Too many setbacks.

- Sizemore was re-signed but messed up his back before ST even started and now is out for who knows how long.

- After Sizemore's injury a passle of career minor leaguers and fringe major leaguers were given a shot at the left field job, but nobody stepped up or even came close.

- One of our starters aged three years overnight and is now stuck in a foreign country.

- To replace Carmona/Hernandez the Indians signed a 38-year-old starter whose former team was willing to pay most of his 2012 salary to get rid of him.

- Our top hitting prospect, who we hoped would slug his way to a starting 3B job, is back in the minors after setting some sort of ST strikeout record, or close to it.

- Asdrubal showed up at camp overweight.

- Ubaldo has a spring ERA of 7.43 and can't get the ball over the plate. Then he goes out and gets himself suspended for five games.

- LaPorta still isn't hitting. He's Andy Marte on the other side of the diamond.

- The Indians finished spring training with the worst W-L record in baseball.

- The Tigers signed Prince Fielder.

All in all, not much reason to expect another 30-15 start or even another 80-win season. I'm actually pretty worried about this team.

On the positive side...

- Choo seems to be back to his old self.

- Hafner is healthy (for now) and crushing the ball.

- Lowe looks like he fixed his mechanics and is pitching pretty well. Could he be the next Millwood?

- The acquisition of Kotchman means an upgrade both offensively and defensively over LaPorta at 1B.

- The Bullpen Mafia looks primed and ready to resume gunning down opposing hitters.

- Santana spent the off-season in an intensive workout program, lost 12 pounds, and looks poised for a breakout season. The heart of the batting order actually looks pretty decent, at least against right-handed pitching, with Droobs, Choo, Santana, and Pronk.

- Jeanmar Gomez had a great spring and looks like he'll be fine as the 5th starter.

- Orlando Cabrera is not our Opening Day 2nd baseman and Austin Kearns is not our Opening Day left fielder (although I'm not sure who is).

I guess we just hope for the best. Nobody saw the 30-15 coming last year. At least Masterson, Gomez, and Lowe pitched well this spring and Tomlin finished strong. That's four of the five starters, and the bullpen should be good again. No Chad Durbin this year is a plus. Despite a disappointing off-season and a generally bad spring training, there are some positives. Let's see what happens.
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Re: Not the off-season and spring training we were hoping fo

Postby GeronimoSon » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:48 am

Pros.. pretty good assessment of the current state of affairs in our wigwam.. With two days and a wake until opening day, there remains some questions.. some concerns and some optimism for the coming season. The FO continues to take full advantage of that "unlimited" minutes deal for their blackberries (Blackberrys?). Some things/clarifications that could be added to your assessment could be:

-Rumblings about a returning SP in the DR with subsequent suspended five week suspension is being 'printed' by all the people who don't know.

-The Indians didn't pay for an old and bat-slowed disgruntled LF'er from the Angels.

-The Indians decided to KEEP Jason Donald when the Phillies came calling to retrieve their former future infielder.

-Money didn't buy Kevin Slowey a spot in the rotation to start the season..

-Dan Wheeler is Chad Durbin..

April is a funny month for baseball. If the team gets off to a fast start.. the trials and tribulations of spring training are forgotten, but it's still too early to say the team will contend. If the club gets off to a slow start.. well, it's always too early to say this team can't contend. I guess that's why they play the games..
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Re: Not the off-season and spring training we were hoping fo

Postby Hermie13 » Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:17 pm

One big correction....the Tribe did not bring in Derek Lowe (the 38 year old you referred to) to replace Carmona. We traded for him well before the Carmona incident happened. If anyone was brought in to replace Carmona, it was Slowey.
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