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about indians - Our CompanyIndians Prospect Insider is one of the most important websites about sports. What it makes Indians Prospect Insider so incredible is that it only focuses on news and information that is related to baseball and their players.

Indians Prospect Insider was founded almost a decade ago by me. Donald Burks. And while it might look like a great and professional website that has everything you need about baseball. The truth is that it didn’t start that way. Since the beginnings of Indians Prospect Insider were a simple and charismatic blog where fans would gather and read about some interesting news in baseball.

But we grew a passion to inform about one of the best sports in the world. And since I was such a fanatic of baseball since a young age, I develop a mindset of being the most professional writer possible. And write about my favorite baseball team, which is, of course, the Indians of Cleveland. And with this beginning, I started bringing the best material to the table and make the best website possible.

That’s how everything began here in Indians Prospect Insider, and as far as we go with our mission to fulfill any news regarding baseball. We are more than secure that we’ll provide the latest news with the best coverage to any of our readers.