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Player feedback is one of the most vital pieces of information you can use to improve your game and keep players playing. Player feedback allows you to identify what players think about your game, what their expectations are, how they feel about certain aspects, and how they’re feeling overall.

Get that Survey Done

One of the most effective ways to get player feedback is through surveys and polls. These are quick and easy methods of getting player feedback without sacrificing any time or money.

By asking a simple question that asks players what they would like to see in your game, you can quickly gather valuable insight into why people like your game or don’t like it.

Interact in Social Media

Another great way to get player feedback is via social media. Social media allows players to interact with each other and take part in conversations about the different aspects of your game. This is another quick and easy way for you to gather meaningful insights into why people are enjoying playing your game or not enjoying it so much.

Another great way to give player feedback is by watching gameplay videos on YouTube. Watching gameplay videos from different angles gives you a broad picture of how players are playing your game as well as where they struggle or excel at completing tasks for example, in-game quests or levels.