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Brad Snyder lost on waivers

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Brad Snyder lost on waivers

Postby dnosco » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:43 pm ... p&c_id=chc

I was never a Sndyer fan when he was drafted and questioned his K rate even in that first year. I was on record as saying that we should have drafted Conor Jackson at that time but, as others have pointed out, Garko has the potential to be at least as good as Jackson.

Nevertheless it is a wasted draft pick which also magnifies even more greatly that Barton was left off the roster last winter and Snyder was kept and I was on record last winter as saying that keeping Snyder was OK. I thought we just needed one more look at a healthy Snyder which, essentially, we got this year and he didn't produce nor did he change his BB/K pattern of recent years. I just wanted the Indians to protect Barton instead of Toregas last winter. All that being said it was time to let Snyder go and I am on record now as saying whatever he does somewhere else is no reflection on the Indians. They give this guy every chance and he never really succeeded anywhere so, if he does well somewhere else it will totally be that change of scenery thing that we have no control over.

Draft choices don't always work out but the loss of Denham last year and the loss of Snyder this year, both for nothing, shows once again that not every prospect works out but, for first rounders, the price a team pays when they don't work out is significant not only in lost sunk bonus money cost but it having to fill a potential ML hole in your roster somewhere else and/or having less in way of trading chips to play with.
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Re: Brad Snyder lost on waivers

Postby TonyIBI » Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:20 pm

This was inevitable as he was going to be removed from the 40-man this offseason anyway. I was a huge Snyder fan just two years ago, but he looks like he hit a ceiling at AA. His spot will go to Crowe this offseason.
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Re: Brad Snyder lost on waivers

Postby indianinkslinger » Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:35 am

Too bad! A lot of things can ruin a baseball career and I don't think Snyder's vision will ever be "normal" again. I doubt he will going on to big success elsewhere unless the vision issue changes dramatically. Either way, I wish him well.
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Re: Brad Snyder lost on waivers

Postby artgold » Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:01 pm

Tough going for Snyder, though I haven't been a supporter of his for quite a few years. His BB/K rate has always bothered me, not because it was so incredibly bad but just because there hasn't really been any other compensating "plus" numbers to offset it. His power has never really been any better than "OK" and his batting average was ordinary, and declining as he advanced to each level.

Perhaps it was the blurred vision problem never being fully corrected. However, I would think that if this were the case, his numbers would have been much worse than what they were. Just based on the stats, he appears to be a player whose talent just fades a little bit as he advances, probably will become a terror for St Paul or Lincoln.
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