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The idea of player performance is often a frustrating one. Let’s face it, it’s hard to tell exactly what contributed to their success.

Here is one strategy that can provide you with valuable insights into your game’s player base. It will help you understand why your players are doing well and what areas need improvement. This knowledge will allow you to make the necessary changes to improve your game and keep players happy while they play.

Player Engagement

Player engagement is the number one metric that you should measure. Player engagement can be boosted by making them feel like they’re a core character of the game’s success. One way to do this is by using in-game communication tools such as team chat, guild chat, and emotes.

Another way you can engage players is with events that happen throughout the day. For example, every hour during a certain time frame, you could host a battle or contest that awards prizes such as in-game currency or exclusive gear. This will keep players engaged and interested in your game while they wait for the next event.

Follow Stories

You can also increase player engagement through developer-led content updates. These content updates don’t have to be story-driven; they can simply be about new features and bug fixes for your game’s existing systems. They will help keep players interested in your game and provide an opportunity for dialogue between developers and players about upcoming features for the game.